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(io9)   The IKEA effect? You mean how they design the store like a maze so you have to see everything three times before you can find your way out?   ( divider line
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2014-02-04 09:10:51 PM  
It's great dormroom or first apartment furniture.  It's shiat compared to actual furniture.  Of course, actual furniture is multitudes more expensive.
2014-02-04 09:27:52 PM  
I will put together your ikea furniture for you.
2014-02-04 09:39:20 PM  
I finally made to an Ikea (in the US) a few months back and my honest first impression was just that it's cheap, and not in the good sense.  The furniture was cheap cheap already, but the housewares?  Less quality than extremely similar things sold at the local bookstore, and while the lamps were interesting they all use bizarre bulbs only available at Ikea, which rules them out for me.

I'll give them points for being plain, which is my taste (I also hate those fake country things so many stores seem to be obsessed with).

However, I think other stores (very much including Target) are catching up on the "people want some plain no-curlicues furniture" thing.  I have some wooden (actual wood, and yes, put it together yourself style) shelves from Target that have lasted me fine, easily the same as the (few!) actual wooden ones on offer from Ikea.

The rest of my shelves are also very plain, because... I built them myself.  All the way myself, from wood from the lumberyard. No need to move those though, they're built straight into the wall.

But the towels? Horrible.  Zippers on the bags they have? Horrible. I could go on.

Basically I just didn't really see the attraction.

I've had the same desk for 20 years now - it's a solid core door on top of two black metal filing cabinets.  Finished nicely, it looks pretty much like those super-plain light-wood and black metal "modern" desks you can buy, only it's far more sturdy, can be easily moved, is far larger, and extremely cheap.

The Ikea actual wooden tables (for the kitchen) were pretty good though I thought.
2014-02-04 10:48:05 PM  

NotMyAlt: Flint Ironstag: There are always shortcuts hidden away. You don't have to walk the whole way round. You can go more or less straight to the section you want.

/I've been in the very first IKEA store, the round one near Stockholm.
//End CSB.

Have you ever been to Almhult? Dinky little town known for, of all things, the first IKEA store.

Never been to that one. The one I meant was Kungens Kurva, which I think was their first "big" store. The round design was inspired by the Guggenheim.
2014-02-04 11:04:27 PM  
My girlfriend and I live in a furnished apartment and we needed a few more things to complete the setup. Most importantly we needed a coffee table that was sort of low to the ground since our couch is fairly low to the ground. Also, it needed to be black to match the decor. We looked at a bunch of places, including the discontinued section of a local furniture store, but anything reasonably close to what we needed was way too expensive... Went to IKEA, and I HATED the traffic, the crowds, the long maze through the store... But we found a black coffee table of the perfect size for $19.99... For 20 bucks I honestly thought it was going to be made of cardboard, but surprisingly, it's not bad... Not bad at all... It looks nice and I took my time building it and it seems fairly solid... We ended up going back because her mom gave her a $100 gift card and we found some good black laptop stands that are adjustable height and put each of our laptops over each arm of the couch... We also needed a cheap floor lamp but one that was taller than average.. We found one for $7.99- yes, 8 bucks! We bought 2 and simply used 2 extra tubes from one of them to make the other extra tall, works perfectly. We left with a whole bunch of junk and spent $147, which after the gift card meant we only spent $47 bucks.... I really don't like going to the store but I could not find anything anywhere even close to what we got for that kind of money. I can see why they are such a success,,,
2014-02-04 11:23:49 PM  

Watubi: Ugh, my wife loves that stuff.  I inherited my mom's furniture, which came from her mother's mother.  It has lasted for generations yet my wife insists on redecorating every few years with those planned out Ikea rooms.  Well, she has to because that crap falls apart within that time under normal usage.  At least it's cheap.  At least I'll have something to eat on if I ever have to move out, I guess

My grandma's furniture was being stored in a garage in Detroit when some douchebags decided to light it up. Except her kitchen table and a China cabinet. She didn't have much money but bought sparingly and well instead.

My mom wanted to toss the China cabinet. My dad, brother and I told her in no uncertain terms no way in hell, at least until brother or I have a house to put it in. Since we kids left, she's slowly pulling the same IKEA esque remodels room by room your wife does.

I've got the kitchen table. And just dropped money on a bed frame whistfully wishing I didn't need to. Anything of quality was way out of budget or ugly. So we got a sturdy metal thing and someday I'll have the time to build my own frame with good wood around it.

