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(   Here's the story of the man who saved Hitler's life in WWI. And you thought YOU had regrets   ( divider line
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2014-01-11 11:52:33 AM  
Time travel interference never ends well. See 11/22/63. Also I read some good time travel book awhile back where one of the characters thinks she is going to keep the Titanic from sinking but her bump of the controls is actually what steers it to the iceberg or something.
2014-01-11 11:58:26 AM  

Valiente: XMark: If this soldier had killed Hitler instead of sparing him, then someone else probably would have risen to power and more or less done the same thing. Maybe someone even more competent. You never know.

Stephen Fry concurs:

Imagine National Socialism with a leash kept on its anti-Semitism. Nazi Germany keeping a few million happy Jewish stormtroopers plus several hundred advanced physics professors would have likely led to a German victory via a German atomic bomb.

Sure, there's other reasons Hitler lost: he was a crappy, wasteful general, he ceased attacking the RAF in the Battle of Britain because Berlin got lightly bombed, and, of course, that whole Russian mistake. But the number of things he could have done right to win all of Europe is actually quite short. The Allied won because Hitler pooched himself by being Hitler. A more competent Nazi leader might not have made the same horrendous mistakes and might have let the German armies do their job at which they were very, very good.

Read this for an idea of how close Britain came to surrendering to Germany in 1940:

Even if you could kill every single NAZI germany would have just turned communist and invaded France and UK with the USSR.
2014-01-11 12:08:28 PM  

freewill: TeddyRooseveltsMustache: Hitler was a nobody back then, and this guy wasn't psychic so no harm done on his part.

While I agree, getting the call that Hitler mentioned you personally in a meeting and asked that your Prime Minister pass along his gratitude and best wishes for making all of this possible has to leave a bit of a mark.

Fair point.
2014-01-11 12:11:56 PM  
The more I hear about this Hitler guy, the more I .. what? .. they called him a gay-boy?

Oh .. well .. never mind.
2014-01-11 12:25:48 PM  

GungFu: ThrobblefootSpectre: mome23: Yup. That's why time travelers are not allowed to kill him. Do you know how much work it was to change history so Rommel didn't end up in charge? Or to make sure that Heydrich caught a bomb in Prague?
As horrific as the toll was, it could have been worse. And was, in some possible timelines.

[ image 452x300]
"Adolph Heetlah?"


- "Come wiv me if you vant to live, Herr Hitler. Ich bin eine Australian."

And he came out of a Nazi's cock.
2014-01-11 01:46:57 PM  
rogue49: Have you ever though some good came to the world by having to fight WWII?
Different global dynamic
Certain nations gained
Certain nations fell
Certain nations were reborn better (sooner or later)
People came back from war...and had babies.
and so on...

Good people live...and carry on to influence for good...others do evil in their name.
Bad people live...and carry on to destroy much...but others do good despite it.

It's all relative.
How about you just worry about yourself here and now. Try your best.
And if true...this is what this man did.

This.  The idea of killing Hitler (assuming it was possible) is idiotic.  Much of everything that we know in today's world can be traced back to World War II, the defeat of Fascism, resulting rise and fall of the cold war, the collapse of colonial empires, globalism.  Even taking something like our current level of technology is due to aspects of the cold war, us taking German scientists and let's throw in the fact of the US postwar economic boom...Some aspects of the above you may not like, but where would this alternate world be where we didn't fight Hitler's Germany?
2014-01-11 01:52:36 PM  
Ok, so what, he let Hitler live, and millions died?  And so some "blame" him?
How the hell can you assume that?  What if Hitler had died?  With the stupidity of the League of Nations, and the hellish restrictions they placed on Germany, with the unemployment, poverty, etc...SOMEONE
would have risen to do what Hitler did, and, if they weren't the NUT JOB that he was, and had listened
to his generals, WW2 may have been different!  Thank god that the nut Hitler lived, he may have
spared the entire world from being under the Nazi flag!

I always wanted to develop a computer game called "What if".  Program all the variables of history, from past to present.  Then go in and change one thing, sort of a butterfly effect.  Then run the program and
see what might have changed.  Say the archduke of Austria had not been assassinated.  Would ww1 had begun?  If there was no WW1, would the strive of Germany, lead us to WW2?  And if there were no WW2, would the iron curtain have fallen over eastern Europe?  What if Pearl Harbor never happened, what if JFK had not been shot?  Would the USA had been involved in VietNam?  The possibilities are endless.
2014-01-11 02:33:17 PM  
So at some point, probably already passed, the technological advances made during WWII because of Hilter have saved more lives than he killed. So shouldn't he eventually be considered a hero?
2014-01-11 02:45:12 PM  

Omahawg: Barry Lyndon's Annuity Cheque: fusillade762: "But if I'd only known who he would turn out to be... I'd give 10 years now to have five minutes of clairvoyance then."

Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip.

The implications of his statement are pretty chilling. He wishes he had murdered a wounded soldier in cold blood.

