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(   Neighborhood group spends $10,000 on stop-peeing-in-public ads around local bars saying: "Go before you go"   ( divider line
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2004-01-28 10:39:43 PM  
Four men tinkling at once!
[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-28 11:29:01 PM  
"The culprits ... are mostly men."

Oh really? Sure shocked me.
2004-01-29 12:49:35 AM  
Could they put one up by my Vons? If its not the gay cruisers, its the college drunks. The whole damn parking lot reeks.
2004-01-29 12:55:20 AM  
My city recently passed a law on public urination. I talked my way out of a citation once when me and my friends decided to see who could make a longer 'snail-trail' Man we're a bunch of winners...
2004-01-29 12:55:51 AM  
Aw, man. I used to live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Outdoor peeing capitol of the U.S. It was so common that to this day, my wife can't see a guy standing with his hands in his jacket pockets without being sure he's taking a leak.....
2004-01-29 12:56:43 AM  
As a male college student living in Minneapolis, I am outraged to hear of these laws regarding public urination. I will not rest until they are re-pee-led. I hope others will also stand next to me and "shake" these bonds of oppression. Give me the right to pee in public or give me death!
2004-01-29 12:57:43 AM  
Most of the cases occur on the blocks bordered by Nicollet Mall and Second Avenue North and South Fourth and South Eighth streets, an area filled with bars and restaurants.

for that $10,000 they could have porta-a-pots around the "high risk" areas for a length of time. Then they could put donation cups in bars to prolong them.

If the residents are that "pissed off", then one would surely volunteer to house a facility on their property.

Simple, and a much better solution.
2004-01-29 01:00:01 AM  
1.) What a biatch

2.) If you tried peeing outside in Minneapolis right now, I'm pretty sure your urine would freeze inside your dick and the whole apparatus would fall off.

3.) I think this calls for a Minneapolis Fark party
2004-01-29 01:02:28 AM  
What I dont understand, is its perfectly ok for other animals to urinate in public view, but you can be cited for taking a piss in a back alley somewhere.

Classless- yes. A nuisance, out of public view? no.

2004-01-29 01:07:20 AM  
Yeah, that's like species discrimination or something. Why can a stray cat take a leak without a citation and not a human being?

/am i serious?
2004-01-29 01:09:04 AM  
Well its certainly not a health concern.

I mean urinating on cars on an overpass sure, but peeing in a rosebush on a deserted street, rather than your pants?

Who gives a fark. 9/10 peeing citations Ive seen on COPS there isnt a soul around except for a bored cop.
2004-01-29 01:10:49 AM  
c'mon, pissing in public after a long friday night of drinking is a tradition
2004-01-29 01:10:59 AM  
You keep that nitrogen off my lawn!
2004-01-29 01:11:06 AM  
It's a good thing this nation focuses on the priorities.
2004-01-29 01:12:17 AM  
or that $10,000 they could have porta-a-pots around the "high risk" areas for a length of time

they already have them. they're called alley dumpsters. i just used one the other night while my buddies held my spot in line for a bar. it was so relieving, i loved it.
2004-01-29 01:12:20 AM  
nitrogen is good for lawns.

besides, at least the peeing folks aint drivin.
2004-01-29 01:13:30 AM  
It's a good thing this nation focuses on the priorities.

This isn't a national issue; it's one town. And in some towns, not much else goes on. I recall a ballot initiative somewhere in Kansas last year to outlaw lying. I'd give you a link, but can't seem to find it right now.
2004-01-29 01:13:46 AM  
I have a friend back in my hometown who lives on a slightly busy suburban road (I think two lanes each way and a turn-lane in the middle). Many a late night he and my other friends got all fired-up on beer and took the "Robinson Challenge" named after the street. The goal is to take a leak while walking across the road. I think once someone made it all the way across and all the way back. That sure was a proud night in my life!!
2004-01-29 01:14:20 AM  
this lady needs to find a more worth-while cause. 10 grand could feed a hell of a lot of starving children around the world (who by the way tend to piss in the streets)
2004-01-29 01:15:25 AM  

or in their own water supply

/watches sunday noonish tv for some reason.
2004-01-29 01:15:58 AM  
I think once someone made it all the way across and all the way back. That sure was a proud night in my life!!

I retract my previous statement and now whole-heartedly agree with MrEricSir.
2004-01-29 01:20:03 AM  
those flyers are just asking to be pissed all over.
2004-01-29 01:20:23 AM  
slobarnuts - "or in their own water supply"

That's how we do in the desert. Yo.
2004-01-29 01:33:05 AM  
Don't break the seal....
2004-01-29 01:33:35 AM  
Boys have to pee a lot when they drink. So even if they go before they go, they'll have to go again in five minutes.
2004-01-29 01:34:53 AM  
How about some portapotties instead of ads.
2004-01-29 01:45:25 AM  
Gosh, taking a whiz in the alley on the way home from the bar is a bit of a tradition. I've even got my own "spot"...what will I do now?
2004-01-29 01:47:46 AM  
Reverent I. P. Freely died for your sins today. And so that you would stop tinkling in the petunias.
2004-01-29 01:49:24 AM  
"The culprits, according to Luther Krueger, a Minneapolis police crime-prevention officer, are mostly men.

"Try to get 1,000 people in the restroom and out before 2 (a.m.). It's impossible," Krueger said. "People don't think about it until the last minute. They're having a grand old time.""

