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(Computer World) NewsFlash Newer, more destructive version of MyDoom Internet e-mail worm on the loose. Target: Microsoft   ( divider line
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2004-01-28 03:18:17 PM  
got root?
2004-01-28 03:18:33 PM  
Kazaalite spreads easier at room temperature.
2004-01-28 03:18:45 PM  
This virus brought to you by Microsft's stepped-up commitment to security.
2004-01-28 03:19:04 PM  
BT does not exist. Even if it did, there would be plenty enough people using it.

BT does not exist.
2004-01-28 03:19:08 PM  
sos - you are just covering all the bases! Waytogo Scooter Computer. As a finally piece of your diligent formula I recommend you don't open email attachments that appear to be some form of error message. If you haven't already??
2004-01-28 03:19:09 PM  
iversion created a nternet worm.......

What the hell is that and is Dennis Rodman going to be there????
2004-01-28 03:20:09 PM  
I have a friend who used to forward me e-mails he thought may contain virii. "This looked suspicious so I thought you'd want to take a look at it", he says.

People like this are amusing.
2004-01-28 03:20:13 PM  
no virus on Mac = no erronous airbag deployment on '63 Rambler Station Wagon. Wouldn't own either.
2004-01-28 03:20:30 PM  
why is it that every virus headline turns into a mac flame war, how does that work? Not that i dislike the mac hate, because they do suck, but just odd.
2004-01-28 03:20:43 PM  
The reason why nobody writes viruses for Linux is because it's impossible to get anything to run under Linux.

heh heh heh...
2004-01-28 03:21:33 PM  
This virus has been a tricky SOB.
2004-01-28 03:21:34 PM  
problem solved: without having to buy a new COMPUTAR.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-28 03:21:40 PM  
The reason why nobody writes viruses for Linux is because it's impossible to get anything to run under Linux.


/still has problems with flash and viewing movies...
2004-01-28 03:22:04 PM  
Headline make my head hurt.
2004-01-28 03:22:42 PM  

/intentional. shutup.
2004-01-28 03:23:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-01-28 03:23:23 PM  
Bondith --
Viruses for Linux? It's been done. 'Bliss' comes to mind -- an exceptionally polite one in that it provided a way to disinfect itself.
2004-01-28 03:23:46 PM  
I am a gamer. Macs do not exist to me.
2004-01-28 03:23:56 PM  
2004-01-28 03:10:40 PM Ishkur

Exactly. Computers don't spread viruses. Retards spread viruses.
2004-01-28 03:24:04 PM  
SInce we are discussing this virus... could some answer a question I have?

My NAV catches the damn virus as it comes in (has caught about 100 of them so far easy). Everytime one come in though, a NAV window pops up and says

Scan: SUmmary
Summary: Infection found in this email message..

(and so forth and so on)

I have to hit "FINISHED" to get rid of that and then it pops up for the NEXT email.

Is there any way to have it continue to scan and catch the virused email but WITHOUT the annoying popup window every damn time?

Thanks for any help.
2004-01-28 03:24:06 PM  
Is this "nternet" a network for the N-Gage or something?
2004-01-28 03:24:38 PM  
why is it that every virus headline turns into a mac flame war, how does that work?

Because Windows users don't like being reminded that their operating system of choice is prone to attacks like this. The Weeners is to point out how much something else sucks in order to deflect the argument.
2004-01-28 03:24:48 PM  
Holy Shiat !

The nerds are pissed. Who's next ? RIAA ?
2004-01-28 03:24:48 PM  
These Mydooms are clearly written by a Linux user. Just look at the facts:

(1) Mydoom.a DOSes SCO--#1 evil company according to current Linux "wisdom,"
(2) Mydoom.b DOSes MS--perennial company-you-love-to-hate.

Apple people are too busy rockin' the ganj to care...clearly it's a Linux dork doing it.
2004-01-28 03:25:05 PM  
BT is supr!
2004-01-28 03:25:20 PM  
Someone fixed the headline. Nothing to see here. Move along.
2004-01-28 03:25:41 PM  
As cool as kazaa lite is, it's not going to protect you from this virus or stop it from spreading. There's just no functionality built into it that would stop this from spreading. User downloads file from dude he doesn't know (kazaalite). User opens file. User just ran the virus. Kazaalite just keeps the RIAA from knowing he downloaded a virus, and prevents the user from getting annoying pop ups while opening completely untrusted files from strangers.
2004-01-28 03:27:39 PM  
A serious question: (really)

I'm a PC user, have been for years. I notice how much Windows-bashing goes on, and agree with many points made by the bashers.

But I also notice that everyone in this thread keeps saying Macs suck.

Should I consider switching, or not?

I'm serious! Help!
2004-01-28 03:28:00 PM  
Didn't BT just come out with a new album??
2004-01-28 03:28:14 PM  

Of course it spreads with Kazaa lite... its not so much that kazaa(lite) is spreading the virus insomuch as the virus copies files to your 'C:\My Shared Folder' directory in the hopes that someone will download it. Solution: Move your shared file directory.
2004-01-28 03:28:34 PM  
you still have to be an idiot to become infected. Even if you do run Windows.

