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(Washington Post)   Majestic snowy owl takes up residence in Washington DC, is promptly hit by Metro bus   ( divider line
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2014-01-30 06:08:58 PM  

dj_spanmaster: MustangFive: dj_spanmaster: iheartscotch: dj_spanmaster: Harry was inconsolable. He really should have learned some healing spells! An obvious lack in his education.

I noticed that too. Hermione, pretty much, carried Team Potter. It's not that Harry or Ron were slackers; they didn't really read anything outside of the required course material.

/ Besides that whole episode with dementors; and I suppose you could count Dumbledore's Army

// Occlumancy doesn't count; Harry never really got the hang of it

He did by the end, right around the same time he realized he should have learned about healing. Doesn't that count for something?

The problem lay with the undue emphasis on sports (quidditch) at an educational institution. If Harry and Ron had ever bothered to study instead of spending so much time practicing and playing a sport, they might have learned enough to keep poor Hedwig from being blasted by an Avada Kedavra... You know, critical thinking skills that would have made both of them sit up and say, "Wait, seven people who look like Harry on brooms? This convoluted cockamamie scheme is the best you idiots can come up with? How about somebody shrinks all of Harry's belongings and pockets them, then hands Harry a friggin' portkey?!?!? No, instead, let's put more than a dozen people at risk. That makes much more sense!"


Don't hold back now, let it all out.

For fear of letting too much nerd out: (1) I don't remember seeing any shrinking spells, wasn't there a mass requirement for transfiguration? (2) Weren't they just kids anyway? Teen boys are prats in real life, shouldn't they be prats in books too? [Cue Akbar, "IT'S A PRAT!"] (3) Portkeys had trackers on them by Voldy supporters in the Ministry, and that was fairly advanced magic anyway.

as for #1, only a couple chapters later, hermione's carrying around everything the three of them need for the rest of the book in her purse...  the argument's a valid one.  #3 is partly right, iirc, i thought it was that the floo network, portkeys, and apparition at privet drive was the major issue, not just the monitoring the ministry was doing...

regardless, harry (at least) had no real excuse for not trying to pick up SOME magical healing knowledge (spells, potions, whatever) after he cursed draco...  granted, hedwig & the angry kedavra wouldn't have changed one bit... but still...
2014-01-30 06:21:45 PM  
2014-01-30 06:24:47 PM  

MustangFive:  How about somebody shrinks all of Harry's belongings and pockets them, then hands Harry a friggin' portkey?!?!? No, instead, let's put more than a dozen people at risk. That makes much more sense!"

Portkeys are monitored by the Ministry of Magic.  The point was to avoid being monitored.  Hence, eschewing a Portkey.

Someone else might have shared this, though.
2014-01-31 01:04:26 AM  

Ow! That was my feelings!: bearded clamorer: [ image 351x267]

Ha! I almost never hit the buttons, but I'd have given you 50 funny votes if I could have. Outstanding.

It's funny, I guess, if you are 13.
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