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(Click2Houston)   Cop: Sure, I'll take a BJ for $50. You totally look like this hot chick from Vice Squad   ( divider line
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2014-01-29 11:42:50 PM  
3 votes:

Boo_Guy: What does your family think you do for a living?

If it were me I'd just ignore the morans on twitter...  but then if it were really me I wouldn't have twitter to begin with =)

They think I do something really boring at home regarding contracts between people involved in making apps. I make it sound as boring as possible to discourage prying. I also say that I got into (this work) through a friend, so it's not really something someone else could just apply for and do (because when you work at home making enough money to get by, EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT THAT because some folks, they equate working at home with not really working.)

This allows me to talk about dynamics of my work and appointments couched in other language. So what I tell them is true, but disguised so they have no idea it's sex work. It would be deeply upsetting to both my parents. My mother is religious and prudish, and her family is super religious and prudish. Frankly if someone told her tonight...she would flat out not believe it. I don't not tell them b/c they'd be disappointed though (it'd hardly be the first time I disappointed them, all kids disappoint their parents from time to time ;)) but because it would *really* hurt her. She's incapable of understanding it, and I'm certain of this because of discussions we've had about such topics.

My father would have a fatal heart attack. He's not a prude, but like any other male, I'm sure he does not want to imagine his daughter doing anything like this. He can't even discuss my period, so this would be ...yeeeeeah. He has never shown disrespect or opinions that are negative about sex workers or porn. I know he really doesn't see it as problematic and isn't a prude...but yeah. If it didn't kill him outright there'd be mucho distress.

My siblings would just think much less of me. I might lose access to my niece and nephew...but I'm not sure. I would never discuss my work or aspects of my work with them anyway as they're children. If I didn't lose my relationships with them (we're not super close, but we're family) they wouldn't want to hear any aspects of it and would not want others to know about it I'm sure.

I know a lot of sex workers who are out with their families. Even if it were more socially acceptable, my family would not be okay with it due to their prudishness & religion.

All that being said, I was threatened recently with being outed due to some activism. Gloves came off and I warned the person that threatening my family would be a very dangerous game to play with me. What they seemed to fail to realize is the *only* thing that holds any restraint on my activities in sex worker activism is my need for privacy to protect my family. If that were removed, I'm unleashed. And that doesn't even cover what I would do to someone who I actually believed was threatening my family. And I would never cowtow to such threats.

It's actually the one thing that might get at least my mom to be super supportive. She might *haaaaate* the idea of my work, but she'd go batshiat farking HULK insane over someone trying to threaten or blackmail me. Her biggest issue with me would be the lying. She really really hates lying. Which is why I do stick to truth only obscuring the nature and details of my work.

I know all this is waaay self absorbed, but I know this is an area people are always really curious about. Most sex workers claim boring office jobs, and try to make their work seem as mundane and boring as possible. I'm also paranoid/careful/weirdo enough to actually have clients that own biz in the field I claim, who could claim to 'work' with me if needed to bolster the lie w/ family. But it's possible that I could be outed in a way that I couldn't clean up, or wouldn't want to lie further about (I hate the lying too). I'm as prepared for that as I can be. I will not give up my work though for my family even if they wished it. I like what I do, it's not a job it's my career. But I don't wish that to cause them any pain or strife and I'm willing to accept limitations to do that.

Oh and as to ignoring the bullshiat on's my work account so I'm promoting myself and my merch (porn). It eventually became both my personal and work acct really and the activism bleeds across that. Which isn't bad for biz, some clients love watching the poo fly. It's higher level than nameless name calling, I don't even respond to that. It's conversations with people who are constantly writing articles on this shiat, etc. I get about a dozen media requests a year (I don't do them, privacy issues. I refer to other SW or I'll do background, that's it).

Again, TMI but I know I'm always curious about other people's shiat and I know this isn't something most ppl get to see. So here ya go.
2014-01-29 08:53:25 PM  
2 votes:
Sure-fire way to weed out a vice cop: tell the hooker you want to take pictures of her first. There's nothing illegal about it, the hooker would probably consent, and a vice cop DEFINITELY wouldn't.
2014-01-29 08:32:55 PM  
2 votes:
So why is prostitution illegal?
2014-01-29 08:57:40 PM  
1 vote:

I Like Bread: Sure-fire way to weed out a vice cop: tell the hooker you want to take pictures of her first. There's nothing illegal about it, the hooker would probably consent, and a vice cop DEFINITELY wouldn't.

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2014-01-29 08:49:13 PM  
1 vote:
One less constable parked in a speed trap all day out on FM 1960.

If you did away with the entire lot of constables in Texas, you'd probably decrease the crime rate, and improve traffic flow.
2014-01-29 08:25:34 PM  
1 vote:
Bet he wishes he read the daily department update memo email that day.
2014-01-29 08:18:25 PM  
1 vote:

Satanus Maximus: Suspension without pay?! Geez, it's not like he tazed the hooker and shot her in the chest five times afterwards...

He probably would have gotten off lighter doing that.
2014-01-29 08:15:17 PM  
1 vote:
Suspension without pay?! Geez, it's not like he tazed the hooker and shot her in the chest five times afterwards...
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