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(Chicago Sun-Times)   For the first time in twenty years, Chicago schools will require children to have daily physical education that doesn't include running home to escape gang violence   ( divider line
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2014-01-18 06:54:28 PM  
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gerbilpox: Oh good, a chance for the nerdy kids to be humiliated.

I've only just worked out (22 years after leaving school) that "Physical Education" should have just been called "Physical", because there was no "Education" about it. I've just turned 40, and had to get of my pushbike because I live in a city where the animosity between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians has been beaten into such an outrage by the local media that death rate figures show that cycling is now the most dangerous sport in Australia.

So I decided I needed to do something safer, and due to work travel, needing little equipment or commute time. I live near a lot of parks and free-use sports grounds. Running was the obvious answer. . But every time I've run in the past, my legs have hurt after about 60 seconds, and I gave up. So I've spent most of my life believing I couldn't run... the reason I ended up on a bike in the first place.

After talking to a few friends for a few pointers, ended up on the couch-to-5k running program.

The problem wasn't that I couldn't run, the problem was that didn't know how to run. I was over-extending my forward leg, trying to stride well beyond my capabilities, and my cadence was way way too low. I was also trying to do too much, too soon. So sure, now I shuffle along like an old man, but it's at twice my walking pace, and I've managed 5 minute intervals. Not impressive on it own, but 500% than what I could do 4 weeks ago.  And I'm having to hold myself back from skipping rest days, the whole thing seems so easy.

So how did I get through 13 years of "Physical Education" and never been told this? 13 years, 40 weeks a year, 80 minutes a week is 41600 minutes... a hell of a lot of which involved putting one foot in front of the other. Divide that by the typical 30 kids in a class, and we have an average of 1387 minutes worth of attention for each student.. about 24 hours. . And not once was I picked up on something as fundamental as "you're doing it wrong".

So without this basic skill, I was crap at most sports. I never built up the endurance to play a full 60 minute game.... I was buggered by the time we'd done the twice-around-the-oval warm up.. and my legs hurt. I was one of the last few to be picked for any team, and while it didn't cause massive self esteem issues, it was still not particularly pleasant.

The issue isn't that nerdy kids need to be embarrassed, it that the PE teachers, most of whom were jocks themselves, don't know how to teach nerdy kids. They assume that "all kids know how to run", which is absolutely untrue. In every other subject, knowledge is built on knowledge, and in the same way schools provide remedial reading to re-level kids who arrive at school without knowing how to read or write the alphabet, the system needs to teach the basic physical movements to kids like me, because without the basics, you're never going to be able to move forward.
2014-01-18 06:58:31 PM  
1 vote:

jaytkay: AngryDragon: Funny thing is, they think it works. Wasn't a girl grabbed and raped in one of these "gang-free zones" just a couple months ago?

A conservative thinks rape is funny.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

1.  I'm not conservative.
2.  In English, "funny" can also mean "ironic"
3.  The idiocy of "gun-free", "gang-free", "drug-free" zones is that the people who they target don't give a rat's ass about the law anyway. You think it will discourage them from robbing, raping, killing someone?  Safety in those places is a complete illusion and is at the whim of the very criminals they are supposed to chase away.  It's as effective as a rock that wards off tigers.

Ergo, it's funny (read ironic) that the liberal retards think that criminals will pay attention to these zones, and tragic that a little girl had to suffer as a result.
2014-01-18 05:13:35 PM  
1 vote:

Zul the Magnificent: iheartscotch: Huh; I'd have figured that, legally speaking, letting children leave the safety of the school to go outside had went the way of the dodo sometime in the late 90's or early 2000's. What if one of them were to get struck by lightning or trampled by a herd of rhinoceroses?


I was debating that very question myself. Is the plural for rhinoceros the same word, like sheep? Or is it Rhinoceri? Or is it Rhinoceroses? Or do we need to put some letter E's in there, like geese.

/ or should we just leave it at Rhino; the plural being Rhinos
2014-01-18 05:07:33 PM  
1 vote:
Uh Subby? Not sure if you missed the memo, but Fox News has asked that everyone stop talking about Chicago gun violence after it was determined the per capital murder rate was below 40 other cities. The 2013 numbers are the lowest since 1965. If you keep bringing these numbers up it might lead you to the false conclusion that gun control works. So please subby, shut up.
2014-01-18 05:06:43 PM  
1 vote:
But let's face it: the need to run from gang violence in Chicago is *why* PE training is being reinstituted.

/lower birthrates, they can't afford to lose as many kids as they used to. Lose Congressional seats that way, and we can't have that. The bought rich need job security too.
2014-01-18 05:04:49 PM  
1 vote:
Huh; I'd have figured that, legally speaking, letting children leave the safety of the school to go outside had went the way of the dodo sometime in the late 90's or early 2000's. What if one of them were to get struck by lightning or trampled by a herd of rhinoceroses?
2014-01-18 05:03:10 PM  
1 vote:
So now they can run from the gang violence while trapped in a school yard. That's so much better.
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