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(Irish Independent)   80,000 Irish people are so fat they need operations. Thanks O'Bama   ( divider line
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4070 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jan 2014 at 7:05 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-01-13 12:29:14 AM  
They should have those done by about 3015 if the HSE is involved.
2014-01-13 07:06:38 AM  
Where is the potato famine when you need it.
2014-01-13 07:11:20 AM  
That's what being drunk all the time gets ya.
2014-01-13 07:15:58 AM  
They don't "need" surgery. They need to stop being fatasses.
2014-01-13 07:19:32 AM  
2014-01-13 07:20:46 AM  
We have many more than that usa usa usa
2014-01-13 07:26:19 AM  

wombatsrus: How awful (may be NFSW, based on your work)

Appearance upgraded by photo editing to remove "chicken skin", arms would flap-slap you to death, massive thighs won't allow for a pleasurable 69, breasts are more like sacks of melted fat mixed with water, face will expand and jiggle during pounding sessions.

Knees too round.
2014-01-13 07:28:21 AM  
If only there was one weird trick that could help them lose weight...
2014-01-13 07:29:29 AM  

Oldiron_79: We have many more than that usa usa usa

thewashingtonfancy.comView Full Size
2014-01-13 07:30:17 AM  

wombatsrus: How awful (may be NFSW, based on your work)

who is this woman, and where can I see more pictures of her?

2014-01-13 07:32:36 AM  

wombatsrus: How awful (may be NFSW, based on your work)

Keep your sick, twisted, media-fed body image issues to yourself!

Tired of all this pressure to maintain my hot, fat body.

The woman in that photo really is damned hot tho.
2014-01-13 07:35:29 AM  
Well, if they have 80000 people and one of the two hospitals does 40 procedures each year, then that problem should be solved, well, never.
2014-01-13 07:40:49 AM  
An estimated 2pc of the population have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 40

Fark experts have assured me that all of those people are super-ripped power lifters.
2014-01-13 07:45:35 AM  
lh3.googleusercontent.comView Full Size

WTF is this guys problem?
2014-01-13 07:56:54 AM  
Everybody got blubber for the soon to come ice age, good!
2014-01-13 08:01:29 AM  
Because "80,000 Irish people need to change their eating habits and start exercising" just isn't as catchy.
2014-01-13 08:04:49 AM  
The Irish gov should stop toadying to the food & drinks industry and slap some levies on certain items. They were talking about shoving it a few years back, sticking minimum price on alcohol and a tax on carbonated sugar drinks but they chickened out.
2014-01-13 08:22:47 AM  
Good headline, Subby.  Very clever.
2014-01-13 08:39:05 AM  

Tomahawk513: Good headline, Subby.  Very clever.

Seconded.  Good grin on a gloomy Monday.
2014-01-13 08:57:00 AM  
Judging by that picture, I'd say they were all below average in comparison to US Midwesterners.
2014-01-13 09:02:18 AM  
Good try, Ireland, but that's two orders of magnitude lower than the population of London. Who's bloated carcasses will frosty Londoner's slice open and climb into when the next Polar Voltron hits? C'mon, do your part for Mother England.
2014-01-13 09:04:50 AM  
I was hoping for more of those silly 'Thanks Obama' GIF's in this thread.

//I'd look some up myself, but that would take the fun out of seeing new ones here for the first time.
2014-01-13 10:21:04 AM  
Maybe they should install this in more places?

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-01-13 10:51:44 AM  

SoupJohnB: Tomahawk513: Good headline, Subby.  Very clever.

Seconded.  Good grin on a gloomy Monday.

Glad to be of help.



jojostan: [ image 500x426]
WTF is this guys problem?

2014-01-13 12:37:03 PM  
We all need to show a little more sensitivity, saying, "Thanks Obama" is racist.
img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-01-13 04:00:47 PM  
Clearly the only treatment is surgery.
2014-01-13 07:13:16 PM  
Two Words.....Guinness Light
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