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(NPR)   Australia and Brazil are suffering through a major heatwa-AWWWWW BABY BATS WRAPPED UP LIKE BURRITOS AND DRINKING MILK OUT OF TINY LITTLE BABY BOTTLES   ( divider line
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2014-01-10 02:10:25 PM  
A small portion of the U.S.A. is cold therefore the whole world is cooling.
2014-01-10 02:29:22 PM  

fusillade762: Wonder what kind of milk they're feeding them. Milking a bat can't be easy.
2014-01-10 03:23:12 PM  
Aerosolization of bat urine.

Spelunking . What is it good for?
2014-01-10 04:10:08 PM  

wraith95: ladyfortuna: wraith95: Omahawg: all the bats here went rabid and seem to have died off. sad. I miss watching their crazy bug swooping antics in the streetlights.

They actually probably got white nose syndrome. It's been spreading westward. Confirmed in jackson county missouri last year.

Two bats got in my house on consecutive nights two summers ago, and while I managed to get the first one out without incident, I felt awful when my cat killed the next one. I was kind of shocked we had that many show up at all. The only good news was the bat wasn't rabid and my cat didn't have to go into quarantine...

/oh yeah and there was a third 'night of the bat' the following weekend
//don't put solar lights anywhere near a hole in your foundation...

Heh, I get about 4 or 5 bats a year in my place, built in 1917. I net them and take them outside. It doesn't take too much effort to avoid getting bitten, and most bats aren't rabid.

Specifically we found out we had a hole in the foundation, but what was actually attracting the bats to it was a line of solar garden lights two feet away. Basically a bat buffet in the evening. Once I moved them, no more bats, and we got the hole fixed later. With two cats that LOVE to hunt everything from spiders to, apparently, flying rodents, keeping them out was a necessity since I do not want to screw around with possible rabies scares...
2014-01-10 05:11:17 PM  

AxL sANe: The Envoy: HotWingAgenda: fusillade762: Wonder what kind of milk they're feeding them. Milking a bat can't be easy.

You can milk anything with nipples.

I have nipples  HotWingAgenda. Could you milk me?

Do you have a prostate?  Then yes. In a way.

2014-01-10 05:12:58 PM  

bukijin: steerforth
Wat? Flying foxes aren't marsupials.

Yes you are right. Placental mammals. Just looked it up. Wow I've had that misconception for ages.

Maybe you were mixing them up with sugar gliders, somehow.

They're also adorable, Australian, and vaguely creepy-but-not-really.

Something about the eyes. To be honest, I prefer bats, but you can't keep bats as pets, so...
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