There can be no protection from stupidity.
2004-01-28 03:28:36 PM  

sounds like everyone in the pc world is calling their wives right now telling them not to wait up;

have fun kids ... all of our techies are going home at 5

/all-mac office
2004-01-28 03:28:47 PM  
Let's just hope Mac market share remains small so I don't have to start using anti-virus software.

/built more PC's with Windows and Linux than the fanboys
/still prefers OS X
/still hates everything before X
2004-01-28 03:28:50 PM  
Are people dumb?

Do you really have to even ask this?
2004-01-28 03:29:02 PM  
I work as a consultant at my school's computer department's help desk. This is the 4th major virus to hit our school in the past week (bagel, domaru, mydoom.a, mydoom.b) and needless to say, we've been very busy. Every time I answer the phone i cringe when i hear the words "i think i have that virus".

People are so stupid. Bagel was a huge deal for us last week, so we sent out all kinds of warnings. Then mydoom comes after everyone got rid of bagel. THEY ARE PRACTICALLY THE SAME THING!!!!! RETARDS!!!! STOP OPENING ATTACHMENTS!!!

I seriously want my school to either block all attachments of put a big banner on the school homepage that says "If you want to be able to continue using the internet, NEVER OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER!!!!"
2004-01-28 03:29:13 PM  
I guess you could try buying CD's instead of stealing it.

2004-01-28 03:29:20 PM  
Looks like there are other Linux users out there who share my pain.

Viruses for Linux? It's been done. 'Bliss' comes to mind -- an exceptionally polite one in that it provided a way to disinfect itself.

How did it work? Was it an rpm? What did it look like once it managed to run?

"Congratulations! You've just attained Bliss. Click here to delete."
2004-01-28 03:29:29 PM  
Go to you can build a PC and join the computer age.

why? i can afford a real computer
2004-01-28 03:30:16 PM  
Because the mac users are trying to justify paying $700 more for a computer than runs a third as much software.
2004-01-28 03:30:44 PM  
Reimy I'd like to find out how to make NAV run silently too... Not that it's a big deal, but unless it finds something, I really don't care to see the statistics of its nightly run... "Took 1 hour 52 minutes, 34 seconds to scan your computer." I really couldn't care less about that stuff...

Anyway, in your case, I believe there is a way to silence it. In my version (I actually have Systemworks, which has NAV in it) I can go into options, and then Email options, and there are multiple choices of what to do when it finds a virus. Mine is set to "Repair and silently quarantine if unsuccessful." If I have received viruses in email attachments, I haven't been bothered by NAV.
2004-01-28 03:31:06 PM  
man, i seriously don't understand how people can say the mac sucks (yes yes, go ahead and type "macs suck" har har). there is nothing to back that up. i'm a mac user/lover/afficianado/whathaveyou and have been for 12+ years and the ONLY thing i get annoyed occasionally with is the inability to get a couple games i'd like but that's not a big deal as Garageband will be taking up all my gaming time now anyway.
i've hardly ever even used windows machines, but i have NO problems with Windows users or the equipment. what's the big deal with you hatin guys anyway? is it the cost?
2004-01-28 03:31:13 PM  
sdw3u - I have both at home (g/f is a Mac user) and they're both fine to use. Depends on what you want it for. Short answer, you'll get more for your $ with a PC. Get a PC and don't open attachments. But her Mac is so cute to use. Ahhh, cute little Mac. I really do secretly like using it. But I keep the porn and naked pictures of my ex(s) on my PC.
2004-01-28 03:31:30 PM  
sdw3u, Macs do not, in fact, suck. If you're a big game player, then I'd advise against switching. Otherwise, go right ahead and switch. You'll still have access to everything you need.
2004-01-28 03:32:05 PM  
/continues as usual
2004-01-28 03:32:15 PM  
please keep our little secret about no viruses (virusi??) ours, mac users. we don't want to attract unecessary attention.
2004-01-28 03:32:24 PM  
I think the Kazaa warning is bogus.
2004-01-28 03:32:34 PM  
I'd just like to say that while I do like OS X, I hated OS 9 and everything else that came before it, so I used to be one of those "Mac-haters". But then OS X came along and it blew my mind, so I switched.
2004-01-28 03:32:54 PM  
It really depends what you are looking for. For a laptop I would highly recommend a mac. They are competitively priced compared to PC laptops and they are designed exceptionally well. For a desktop, it depends a lot on what you do. If you are a gamer, then you need a PC running XP.

If you like having a Unix command line and utilities, OS X will quickly become your OS of choice. Most popular open source programs and utilities have been ported to it.

I've got an XP gaming rig at home, and a 12" PowerBook. They both do what I need them to do. If G5s get cheaper and more games start getting ported, I may buy one.
2004-01-28 03:33:06 PM  
BTs suck?

Y'all are crazy. I grew up smoking bottle tokes. They're great!
2004-01-28 03:33:34 PM  
$700 more for a computer

iMacs start at $1299. Please provide a list of computers that come with a 15" LCD screen that are priced under $600.
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