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(   Man recovering from minor butt-shrapnel after cell phone explodes while he was sleeping   ( divider line
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7912 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jan 2004 at 10:22 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-27 10:24:55 PM  
Phone up ass syndrome?
2004-01-27 10:24:56 PM  
2004-01-27 10:25:55 PM  
thats farking awesome.
2004-01-27 10:25:56 PM  
I assume that's because it was just a stupid 3rd world cellphone.
2004-01-27 10:26:24 PM  
Ouch, that hurts, only by a second! Why did I have the preview box clicked, I could have made it!

/bows to CB
2004-01-27 10:26:41 PM  
Sounds like a hit gone wrong.
2004-01-27 10:27:08 PM  
Teddy bears are safer. I have never heard of anyone being injured by their teddy bear exploding while they sleep. There is the added bonus that nobody can contact you through your teddy bear, except maybe Chucky.
2004-01-27 10:27:18 PM  
That's what I call 'rollover'!
2004-01-27 10:29:10 PM  
booty call?
2004-01-27 10:29:13 PM  
Well thats hilarious, imagine if he was using it when it blew up ,

he should count his blessings
2004-01-27 10:30:19 PM  
"Can you hear me now, biatch?"
2004-01-27 10:30:40 PM  
Now imagine if he had it in his front pocket...
2004-01-27 10:32:20 PM  
"The explosion scalded my buttocks".....

was the phone in the crack of his ass ?
2004-01-27 10:32:39 PM  
Cingular? - He calls it his "wreck my rectum" plan.
2004-01-27 10:32:52 PM  
There's been several stories within the last week or so about exploding cell phones. Anyone know if there's a new type of battery or charging system being put out there?
I know twice I've read something about the batteries venting to let out super-heated gases.

/conspiracy theorist
2004-01-27 10:33:27 PM  
Sprint? - You hear me now you @ss?
2004-01-27 10:34:31 PM  
rectum ! damn near killed him...
2004-01-27 10:34:44 PM  
Anyone know what phone this was? My ass is hurting.
2004-01-27 10:36:35 PM  
I've heard Li-Ion batteries can go into a chain reaction if they get too hot; like being left in your car on a hot summer day, etc...
2004-01-27 10:39:01 PM  
MAN! I HATE it when that happens!
2004-01-27 10:39:10 PM  
It would be nice to know what kind of phone this is. I keep mine in my front pocket...
2004-01-27 10:39:34 PM  
You know, it really burns my ass when things like this happen to me.
2004-01-27 10:40:57 PM  
"Uh, yes officer - these scald marks on my buttocks were caused by my cell phone, yes sirree!"

/a likely story....
2004-01-27 10:41:55 PM  
pity it didn't blow his head off while he was driving. how perfect would that be? except for the part where his car then goes out of control and crushes someone. that would be wrong.

/never mind.
2004-01-27 10:47:23 PM  
Butt-shrapnel, I just like saying it. Butt-shrapnel.
2004-01-27 10:52:17 PM  
phone was on ultra vibrate explosion mode..... by the way "can you hear me now" is verizons slogan, not sprints.
2004-01-27 10:54:42 PM  
It was was on vibrate mode and he was using it as a buttplug while kitten-killing. The phone exploded because he called himself just once too often.
2004-01-27 10:54:47 PM  
2004-01-27 10:59:12 PM  
The phone isn't the problem - it's the unofficial battery.

Not one case of exploding phone has ever been linked to the phone itself, but because the victim bought a cheapo battery.
2004-01-27 11:00:53 PM  
2004-01-27 11:02:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"It was a million to one shot, Doc. Million to one."
2004-01-27 11:08:17 PM  
Proctologist calling.
2004-01-27 11:09:50 PM  
Notice the article says he had just bought a new battery for his cell phone. What kind of phone does the guy have that he's buying another battery?

Nobody needs to replace their phone battery, and Malaysia isn't a backwards place where people would be using phones from 5 or 6 years ago. My last phone (an old Nokia 8260) was 3 years old and the original battery would still hold a charge for 5-7 days.
2004-01-27 11:10:03 PM  
The battery vented gas which caused him to vent gas which caused a chain reaction which caused the battery to blow up which caused me to write this stupid post.
2004-01-27 11:16:36 PM  
It was a counterfeit battery, undoubtedly. In a place like malaysia (and other 3rd world markets) they are very common.

Li-Ion batteries contain alot of energy, and if they were to short circuit they overheat and explode like this in some cases.

Because of this, responsible battery makers include circuitry that detects short circuits and prevent the battery from causing serious damage.

Counterfeit battery producers however skip the circuitry to save a few cents. They may also have inferior or unstable chemical formulas.

So the next time you're in the third world...don't buy a cell phone battery from some toothless guy in a market for $2.
2004-01-27 11:16:51 PM  
How exactly does this happen? Does the battery overheat or something?
2004-01-27 11:20:46 PM  
Also, these cheap ass batteries are often of poor build quality which makes short circuits internally much more likely.

That combined with lack of protection circuitry and often unstable chemical formulas (stability = more ingredients = costs a few cents more) leads to explosion.

I call them counterfeit because these guys typically stamp the brand names like "Nokia" or "Nikon" (this is common with camera batteries too) on them and try and make them look as authentic as possible on the outside. Of course, they actually have nothing to do with nikon or nokia.
2004-01-27 11:25:31 PM  
butt shrapnel - two words i never thought i'd hear together, but GOD DAMN THAT'S FUNNY!

p0st3r r0x0rs w00t!
2004-01-27 11:27:26 PM  
i wish a cello would blow up in my ass
2004-01-27 11:27:35 PM  
nacho - but together, nickel metal hydride batteries, and Lithium Ion batteries contain no chemicals that would spontaneously combust - otherwise you'd have a battery that lasted all of 5 seconds and melted your phone. so, either that's true, or he tried his new hydrogen fuel cell battery and accidently let some extra methane escape during his sleep...
2004-01-27 11:32:14 PM  
If someone read that headline 20 years ago they'd either shoot themselves or kill the guy who created cell phones.
2004-01-27 11:47:56 PM  
my buttocks... shot then scolded... dayum jenny.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-27 11:53:48 PM  
If someone read that headline 20 years ago they'd either shoot themselves

why would they shoot themselves?
2004-01-27 11:55:33 PM  
If you go through the archives at there are a few articles about counterfeit Nokia batteries exploding, and why.

nacho - but together, nickel metal hydride batteries, and Lithium Ion batteries contain no chemicals that would spontaneously combust

Short circuit. Reread.
2004-01-27 11:56:55 PM  
Better headline: beat by yet again. Drew surrenders

(all in good fun, please don't banninate me)
2004-01-27 11:56:56 PM  
Undocumented feature.
2004-01-28 12:21:35 AM  
Gotta feel sorry for anyone who injures the buttocks... you never realize how much time you spend sitting on that particular part of your body till you get yourself a good case of the butt-shrapnels...
2004-01-28 01:59:05 AM  
Like previous posters have noted, the far East is notorious for selling counterfit cell batteries.

During a previous tour through Korea, Singapore, and other areas I almost purchased one for myself until someone I was traveling with told me they were not the genuine article.

That may also explain the X-Box and Playstation games going for about 3 bucks each...
2004-01-28 08:21:52 AM  
Great. I have a sh*tty third world battery.

Thank god for leather purses.
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