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(Des Moines Register)   Today's Crisis in the Midwest: The Iowa State Fair will eliminate cash sales at food vendors and make everyone use a prepaid ticket system. "Similar to theft but with funnel cakes"   ( divider line
    More: Scary, Iowa State Fair, state fair, funnel cakes, food vendors, Lyle Kreps, West Des Moines  
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2014-01-09 12:11:13 AM  

CoonAce: Came to read about the state of the art of State Fair food vending.  Funnelcakes is the only thing mentioned ... leaves disappointed.

I don't suppose you could add to the food thread... no, that would be asking too much.
2014-01-09 12:39:47 AM  

SecretAgentWoman: Funnel cakes = crack with powdered sugar.


Done in one.  Dammit those things are good.
2014-01-09 04:21:40 AM  
Yea, I saw this with "Fair St. Louis" here: 7 tickets for $10.

3 tickets for a hot dog.  5 tickets for a beer.  Just an impossible clusterfark of Prime numbers, so you have to buy multiple packs of tickets and always be left with one or two you can spend on NOTHING.

/But still go see the Butter Cow.
//The Butter Cow is AWESOME!

/Been to the Iowa State Fair.  Coors Light and Beefburgers FTW!!!
2014-01-09 01:27:47 PM  

BafflerMeal: hotdogs 10pc / pk
hotdog buns 8pc / pk

True enough. But I can stick my wieners in the freezer for later.

The wife suggests I do that to myself on occasion too...
2014-01-09 03:30:17 PM  

Ritley: The article clearly states the tickets don't expire and can be used the next year

You mean I have to go back to Iowa next year to get to use the rest of my money? I don't see how you think this matters.
2014-01-09 04:29:16 PM  

The Larch: pute kisses like a man: FrancoFile: Sybarite: How are you supposed to know in advance how much deep fried crap you can shovel down your gullet until explosive diarrhea sets in? That number can vary vastly over a lifetime.

Never fear.  There will be ticket purchase booths scattered everywhere.

Lots of wine & beer festivals do the same thing.

I'm sure there's a legal reason for this. But us there a business reason? Are sales better or worse with tickets?

I'm sure there are two very good reasons: first, state fairs are often very badly managed by people who normally would have no business running a lemonade stand much less a multi-million dollar festival. Second, this is a way to make sure that none of the vendors misrepresent their sales and cheat the the fair out of their percentage of the take.

It will almost certainly cost more and reduce overall revenue, but if the people who make the decisions about this type of thing perceive that it provides a personal advantage to themselves, it will continue.

sounds like the most accurate of explanations.

vendors misrepresent earnings so the fair makes less.  and the fair doesn't want a flat fee, because it wants high performing stands, so it must take off the top, which can only be done by taking all the cash.

because, I know for myself, ticket requirements mean I am buying less.  I have regularly withheld from purchasing something because I didn't feel like waiting in two lines.
2014-01-09 06:36:55 PM  

stewbert: Ritley: The article clearly states the tickets don't expire and can be used the next year

You mean I have to go back to Iowa next year to get to use the rest of my money? I don't see how you think this matters.

It was in response to someone who said that they would change each year to prevent counterfeit.
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