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(BBC)   Ach, Scheiße, Scheiße, Scheiße, Scheiße, Scheiße, Scheiße und Scheiße   ( divider line
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4259 clicks; posted to Geek » on 21 Jan 2014 at 11:08 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-01-21 11:11:05 AM  
Was that the top eight German passwords? Dummkopf!
2014-01-21 11:20:14 AM  
German dubstep?
2014-01-21 11:22:56 AM  
Well, I'm sure glad just the Germans are at risk.
2014-01-21 11:30:41 AM  
ein zwei drei vier fünf sechs

Would have made a better headline.
2014-01-21 11:41:42 AM  
"Oh, bother."
2014-01-21 11:42:30 AM  

Odoriferous Queef: ein zwei drei vier fünf sechs

Would have made a better headline.

Yes, but not all Americans can read that. I don't read German, and I'm pretty sure I got this headline just fine.
2014-01-21 11:55:26 AM  
I'm sure there are at least a couple of 'Hasselhoffs' in there, too.
2014-01-21 12:17:35 PM  
Is the article about German porn?  Not clicking to find out...
2014-01-21 12:28:16 PM  
So, we can't say "fark fark fark fark fark" on fark, but the German equivalent is fine?
2014-01-21 12:28:50 PM  
The scale of the attack is the equivalent of almost a fifth of the German population being at risk.
2014-01-21 12:38:41 PM  
Scheiße thread?
2014-01-21 01:07:31 PM  
Ve have vays uhf making you hack, ju know...
2014-01-21 01:20:17 PM  
Did someone say Earl Scheib?  $99.95!!  Right!
2014-01-21 02:12:05 PM  
German waitress:  Scheiße, Scheiße, egg, sausage, Scheiße, und Scheiße. That's not got MUCH Scheiße in it.

Vikings (sing): Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam ....

Everybody:  Oh, shut up!
2014-01-21 02:21:16 PM  
The secret to using simple easy-to-remember passwords:  egregiously misspell them all .

I'm not talking L33T, which is often included in hacker dictionaries and is thus easy-to-guess because it is unimaginative and dumb. I'm talking honest to goodness rotten spelling and horrible punctuation.

I made an error in my password once and it became a feature. (It wasn't an actual word--I was using the first letters of a sentence, which is much harder to guess, although not as hard to guess as the fifth letter of each tenth word in a paragraph on page 117 of a book on your bookshelf next to the desk.)

Book codes make great passwords because you can easily look them up if you forget them. In fact, a study of cryptography is very interesting and will repay the effort. You can learn to make passwords and codes that are as hard as they need to be, but no harder. This makes them easier to remember.
2014-01-22 02:20:11 AM  
I feel like I'm being taunted here with that headline.  Very funny, submitter.
2014-01-22 02:38:23 AM  
How do you pronounce that?
2014-01-22 03:22:24 AM  

marius2: So, we can't say "fark fark fark fark fark" on fark, but the German equivalent is fine?

Don't you mean "shiat shiat shiat shiat shiat shiat!"?
2014-01-22 07:34:08 AM  
vell played, subbykopf! Zumday, ve vill get efen vith you Americaner schvine, und make fun uff your schtupid "1234" porn!!
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