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(WESH Orlando)   Possible plea expected in hammer beating death. I expect it to be something to the effect of, "OUCH STOP HITTING ME WITH A HAMMER PLEASE"   ( divider line
    More: Florida, hammer beating, plea expected, Bradley Suntich, Tyler McClain, State Attorney R.J. Larizza, hammers, deaths, adverse effect  
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2014-01-16 02:42:31 PM  
Complete with neck and teardrop tats.
2014-01-16 02:44:00 PM  
Please, Hammer, don't hurt 'em!
2014-01-16 03:39:38 PM  
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2014-01-16 04:28:14 PM  
In before how Lincoln really died.
2014-01-16 04:29:01 PM  
Too legit?
2014-01-16 04:29:55 PM  

zulius: Too legit?

Too legit to acquit!
2014-01-16 04:32:12 PM  
"Your honor, may I respectfully point out that when all you have is a hammer, everything begins to resemble a nail. Having said that, may I request a ten penny recess?"

/hey! the judge has a hammer! why can't everybody in court have a hammer?
2014-01-16 04:32:45 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

The cops used a hammer?
2014-01-16 04:34:49 PM  

Theaetetus: Please, Hammer, don't hurt 'em!

Dammit!  I came here to post this!

Oh well, I'll just post this instead.

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2014-01-16 04:36:09 PM  
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2014-01-16 04:48:07 PM  
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2014-01-16 04:48:46 PM  
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2014-01-16 04:49:45 PM  
"He has to live with this every day. I just pray for God to have his protection on where he is going, and I ask that one day the Hill family will be able to forgive him, and be able to look at him, and understand that he is also our son and he does matter to us too," said McClain's stepfather, Jeromie Peper.

/Hmm, he has to live every day? Thats more than i can say for the lady he and his scumbag buddy beat to death with a hammer while robbing them of drugs. I can understand your pain, as it's embarrassing to have such a worthless piece of shiat as a son, who is a drug abuser, and now, a murderer. And as much as "he is sorry now", that plea is a bit late. He beat a woman to death with a farking hammer, and anyone with half a brain would understand that doing something like that, might actually KILL someone. There is really nothing you can say, that will make people feel sorry for you, beyond that your son is a worthless asshole, with no social value at all, but rather, he is a detriment. Sorry your son turned out this way, but don't expect me to shed tears, or pray for him to your invisible sky wizard.
2014-01-16 04:55:41 PM  
Must have wandered into the "Getting Hit on the Head" lessons.

Thought it was Complaints.

"YOU want to complain ... look at these shoes ... I've only had them three weeks and the heels are worn right through... If you complain nothing happens ... you might just as well not bother. My back hurts and I'm sick of this office..."
2014-01-16 05:06:30 PM  

neversubmit: The cops used a hammer?

They don't have to use hammers, they have batons, duh. And paid vacations.
2014-01-16 05:11:13 PM  
2014-01-16 05:22:51 PM  
Damnit, Thor! Knock it off!
2014-01-16 05:26:17 PM  
2014-01-16 05:28:20 PM  
technoclips.ruView Full Size
2014-01-16 05:30:08 PM  
Mister Buttons:

Hah! I'm just re-playing that in Japanese now, having heard that the English translation was rushed and incomplete (not to mention: bowdlerised and altered). I'll report back with the proper translation when I get there.
2014-01-16 05:32:45 PM  
Was it Peter Sutcliffe?
2014-01-16 05:35:04 PM  
Peter Gabriel approves of his methods
2014-01-16 05:40:05 PM  
From the guy beaten to death with a hammer? 'Cause that would be awesome for a guy who was dead.
2014-01-16 05:53:18 PM  
Hammer killings are on the rise.  Must be the METH.   Maybe this farker can plead guilty too. 20 131218
2014-01-16 06:56:09 PM  

Four Horsemen of the Domestic Dispute: Hammer killings are on the rise.  Must be the METH.   Maybe this farker can plead guilty too. 20 131218

Well you are more likely to be beaten to death with a blount object than you are to be killed by a long gun.

When are we gonna grow up as a nation and have a serious discussion about blount object control. Who actually needs a high capacity hammer that can strike time after time without needing to be reloaded.
2014-01-16 07:16:09 PM  
2014-01-16 07:18:48 PM  

LewDux: [ image 400x267]

That picture makes me want to get high.
2014-01-16 07:55:05 PM  
ilarge.listal.comView Full Size

2014-01-16 08:08:50 PM  
"I'm sorry duuuude, sorry.....Dad.... help me.... Daddy"
2014-01-16 08:16:41 PM  
hikkyz.netView Full Size
2014-01-16 08:47:18 PM  
Was the hammer silver?

/Maxwell's silver hammer
2014-01-16 09:47:25 PM  
Mister Buttons:

Came for the how Lincoln really died reference, never expected the bonus Xenogears reference. Leaving extra satisfied.
2014-01-16 11:09:39 PM  
There's a reason the Middle East still uses stoning.

Cases like this? You can start to see the light.
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