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2014-01-15 10:15:43 AM
9 votes:
2014-01-15 10:14:35 AM
5 votes:
Suck it, Trebek
2014-01-15 10:18:00 AM
4 votes:
All new web addresses registered in the UK will be screened for terms that signal or encourage serious sexual offences.
Nominet, the organisation that oversees all the UK's web addresses, said all domain names will be checked within 48 hours of registration.
If an address is found to contain a prohibited term it will be suspended or de-registered.

So, you're saying that we need to start using website names as slang for serious sexual offenses? Like when those Stubenville guys totally binged that chick? Or the priests who yahoo choirboys in the reddit?

2014-01-15 10:20:39 AM
3 votes:
2014-01-15 10:47:10 AM
2 votes:

FrancoFile: [www.panelsonpages.com image 640x480]

I came for this.

And also, looking to see if someone posted that image is why I entered the thread.
2014-01-15 10:35:07 AM
2 votes:

CleanAndPure: Here in US expertsexchange.com always made me giggle.

Well you wouldn't want an amateur one!
2014-01-15 10:35:06 AM
2 votes:

CleanAndPure: Here in US expertsexchange.com always made me giggle.

Is that because you could just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see solutions without signing up?
2014-01-15 10:24:03 AM
2 votes:
Did childrensexchange.com ever register in the UK?
2014-01-15 10:26:43 PM
1 votes:

NDP2: booger42: How about yourmomsawhore.co.uk?


I see whorepresents.com is still around.

I was promised presents, dammit!
2014-01-15 12:30:28 PM
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The rapist is in.

2014-01-15 10:37:46 AM
1 votes:
Oh this is good... did a google some good ones listed here:

http://mistupid.com/people/page081.ht m
2014-01-15 10:28:11 AM
1 votes:
Why just sex-related crimes? Does the UK encourage non sex-related crimes?
2014-01-15 10:23:39 AM
1 votes:
How about yourmomsawhore.co.uk?

2014-01-15 10:22:48 AM
1 votes:
grapeherhard.co.uk is also out of luck.
2014-01-15 10:19:26 AM
1 votes:
Oh no! PenIsland.com will disappear!
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