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(Capital Journal)   Proposed South Dakota bill would fail kids with reading problems. Bill is flunked by a clinical psychologist. Fark: Subby is the psychologist, who found out about the bill on Fark   ( ) divider line
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2014-01-28 03:52:10 AM  
If they aren't ready for the next grade, then what?  Dumb down the third grade so the kid can keep up?  How about let the kid flounder because the course is beyond him, making a bad situation worse?.  A kid who doesn't show proficient skills for the next grade needs to be tutored during the summer.  If the kid still isn't up to his grade level, then hold the kid back.  Wishful thinking on your part isn't going to make the kid read better.
2014-01-28 03:58:49 AM  

lennavan: Kome: School policies are not scientific experiments to be conducted.

But they should be.  That way we'd know if the changes being made will be helpful or not.  This exact line is what the Chicago Public Teachers Union loves to spout.  "Our kids are failing, we want to try X, Y or Z"  Union:  "WE SHOULD NOT BE DOING EXPERIMENTS ON OUR CHILDREN."  So I guess we'll just try nothing and then politicians will enact policies based on nothing then.

The unions are against "experimenting with our children" because it would expose incompetent teachers very quickly.  The teachers union number one reason for existence is to protect teacher jobs at all costs.  Your child not getting an education is worth it to them.
2014-01-28 04:53:11 AM  
Oh, great idea subby. If a kid can't learn to read by second grade, then instead of holding them back where they can receive second-grade level reading education until they do learn, we'll instead boot them foreword into a grade they are completely unprepared for, so they can become more and more lost and left behind on reading skills.

Because hey, learning art is just as valuable in society as being farking literate.
2014-01-28 09:01:00 AM  
Before they can read, read to them.
As they learn, read with them.
When they can read, give them books, not a farking screen toy.
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