I have on pretty good authority so did many americans after they liberated belsen. no more prisoners. nein.

Random German soldiers wouldn't have known about concentration camps.

They knew that the Jews were gone, but according to German propaganda, they were alive in some sort of holiday camp.
2014-01-11 08:50:10 PM  
Presuming Hitler dies in WWI...

-Depression still starts on schedule
-Germany still has a lot of "stab in the back" myth about the end of the war
-Communist threat still taken very seriously by local authorities especially post-Spartacus riot
-Fascists still moving towards power on example of Mussolini but will not be as strong due to lack of Beer Hall Putsch

If memory serves, Hitler was member #7 of the German Worker's Party that later became the National Socialist German Worker's Party (the term Nazi comes from parts of the German descriptive).  He was sent in a military capacity to investigate some of these smaller parties and built a lot of the apparatus form the ground up based on his charisma.  The Nazi party itself will likely never rise, but the personalities which made possible the nightmare of Germany are still present.  I could see a military dictatorship arise from the fallout after Hindenburg's death in 1934 with a civilian show government under Von Papen.  But Hitler was the one who pushed hard for a lot of the aggressive moves against the West, testing the waters and seeing how London and Paris would react.  From the Saar in 1935 to Memel in 1939 he kept pushing, enough so that even his own commanders thought to over throw him should there be reaction from the West.  There simply was not any reaction to speak of.  A more cautious leader with war in mind would need more time to build up and prepare for such a conflict, and the technology with which such a war would be fought and its duration would be even more devastating.  But there is a strong possibility that Germany would simply recover more slowly as would the rest of the world, giving Europe more time and a greater chance to fall prey to locally-grown Communists and creating a Red Scare of the 1950s a few years earlier.  The Commonwealth (of former Poland-Lithuania) would have a few more million people in it and large parts of central Europe would have many more historic buildings in them today.  And our technological achievements along with key infrastructure would probably be very different today.

Also, Hitler's invasion of England could still fail but alter the war dramatically.  If Germany learns the extent of the British penetration of their code systems their response will be much stronger, especially as Ultra probably shortened the war by 2-5 years.  Many in America might think twice about supporting the UK depending on how the invasion unfolds.  Discovery of how key the radar Home Chain turns out to be might make it a priority for future attacks.  And destruction of what few aircraft Britain has left might make it even more vulnerable for a few months to wide open German bombing campaigns.

Removing England in 1940 or 1941 entirely also has much larger of an effect on Russia.  Murmansk would closed to Allied shipping, the British fleet will have to find friendly ports elsewhere, Ireland will be pressured into joining Germany somehow to prevent its use as an Allied base, and German industry would be much safer from bombing runs.  Canada would become the new HQ for the British forces while a Fascist state would be set up in Britain proper.  This puts German units much closer to US soil and makes Iceland along with Greenland, now US possessions in 1940, tempting targets in the near future.  This gives them more production, especially in the later parts of the war, and possibly enough time to get their synthetic fuel plants up and running.  Spain might also be convinced to join the war at that point and Germany likely gets a surface fleet of some sort by taking whatever ships it can along with random technologies.

In short without Hitler the chances of a second world war do exist but are probably going to take longer to start and would involve more advanced technologies from the outset.  If it had to happen, the fact that Germany lost and was shattered probably did more to quell the tendencies of fascism for a few generations than leaving unanswered questions or more patient leaders might have done.  A Europe united under Heydrich would be a frightening prospect and Germany had other capable figures who might have been able to do far worse.
2014-01-11 09:38:51 PM  
I wonder how many Farkers have ever bothered tooinvestigate WWII in any sort of depth.  Judging by the average response here it is safe to assume the brainwashing of the west has been highly successful.
2014-01-11 10:49:53 PM  
My great great grandfather saved Mussolini from drowning in WWI.


/true story
2014-01-12 12:39:33 AM  
"Free to become the most reviled dictator and mass murderer of all time."

Yo author, Ima let you finish but Stalin was the most reviled dictator and mass murderer of all time.

Yo author, Ima let you finish but Mao Zedong was the most reviled dictator and mass murderer of all time.
2014-01-12 06:44:23 AM  

fusillade762: "But if I'd only known who he would turn out to be... I'd give 10 years now to have five minutes of clairvoyance then."

Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip.

Not even close I'd kill George Lucas some time after Indiana Jones and the last Crusade but before the 97 re-release of Starwars trilogy with godawful changes. Yeah Yeah Patton Oswalt came up with it first.
2014-01-12 07:36:24 AM  

Gyrfalcon: Yeah, I dunno....Hitler turned out to be a pretty good enemy, in terms of fighting the war. Suppose someone SANE had been at the helm of Nazi Germany? No stop-order at Dunkirk would have made all the difference between winning and losing for the Allies.

Exactly. The situation that Germany was in at the end of the war, someone would have emerged, and perhaps this person might have been capable of running a war.
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