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(South Jersey Courier-Post)   NJ courts declare all parents from '80s and earlier were child abusers   ( divider line 103
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2014-01-16 08:52:27 AM  

soakitincider: being a parent in new jersey is bad enough.

2014-01-16 04:38:50 PM  

Belias: SheltemDragon: There is no indication that this was a remote start vehicle and there is a high probability that your assumption of no key in the ignition is wrong.

Which is more likely?

A) It was remote ignition


B) The woman drives around with two sets of keys, AND her car allows for the doors to be locked from the outside while the keys are in the ignition.

C) She left the key in the ignition and has a key fob to unlock the doors.

We really don't have enough info to know if we should be outraged or not. But here we are.

/ I suppose that makes me a square if I automatically assumed that there was more reason then was presented.
// Hmmmmm.
2014-01-16 08:19:11 PM  

C) She left the key in the ignition and has a key fob to unlock the doors.

Don't forget that with C, the car would have to be set up to allow the key fob to lock the doors while the key is in the ignition.  From my experience, that's not common.

Why jump to the harsh conclusion?  Remote start is very common these days.  Of the four of the vehicles bought by my family in the last five years, three of them have remote start. These are not BMWs/Mercedes. They're Ford, Honda, and Subaru.

Again, where do we draw the line for this kind of case?  How about getting out of the car to pump gas (clearly engine off in that case)?  Paying for gas at the stand a few car lengths away?  Entering a station in full view of your car?  Etc, etc.

Children are left in their cribs (gasp, alone!) while parents work outside - by some measures a more dangerous situation than this.

As much as we like to think of them as fragile little snowflakes, kids are fairly resilient. They (as a rule) do not spontaneously drop dead in their car seats.  Don't we as a society have better things to do than prosecute good parents who made a choice differently than we may have?
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