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(International Business Times)   The head of the Mormon church is to appear before court on charges of fraud for basically making people believe in religion   ( divider line
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2014-02-06 11:37:00 AM  

Psycat: ransack.: Psycat: BTW, I was flying home from Newark International a couple of years ago and had an Evangelical as a seat mate.  He was returning from Poland where he apparently spent some time as a missionary telling these fiercely Catholic people that they were going to Hell for believing in the wrong kind of Christianity--and was wondering why he failed to convert anybody.

He did his best Campus Crusade shtick on me the entire flight after I told him politely that I was an apostate from Christianity.  He threw everything at me--Pascal's Wager, C.S. Lewis' Trilemma, First Cause Argument--and I soundly (but politely) refuted the bejabbers out of him during the 3-hour flight.  After the flight, he looked disheveled as if he went 15 rounds against Mike Tyson, and I was in a cheerful mood, wishing him and his wife a safe drive home.

His fatal flaw?  He was intelligent enough to understand when I refuted him.  A true fanatic never loses an argument because it takes a modicum of intelligence to realize when one has been refuted.  It's the religious proselytizers who are capable of some reasoning ability who are the most vulnerable.

BTW, does anybody know how the Bill Nye vs. Ham on Wry debate went?  I was hoping the Science Guy did well, but feared that simply by engaging the flat-earth fool in debate, he had lost the debate even before it started...

Bill Nye became a young-earth creationist

I hope you're not lying--and that Bill Nye actually smoked the hell out of Mr. Flat Earth--because lying is a sin that will make Jeebus send you straight to H-E-double hockey sticks.  Not that lying and intellectual dishonesty are cornerstones of the Cretinist movement...

I actually haven't heard anything about it, I guess the discussion was only for the super-special TFers
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