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(Plymouth Herald)   Guitar player loses tips of fingers in attack - may have to give up music and become a drummer   ( divider line
    More: Sad, John McCarthy, middle fingers, Sam Fox, Cliff Richard, Fiesta  
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2014-01-31 11:52:21 AM  
If you've got a great gtr/bass/vox/keys with a mediocre drummer, you've got a mediocre band. If you've got a great drummer with mediocre gtr/bass/vox/keys, you've got a good band. Just saying'.

//love drummer jokes: "How do you know a drummer is at the door? The knocking speeds up."
2014-01-31 11:57:12 AM  
Jerry Garcia's hand is truly shocking.
2014-01-31 12:28:04 PM  
What did the drummer get on his IQ test?

Drool.  <ba-dum-shah!>

//I've played drumkit for 25 years.
2014-01-31 12:32:46 PM  

Sophistimucated: /drummer
//love drummer jokes: "How do you know a drummer is at the door? The knocking speeds up, and he doesn't know when to come in."

2014-01-31 12:41:18 PM  
veteranstoday.comView Full Size

He does nothing to dispute anything people are saying about people losing body parts becoming drummers.
2014-01-31 12:50:37 PM  

mike_d85: PunGent: ristst: RayD8: Was about to reference this. Don't work in a foundry if you like to play guitar.

People have worked in foundries before with no incident.  You should be a bit more specific:

If your boss says "Hey the guy that works this deadly machine is out today...can you work it?"

Say NO adamantly.  And run away fast.

Back in undergrad, a friend of a friend had perfect pitch, until he worked a jackhammer on a steel bridge between sophomore and junior years  :(

ok... was his hearing damaged from using power tools or did he hurt his throat because he "worked a jackhammer"?

Heh...the that last one a euphemism or something?
2014-01-31 12:58:01 PM  

Loaf's Tray: SDRR: RayD8: antidumbass: He needs to look up Tony Iommi's (Black Sabbath) story.

Bang. On the money.
Was about to reference this. Don't work in a foundry if you like to play guitar.

[ image 500x436]

To be fair, most Sabbath riffs only require a couple fingers anyway...

2014-01-31 01:09:54 PM  
How can you tell if the stage is level?
Drool is coming from both corners of the drummer's mouth.

What's the difference between a large pizza and a drummer?
A large pizza can feed a family of 4.

What do Ginger Baker and McDonald's coffee have in common?
They both suck without Cream.

How many drummers does it take to change a lightbulb?
3. 1 to do it, and 2 to argue over if Neil Peart or Mike Portnoy would have done it better.
(Alternate answer: "None. They have machines to do that now.")

/drumming for 25 years
//second joke is my wife's favorite
2014-01-31 02:23:10 PM  

jso2897: Why?
[ image 574x599]

Came here to post Django Reinhardt, leaving satisfied.

And on the Boobies too.
2014-01-31 03:34:22 PM  
Late to the thread, but... I've been semi-pro (2nd job? although the music is the constant) for 30 years now.  Music finds a way; I can't not do this.  A few years ago I pinched a nerve in my shoulder making it imposable to hold a pick.  I ended up taping the pick to my fingers and made it through the gigs.  It took a year to get totally back to normal.  So, to reiterate, if one MUST play music, one will find a way.
2014-01-31 03:49:03 PM  

antidumbass: He needs to look up Tony Iommi's (Black Sabbath) story.

Came here to point that out.  Guy needs to knuckle down.
2014-01-31 09:41:40 PM  

Your Hind Brain: skinbubble: At least he is not the bassist.

[ image 443x600]


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