So what are men thinking about? I guess women are consumed with thinking about planning their next pottie break. It would be impossible to get 10 women in the restroom and out before 2 a.m.
2004-01-29 01:51:10 AM  
The problem with pissing the first time after you start drinking is after the first piss which you might go 2 hours with out pissing. After that first piss go have to piss again every 5 minutes. Now wassup with that? like opening the flood gates. 6 bottles with out pissing; then 2 pisses for every bottle after that.

`~7 references to the word piss in one paragraph~
2004-01-29 01:52:25 AM  
bearmann comments

"I hope others will also stand next to me and "shake" these bonds of oppression."

I guess bearmann is a shaker. I am a tapper.

What about you?

a. shaker
b. tapper

This thread needs to be voting enabled.
2004-01-29 01:55:32 AM  
Dude, this was in the Warehouse District. Not usually are those areas on the good side of town. I don't know why she was shocked. People who work in the Warehouse District probably urinate in public on the job. I know some people who used to do that at this boatyard. It's pretty common practice. And now, for them to be doing it at night? Oh, the horror. It wasn't homeless people. It was people with money... cause if they had been homeless it would have been perfectly acceptable? "oh, whew, just some old crackheads and/or whinos pissing against the fence in the Warehouse District. Carry on, christian soldiers." Whatever. I'm going to start my pro-public urination campaign... in like 2 minutes.
2004-01-29 01:57:47 AM  
I am a twirler
2004-01-29 01:58:39 AM  
uvahoo, I guess I'm a shaker. What on earth would you tap it against? The wall? A dumpster? Your friend's leg?
2004-01-29 01:59:24 AM  
Dancing Irishman do you live in Walnut Creek?
2004-01-29 02:03:30 AM  
I don't worry about shaking or tapping so much as I worry about not peeing on myself or the poor sob next to me
2004-01-29 02:07:43 AM  
But I didn't have to go before we left.
2004-01-29 02:15:12 AM  
That's nothing, here's what they did in my town to curb people urinating in public. There is this stretch of road it is basically where 75% or some large percentage of the bars in Pittsburgh are located... There is a joke about if there isn't a bar on the corner, you aren't in the South Side anymore. More to the point, these geniuses decided to build a $250,000 toliet. Not just any toliet, but a SELF-CLEANING restroom with one toliet! To get inside you have to pay a quarter at that! If it breaks down in 10 years I will be PISSED OFF. They could have paid a guy $20,000 a year to do the same job of cleaning the toliets and keeping everything stocked. I don't know where these people get these ingenius ideas anymore....
2004-01-29 02:15:33 AM  
My public urination story:

Freshman year at college and my friends and I were very drunk. It was about 3:30am and we decided it would be a good time to go find some chicks. We went up to the 15th floor of my dorm (an all girls floor) and started walking around looking for open doors. Well, I had to piss really badly and didn't want to go all the way back down to my dorm, so I went to the end of the hall and started pissing on a door. Midpiss the door opens and this girl says, "What the fark? Are you peeing on my door??!" I just took off running... lost one of my sandals too :(
2004-01-29 02:17:14 AM  
nolimitbodnar: you didn't happen to go to school in Pittsburgh? If not then that is the THIRD time I have heard such a story....
2004-01-29 02:34:26 AM  
One night a long time back, some friends and I went to the mall in Salem [Oregon that is], and upon leaving, one of them had to piss... bear in mind we're in one of those cement parking structures that, except for 2' of concrete, are open on the sides... anyhoo, he stands on the hood of a car, and pees out the side, from the second level I think it was. Not original by any means, but quite funny at the time.

Consider this a "if you were walking in Salem, by Salem Center, and had your hair fertilized, it was probably due to this" message.
2004-01-29 02:36:13 AM  
Is the money for potty training?
2004-01-29 02:37:33 AM  
This thread needs to be voting enabled.

i think voting should be enabled on all threads by default. theres really no downside to it and it would cut all of the '/now with voting' comments from the photoshop contests, which is basically like every second comment.

/off topic
2004-01-29 02:41:20 AM  

I agree.
2004-01-29 02:58:09 AM  
Sometimes I tap, but usually I give it a whip-like shake or just wring it out...
2004-01-29 03:00:42 AM  
This is what we get in many UK cities:
[image from too old to be available]
Yes, they're just out in the street, so it's only really better from a hygeine point of view!
2004-01-29 03:08:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Because I could get Euromysitisis poisoning and die, that's why! ..Do you think I enjoy living like this? ..the shame, the humiliation.. You know, I have been issued a public urination pass by the city because of my condition.. Unfortunately, my little brother ran out of the house with it this morning.. Him and his friends are probably peeing all over the place! You want to call the Department of Social Services? Oh, it's Saturday. They're closed today. My luck.
2004-01-29 03:15:36 AM  
Lammy: I like the metal spiral ones in the Red-light district in Amsterdam. I think they drain directly into the adjacent canals.

I still saw several drunk guys literally walking around with their dicks hanging out. Not urininating, just staggering about.
2004-01-29 03:49:56 AM  
I was just going to mention those, although it doesn't really help out the ladies. Bar bathrooms are icky. Last night I was peeing in one and I reached down to get my purse and saw that the girl in the stall next to me was peeing sideways-her feet were facing me! What's up with that?
2004-01-29 04:46:35 AM  
Oh Shinaynay you so crazay!
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