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(   Italian police turn to Twitter to try and change Rome drivers' legendary habit of parking anywhere at any time driving anything   ( divider line
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2014-01-24 09:08:40 AM
2014-01-24 09:29:51 AM  
When I was a kid, back in the 50's, I used to go watch movies in the theater and many of them dealt with major cities in Italy. Italians, I noticed, seemed to not have any rules for driving.

Cars seemed to just wander about roads in whatever way they chose. Drivers in one lane would suddenly decide to turn and cross in front of two more lanes of cars. People would park anywhere and at major intersections, traffic flowed with apparently no stop lights, drivers taking their chances and depending on their driving skills and the skills of others.

Frequent accidents almost always resulted in the drivers getting out and arguing with each other as traffic just flowed about them. Many streets had been built during the middle ages and were just wide enough for one car to get through -- at least until the first car met a second one coming the other way.

Speed limits seemed to be personal choice rather than government set.

It was nearly the same when I went to Mexico City and found it wiser to hire a car to drive me around, like a Taxi or one of the many Tourist services.

When in the Bahamas, I discovered roads could lead through peoples back yards, the taxi driver assuring me it was just fine as he whizzed past storage sheds, through openings in stone walls and past private homes.

Some nations are just insane when it comes to driving. I have wondered if their automobile insurance is mandatory like here in the US and if they have to pay a lot more.
2014-01-24 10:08:52 AM  
Try to change, subby.  Try to.
2014-01-24 10:13:21 AM  
I think it's probably safe to say there are fewercountries where driving is relatively ordered, safe and predictable than the other way around.
2014-01-24 10:23:55 AM  
Hey Rome, do you need to borrow some tow trucks?

DC has plenty to go around.
2014-01-24 10:26:22 AM  

Fizpez: I think it's probably safe to say there are fewercountries where driving is relatively ordered, safe and predictable than the other way around.

Yeah, that.

People complain about NY drivers or what have you.  They've never tried to drive in S. America or S. Europe.

A fairly large city in Argentina has tons of uncontrolled (no lights no signs) intersections.

It works fairly well though.
2014-01-24 10:32:42 AM
2014-01-24 10:39:58 AM  
Italian parking: the liberty of small gubbmint
2014-01-24 10:47:21 AM
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