/stupid fire
//stupid disposable culture
2014-02-05 12:04:43 AM  

itazurakko: while the lamps were interesting they all use bizarre bulbs only available at Ikea, which rules them out for me.

You must be talking about their lamps with the two pin sockets.  Those are all industry standard bi-pin bulbs, most being GU4/MR11, GU5.3/MR16 and GU10 sizes.  Big box home centers generally carry them.  Amazon not only carries them, but offers them in bulk for a fraction of the price.
2014-02-05 01:01:26 AM  
executionists.comView Full Size
2014-02-05 01:36:49 AM  
The owners of Ikea have bought into the company that owns K-Mart in Australia so sometimes you can find the same product at twice the price.
2014-02-05 01:52:43 AM  
I have never been in an IKEA, but the one in georgetown looks to always be busy.
2014-02-05 02:34:57 AM  
Regarding the actual article, this effect is perhaps similar to the way people underestimate the danger of traveling by car versus plane by overestimating their own abilities as drivers (or at least overvaluing the additional control of being the one in charge).  As for those contesting an earlier poster's claim that they can assemble their furniture better than some minimum wage employee, the "better" metric for a purchaser is different from that for an employee.  It is no doubt true that the employee quickly becomes more efficient, but the purchaser is more interested in how sturdy the finished product is, not how rapidly the task is completed.

As regards the portion of the headline that misrepresents the effect, I hate the way groceries stash the staples (basic necessary food items, not metal paper fasteners) in the far corners of the store, requiring one to circumnavigate the place to pick up milk and bread.  The HEB in Brushy Creek (it's just a store in a place) used to have the dairy products front and center but little removed from the registers themselves.  I knew that couldn't last, and it didn't.  I suppose they're attempting to weigh the gains (people going in for milk end up buying other things since they have to walk past them) and losses (people just go to a 7-11 or Wawa for the milk and the grocery gets nothing) and think they are ending up ahead, but perhaps I'm giving them too much credit.
2014-02-05 09:35:59 AM  
I thought the layout was so that the CCTV files could be sent to AMC to target walk on actors for zombie portrayl...

\shuffle shuffle shuffle random step in any direction
2014-02-05 12:06:41 PM  

DerAppie: the money is in the banana stand: People do not value putting things together themselves versus it being put together for them

Except that they do. Tons of research says that people do. Hundreds of papers about people preferring the thing they made over a pre-made, factory perfect substitute.

There is a difference between people preferring or valuing the thing they made over something assembled, than someone willing to pay more for something that is KD to assemble it themselves over something assembled. I deal in the contract furniture industry and have since I was a wee-lad. You can take your research studies and throw those out the window. This is the deal, people are really, really, cheap. They don't care or understand service and therefore not willing to pay for it pretty much ever. If someone walks in and wants to buy a task chair for example, they expect that if they have to put it together themselves it is cheaper than if we put it together. If IKEA offered at no charge to assemble the furniture for people, I don't know anyone that would turn that down. The only reason why the majority of people put the furniture together is because they can get the product cheaper.

So when I say people do not value putting things together themselves versus it being put together for them, I am referring to the fact that people do not see the value in having something assembled for them. They don't want to pay any extra, even if it is a pittance, to have it assembled for them. The value they see in putting it together themselves is that they save money by purchasing something KD. After the furniture is assembled, THEN they see value in their work because they have sweat equity in the deal. It is retroactive value whereby putting together the furniture they understand then why there is an up-charge to assemble the furniture. I cannot tell you how many times where I have had friends that moved homes or apartments and decided to save some money by renting a U-haul and moving everything themselves, and then at the end of it go "God, next time I'm going to hire movers!" Until people have to go through the process, they don't understand the value of things. This is true of PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING.

The IKEA effect is simply they can sacrifice a little on quality to offer good design, and people will pay more for it - even IF it is all knocked down and they have to assemble it.
2014-02-05 12:54:20 PM  

Watubi: Oh, about the article.  The Ikea effect regarding people valuing something they put together themselves is nonsense.  Give any person walking into that store a blank check, they'll gladly go to Pottery Barn instead and like it just as much.

Yeah, the article didn't give any examples or explanations or anything.

You're completely right.


LEGO effect: :P

I remember gluing a model plane together as a kid. Cost more than whatever China coulf massproduce. Mine was better, I made it.
2014-02-05 03:54:32 PM  
I thought "I can't figure out how to get out of Ikea" was Swedish for "I think I just figured out I'm retarded."
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