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(New York Daily News)   New York City garbage workers can't accept cash tips, saying, "Who do you think we are, the Post Office?"   ( divider line
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2014-02-04 09:02:48 PM  

brap: I'm sure this has been pointed out already but post office employees aren't suppose to accept cash gifts either.

Yeah, I was gonna say...

I would tip my garbage men but they do a lousy job (they've cracked two of my cans in a few places), and their trucks are so ancient and rusted that they literally leave a trail of foul liquid on the road. I realize the trucks are the fault of whoever owns the company (it's a local outfit), but holy shiat, it is disgusting. They probably also get about 5 mpg.

Funny thing I noticed, the village ordinance specifies something like ''trash will be picked up by 7AM and cans returned to their storage area soon after". I've never seen them show up before 9, and I live near the beginning of the route...
2014-02-04 09:46:54 PM  


I don't check my mail as often as I should because I keep track of bills on-line and I rarely receive anything worth checking the box, besides the occasional Pizza coupon. At the end of last Summer, I took a day off of work and I was in the house when I heard the mailman pull up. It was a very hot day and I wanted to give him something to show my appreciation and kind of apologize for making him stuff mail into my box everyday. I grabbed a couple bottles of water, ran out to his truck and gave him a heartfelt apology for being a dick and never checking my mail, which I knew made more work for him. He took the water, smiled, and said, "this isn't my route. I'm just over here because the normal mailman couldn't come in." *Vroooooooom*  Then, he took off. Lol. I never did get my regular guy that water.

/end CSB

My mailman's a goddamn dick. If we don't check the mail for three days, he puts in a "not notified leave" and they stop delivering the mail until we go to the post office.  It happens with alarming frequency because we don't get any mail besides junk, or a ton of registered mail for the previous occupants, who moved out eight farking years ago.  We usually don't notice until we're waiting for something and then realize we don't get mail delivery anymore.  Then I hit the post office, get 100 pounds of mail that isn't addressed to me, and sit through a lecture from the lady behind the counter about how it's important for me to transfer the garbage they deliver to my trash can every day so this doesn't happen again.
2014-02-04 10:33:34 PM  
Most postal workers I've dealt with have been pretty chill, but there's at least one sub that is a jerk; two weeks ago said person ignored my outgoing ebay packages (which incited murderous tendencies) AND dumped my mail in with them instead of in the actual mailbox a foot to the left. I had to complain twice that week; they were probably somewhat annoyed but fark it, I spend a couple hundred a month with them, and over $500 during December.

My regular guy is a sweetheart, though.
2014-02-04 10:57:34 PM  

GCD: OK, so stop tipping them in cash and grab some gift cards instead. It doesn't look like there's any rules against accepting those...just can't take cash.  I'm sure that anyone would appreciate a gift card for a coffee shop...or maybe a gift card for the movies. Hell, even a gift card for a lunch somewhere would be appreciated.

Farking stupid rules.

This is what we usually do for our garbage men around Christmas/New Years because we've had too many people unable to accept cash tips. We also used to grab them cold drinks when they were on an afternoon route for our street. We don't see them as often now that they're morning, but we've had cups of coffee waiting for them once or twice, with wrapped up pastries. Our neighbor frequently picks them up drinks or sandwiches, too, when he's getting some for himself.

The only time we tipped them cash was when we had a massive amount of palm tree fronds tied together in huge bundles. We'd taken one bundle down to the road and left the rest sitting up on the side of the garage so as not to overload them that morning. Taped a note on the bundle telling them to not worry about it if it was too large. When we got home that evening, we found the single bundle AND the ones up by the garage gone with a reply back letting us know they'd grabbed all of them that morning. We made sure to catch them the next week with a tip.

They're good guys. They'll take stuff that they probably have every right to refuse.

2014-02-05 05:35:53 AM  

99.998er: What is the proper etiquette for tipping the cops in NYC?

Despite the obvious, usual rule of thumb: No cash, no gift cards, nothing over $5 in monetary value. You can pay for coffee (unless Starbucks) for a cop if you like, or a cheap snack.
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