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(LAist)   Do you wanna see a plump, teenage mid-1980's Gwen Stefani getting Sting's autograph on a motorcycle? Sure ya do   ( divider line
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2014-02-04 09:48:16 PM  
italie I'll let you decide which I mean

2014-02-04 09:55:52 PM  

FlyingJ: italie I'll let you decide which I mean

[ image 300x225]
[ image 421x531]

Blue #3
2014-02-04 10:31:44 PM  

Mole Man: Save Ferris was a far superior  band.

And the chick a lot hotter, and still hotter.
2014-02-04 10:42:21 PM  

GRCooper: unfarkingbelievable: She was always a pretty girl.

Knew a guy who went to school with her. He said no picture he has ever seen has done justice to how hot she is in person

/I know a girl just like that. Most beautiful girl I've ever seen, but if I posted a pic, y'all would think "meh, she's pretty, but ..."
//not gonna do it

I know exactly what you mean...

When I was in HS, I knew of this girl (a year behind me) that was constantly lusted after...everyone going on about how hot she was. I saw her picture in the yearbook, thought exactly as you did..."meh, average pretty..."

I had a class with here senior year...and within 2 minutes of the first class meeting, I just got it. Without any obvious effort, she was sexy, cute, funny, warm, nice, sweet, and just a little mischievous....

/I eventually concluded he cranked out gallons of super potent pheromones
2014-02-04 10:52:47 PM  
Wow, she looked different. It's hard to imagine her as a teen, still living with her parents, just a girl living in captivity, who they wouldn't let drive late at night...
2014-02-04 10:53:37 PM  

Mole Man: Save Ferris was a far superior  band.


/knew a band that opened for them once.
2014-02-04 11:37:41 PM  

cyberspacedout: Wow, she looked different. It's hard to imagine her as a teen, still living with her parents, just a girl living in captivity, who they wouldn't let drive late at night...

Just your typical prototype.
2014-02-05 03:21:56 AM  

El Dudereno: ReapTheChaos: 2CountyFairs: Fat asses are actually giving her some grief because she dared to say that the photo was of her when she was chubby.

Of course they are, everyone knows fat people have no control over they way they look. It's a lot easier to biatch about skinny people than it is to lose weight.

My Facebook newsfeed would tend to agree with you. The fatties alternate between biatching about skinny people and posting horrendously unhealthy recipes.

Seeing this photo just amped my respect for Ms. Stefani. She said in interview years ago that her physique was a product of working her ass off every day and I thought 'sure Gwen'. To know that she actually had a 'normal' body is inspiring.

/I see her passion for torturing her feet for fashion started at an early age. Jellies were the WORST.
2014-02-05 05:09:23 AM  

shamalamadingdong: I met her in the late '80s (or early '90s?  I can't remember) at a show/party in San Bernardino where she and No Doubt played.  She was standing next to this parked muscle car afterward, where a friend of mine who played trombone for Voodoo Glow Skulls was talking to a friend of hers, and about five minutes into it, she looks over at me and says "Well, I guess no one want to talk to us. What's your name?"  I stuttered my name, she shook my hand, my heart raced and my mouth went dry, I managed to stutter out a few sentences about shows of theirs that I'd seen with the Skeletones and Spy Kids and a couple other bands, she talked to me for a bit about scooters and fashion, laughed at my stupid quips, and we parted ways.  She was bright and funny and sweet and charming in a way I'd never experienced in my 15 or 16 years on the planet.  I swore she was the loveliest thing I'd ever seen.  She just killed me, and I still get nervous thinking about it.  So awkward.

Yeah, I know, cool story bro.

That is a cool story bro, thanks for sharing!
2014-02-05 11:53:18 AM  

semiotix: The VH1 "Behind the Music" on No Doubt is actually pretty entertaining. It used to be her  brother's band, and then she got up on stage for some reason and people started going nuts, and then he quit. It's tragically hilarious to watch him rationalize that choice, and to actively avoid coming to grips with the fact that people were much, much more interested in watching a super-hot and charismatic 20-something Cali girl put on a rock star act than they were in watching a normal-looking thirty-something dude do the same thing.

I grew up in Anaheim and know both Eric and Gwen through mutual friends so I used to see No Doubt when they were still sort of a backyard band and then later when they started playing clubs. It was definitely Eric's ska band, but the chemistry was great with her and John Spence. She had a great voice even then.  I haven't seen the Behind the Music so I don't know if Eric felt the way you observed, but he seemed more comfortable behind the keyboard than John and Gwen did on stage.
2014-02-05 12:04:55 PM  

Mole Man: Save Ferris was a far superior  band.

Parties at the star pool house agree
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