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(EarthSky)   Sing Your Own Song: The loneliest whale in the world, the 52-Hertz whale, sings a song no other whale will answer and travels the oceans alone   ( divider line
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9340 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Feb 2014 at 3:28 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-02-02 05:34:03 PM  
High pitched? Sounds like a gay whale. Nobody wants to hang with him...
2014-02-02 05:34:11 PM  
He's hearing 50Hz songs from around the world, except America.
2014-02-02 05:38:33 PM

/"Don't know where, don't know when..."
2014-02-02 05:40:40 PM  
I was into 52hz Whale before it was cool.

Now he's a sell-out, man.
2014-02-02 05:42:27 PM  
Perhaps he's just a "slow" whale.  You know, on the border of independent where the whale can do little more than take care of him or herself.  A survivable, albeit, slow existence.

To the other whales, he may just come across as "DERPIE HERP!!! DERPITY HERPITY DERP!" in that lower voice slower whales tend to have and the other whales send out calls that just sound like, "I'm a diseased guppy, go the other way," and, thus, keeping him away from the others.

I feel sorry for the guy, but the determination to survive...that's just beautiful.
2014-02-02 05:42:32 PM  

gwowen: Shame it's not 55Hz, as it'd be a Deep C animal...

2014-02-02 05:52:48 PM  

Nabb1: gwowen: Shame it's not 55Hz, as it'd be a Deep C animal...


sadly I screwed it up. 55Hz is an A.
2014-02-02 06:00:52 PM  

kim jong-un: Turns out, this whale is just a dick dork and is being shunned by the rest of the whale community.

2014-02-02 06:04:59 PM may not end well...
2014-02-02 06:23:34 PM  
Just dropping the Star Trek IV reference that no one else saw fit to.
2014-02-02 06:27:03 PM  
I sense a Three Dog Night whale collaboration on One is the Loneliest Number... which would actually make little sense with that many contributors.
2014-02-02 06:32:33 PM  

GalFisk: Reminds me of a story my father told me. He was a lumberjack, working out in the Swedish woods...

This story starts out with such promise.
2014-02-02 06:45:32 PM  
It's the last great American whale.
2014-02-02 06:45:37 PM  
He's got 52 hertz, but a biatch ain't one
2014-02-02 06:52:17 PM  
"a filter feeder like the whale in Finding Nemo"

- not to be confused with the toothed kind from Pinocchio.
2014-02-02 06:54:23 PM  

gwowen: Shame it's not 55Hz, as it'd be a Deep C animal...

Oh wow, that right there?  That's a win.
2014-02-02 06:57:06 PM
2014-02-02 07:24:00 PM  


THat's a shark.

Suck his claspers...

Hes a shark.
2014-02-02 08:17:32 PM  
mb its not a whale at all...
2014-02-02 08:20:35 PM  
Maybe he is afraid of the other sea animals... you know.. the "Chicken of the Sea..."
2014-02-02 09:26:12 PM  
FYI, to the folks posting whale-shark pictures, those are whale-sharks and not whales at all. World's biggest fish doncha know?
2014-02-02 09:42:29 PM  
He has moved among the world's foundations and has seen enough to split the planets.

Or something like that.
2014-02-02 09:49:56 PM  

baka-san: ArcadianRefugee:

THat's a shark.

Suck his claspers...

Hes a shark.

Whatever; he's got "whale" in his name.

/grr. I didn't even look at the tail when I picked it
2014-02-02 10:16:23 PM  

ZAZ: Reminds me of the lightweight fantasy series The Belgariad. God or whoever made three immortal creatures, but the two males killed each other in the first mating season and the female was left to wander the world alone screaming her mating call. ("I'm so horny and I haven't gotten any since... ever.")

It was a dragon, wasn't it?Cockblocked by God.
Love that series. It was like Eddings took every fantasy trope ever and threw a lampshade on it.
2014-02-02 10:33:16 PM  

gwowen: sadly I screwed it up. 55Hz is an A.

As someone above said, is the saddest of all keys.
2014-02-02 10:47:15 PM  
More likely it's a member of a known species that has suffered an injury or a stroke of some kind that has affected its communication parts.
2014-02-02 10:54:24 PM  

drumhellar: Um. Considering the whale has never been found, we don't actually know if it's alone or not...

...or even if it a whale at all.
2014-02-02 11:01:06 PM  
2014-02-02 11:05:19 PM  
I can relate. I've been like that forever.
2014-02-02 11:24:29 PM  
Like the tweet of the last passenger pigeon.
2014-02-03 12:02:59 AM  
Well that's the most depressing thing I've heard all day.
2014-02-03 12:18:03 AM  

Oldiron_79: Mambo Bananapatch: RyansPrivates: Wrencher: ilikeracecars: if your article is quoting a crypotzoologist, could you put it at the beginning so I know to stop reading ahead of time?

Yeah. Because cryptids never ever turn out to be real...

Top 10 cryptids that turned out to be real

Not sure which ones were cryptids: linebackers? running backs? defensive ends?

No real scientist believes in defensive ends. By now they'd have found a corpse or skeleton or some stool. Something.

Since we are getting off the original topic and onto other links from that site, I seen several glaring omissions from the 20 covers many people dont know are covers.

Many lawn loiterers dont know that "The Man Who Sold the World" is a David Bowie song and not a Nirvana song.

Elvis was not the first to record "Blue Christmas" Ernest Tubb was first and Johnny Cash also covered it before Elvis

Many People Dont know "Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain" wasnt first recorded by Willie Nelson. Hank Sr first recorded it and Elvis covered it before Willie Nelson did.

Uh Kurt says "that was a David Bowie song" on the track at the end
2014-02-03 09:38:49 AM  
Can we make this whale the Fark mascot?
2014-02-03 12:39:48 PM  
52-Hertz whale accompanied by appliance with 60-cycle hum.
2014-02-03 02:02:21 PM  
If we could just get 50 of these whales together, we could totally pwn AT&T's network back in the 70s.
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