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(SFGate)   Silicon Valley's arsonist/sex offender looks exactly like you would expect him to   ( divider line
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2014-01-16 11:35:58 PM  

JuggleGeek: Assuming they have the right guy, I hope he's never free again.

But it does make me nervous that they don't seem to have any actual evidence.  I think they should have watched him a bit longer and made sure they had a good solid case.

Other than "He looks like the type and he started some fires before", they don't seem to have much of a case.  Presumably they had a warrant, but doesn't that warrant require some evidence? And when they  broke into his house, what did they find as evidence?  Someone above said "fire starting equipment".  Does that mean he owned a cigarette lighter?  A box of matches?  Did he have a gas can sitting next to his lawn mower?  Was his BBQ grill hooked up to a propane tank?  There are a lot of us who "have fire starting equipment", but I'm not sure that's convincing evidence that we are arsonists.

I find it easy to believe that he's the right guy, and if he is, I don't want him walking free.  But he may well go free because they seemed to have jumped the gun on the "break into his house and then arrest him" stuff.

Lot of good points.
2014-01-16 11:40:59 PM  
rack.2.mshcdn.comView Full Size
2014-01-16 11:49:01 PM  

Fart_Machine: [ image 385x240]

He's a firestarter.  Terrific firestarter.


At least have the decency to link to the video
2014-01-16 11:52:09 PM  

mcnguyen: Article fails to mention what actual evidence they have on the guy.  It says they followed him for 2 days, the raided his house.  What did they find?

I'm no expert, but from what I know from watching hours, and hours, and hours of The Justice Files back when Discovery Channel sucked less, they can actually chemically match propellant, match edges of torn kindling material, get DNA and fingerprints off of cigarettes used as time delay devices, etc.

He's also been in prison for arson before, so there's that. He probably has quite a detailed profile.

And since he's a combo sex offender/arsonist, he probably left semen somewhere near the crime scene.
2014-01-16 11:55:12 PM  
How many sex fires has he started?
2014-01-17 12:13:36 AM  
Burning Man?
2014-01-17 12:21:06 AM  

Phil Moskowitz: How many sex fires has he started?

Fire at the disco!
2014-01-17 12:21:29 AM  
At one point in time in my life I worked at a federal penitentiary that was a SOMP yard, basically a place where all the rapists, child molesters and gang dropouts went to walk around in daylight with no fear of getting shanked, lol matter of fact if an inmate with no sexual crimes in their jacket and or wasn't a dropout  happened to hit the yard they were getting shanked by the child molesters. Anyway after working there I swear all child molesters have a certain look to them and bugs the shiat out of me when I'm in public and I see that look, makes me wonder if I was in a different profession if I would go do some snooping to make sure there were no kids locked up in a basement like the one Geoffrey Portway  had set up.
2014-01-17 12:31:12 AM  
happynicetimepeople.comView Full Size

2014-01-17 01:23:07 AM  
Adams Lanza's Dad if I ever saw him.
2014-01-17 01:26:44 AM  

o'really: Mimic_Octopus: ftfa: They didn't see him start any fires by Wednesday, when they raided his home.

So, uhhh, how the fark did they have cause to raid hios home then ?>

They searched the arsonist database and matched him with surveillance camera pictures. All the fires were within a few blocks of his trailer home.

Found fire starting equip in his house.

www4.images.coolspotters.comView Full Size

What fire-starting equipment may look like

2014-01-17 01:51:22 AM  

TinyFist: phantomerick: Looks just like a Democrat.

My goodness your intellect is entrancing, I don't think I've ever been more turned on in my life than I am right now having read that comment. I'm just... just... OH GOD YES!!!! Unnnffffff!!!!!


Oh, oh, thank you,  phantomerick!!! Call me!

I think he just got lost trying to find the Yahoo comment threads.
2014-01-17 03:08:09 AM  
In one of the videos, he is pretty clearly using his phone for something or other.  Since it was the middle of the goddamn night, it isn't much of a stretch to believe that the SJPD was able to drastically narrow down their suspect list by pulling cell tower logs.  Combine that with the location and the previous arson convictions and a search warrant shouldn't be that hard to get.

I'd also guess that the PD doesn't exactly want to remind dumbass criminals that this is a possibility and so didn't mention it in their press release.
2014-01-17 05:25:51 AM  
i80.photobucket.comView Full Size

It is by will alone I set my disturbed mind in motion.
2014-01-17 06:46:28 AM  

Satisfied! Bumpity bump!
2014-01-17 07:02:24 AM  
Actually, I think of ALL Silicon Valley types as looking like sex offenders, amiriteladies?
2014-01-17 10:11:16 AM  
Wandering Earl?

wanderingearl.comView Full Size
2014-01-17 05:46:42 PM  
Stanley spudowski?
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