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(Tech Times)   Mom to continue making Marijuana muffins for 8-year old son   ( divider line
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7819 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Dec 2001 at 9:45 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-06 09:47:42 AM mom sucks...
2001-12-06 09:51:02 AM  
Good to know Phxtony!
2001-12-06 09:51:36 AM  
In other news, the DEA staged a commando-style raid at an elementary school bakesale... pictures at eleven.
2001-12-06 09:52:57 AM  
Shouldn't this get a Hero tag?
2001-12-06 09:53:03 AM  
lol...Rabb's favorite part o' the story:

"He developed friendships with children in the neighborhood.

yeah, I wonder why...

2001-12-06 09:54:55 AM  
Cookies just like Mom used to make, Awww
2001-12-06 09:55:38 AM  
Phxtony Why? Are you mentally disturbed and your mother wont give you pot?
2001-12-06 09:56:06 AM  
maybe she could try being a parent? most of those "dis-orders" she could do something about, but she would rather expain his behavior away......

then dope him up for the rest of the world.....

OK, world here comes another addict!
2001-12-06 09:57:05 AM  
35 years ago I just KNEW that pot would be legalized in my life-time ... I'm waiting!!!!!!
2001-12-06 09:58:13 AM  
Please, don't fark up the future more by making kids more idiotic than they already are.
2001-12-06 09:59:03 AM  
could it have been the farking crack the mother smoked while pregnant that farked this kid up?????

maybe if she took him to a real doctor not her farking welfare caseworker for diagnosis she might get somewhere......

farking hippie pot smoking WHORE....
2001-12-06 09:59:10 AM  
We never had the good brownies - Im just jealous.

As far as being mentally disturbed ... well, thats personal damn it!
2001-12-06 10:00:17 AM  
35 years ago I just KNEW that pot would be legalized in my life-time ... I'm waiting!!!!!!

get comfy, pal....... gonna be a LONG wait.
2001-12-06 10:01:18 AM  
She never heard of Flinstoned vitamins?
2001-12-06 10:01:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-06 10:02:33 AM  
Wonder if she'd be willing to adopt another son
2001-12-06 10:02:41 AM  
Nothing says lovin'.... whoah.
2001-12-06 10:02:54 AM  
Free drugs and condoms in schools! Arm the homeless!
2001-12-06 10:03:35 AM  
I think this mother is raising her child to the best of her ability.

These disorders are real and were diagnosed by several members of the medical community. Doctors are so afraid of lawsuits, that they dare not make a mis-diagnosis. The child has real problems.

The treatment she chose is non-addictive, and while it is holistic/new-age, it has produced results for her. Why she didn't choose Canibinol instead of an impure and possibly unsafe plant, I don't know - my guess is cost.

Poor kid, either way, he'll never know a "normal" life.
2001-12-06 10:04:35 AM  
I need to have a talk with my mom
2001-12-06 10:06:29 AM  
Nothing starts off the morning like a nice fresh pot muffin and a cup of coffee
2001-12-06 10:07:10 AM  
Doping the kid, huh? What the fark do you think Ritalin does to children? I say good on Mom and finally a judge tells Child Services to fark themselves. Now, HE deserves a farking HERO tag!
2001-12-06 10:07:31 AM  
Augie Ben Doggie. I am known to be very patient.
2001-12-06 10:08:23 AM  
"..attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.."

All I can say is Holy Crap!
2001-12-06 10:09:03 AM  
My bet is the kid is a little fat farker.
2001-12-06 10:09:17 AM  
I hear she trades recipies with Gen. Ashcroft
2001-12-06 10:12:21 AM  
Mom is a HERO. Cali has passed mary jane laws many times. Just to be overruled by some nazi like Ashcroft.

Shes doing the best for the kid. Who gives a damn what the fedreal bible slapping whores thing?
2001-12-06 10:14:19 AM  
a) "and all of a sudden his birthday parties complete w/ "medicinal cake" were a smash hit

b) shut the fark up Auggie. Get a life and read some real literature on marijuana.
2001-12-06 10:15:07 AM  
"mooooooom . . . them muffins are soooooo gooooood . . . i'd think i was smokin' weed or sumthin' . . ."
2001-12-06 10:19:45 AM  
Drew should consider a re-tag or vote for tag capability on some of these. Farkistan seems pretty divided on this one. I personally am with the Smokin Alliance. Those terrorists that want to keep good mothers from feeding their kids dope, well, you've already lost.
2001-12-06 10:23:28 AM  
theres somethin bout mom's muffins i tell ya.

hehe...i said muffins
2001-12-06 10:23:48 AM  
AugieBenDogie sez: "then dope him up for the rest of the world.....

OK, world here comes another addict!

Your opinion would be worth something if pot were actually addictive. It's not.
2001-12-06 10:23:54 AM  
In addition to the litany of disorders Madcharlie recounts, this kid has got to be 250 lbs -- munchies *all* the time.
2001-12-06 10:24:02 AM  
holy shiat, Augie Ben Doggie is one ignornant fark.
i bet he hasn't even smoked weed before. hahaha what a hick
2001-12-06 10:28:19 AM  
Hanky -- HA!!
Doofus -- Ritalin is awesome (recreationally) and is DEFINATELY a drug in the same sense that lsd and marijuana is, though it is chemically closer to being an analog to cocaine. So the kid may be a bit dumber than average, so what. At least he's NOT BITING ANYONE ANYMORE! Actually, I've changed my mind. Outlaw all drugs. Parents, if you can't raise your children and cure all of their illnesses with Ashcroft approved methods then you're obviously (according to at least one poster) unfit parents and you should be chemically castrated, lest you pollute the gene pool further. The republicans were right after all. How could I have been so blind? It must've been the copious quantities of lsd and mescalin.
2001-12-06 10:28:29 AM  
" there anything they CAN't do?"
2001-12-06 10:28:59 AM  
I think that if the doses are small and monitered than this could be a great alternative to is natural and they say that treatments are usually closer to you than you think....maybe this Mom has struck gold with this...a lot of children with these behavioural problems just might benifit from this...I hope the medical profession has their ears pricked with this one.
The child is obviously not neglected or mistreated or the courts would have taken him out of her care...

Hmmmm....some food for thought here.
2001-12-06 10:31:02 AM  
Oh and NOT to mention that ridalin IS addictive....
2001-12-06 10:35:29 AM  
... I want a mom like that....

Definite HERO
2001-12-06 10:38:03 AM  
Einer, what the fark do you think my point was???
What I'm saying is that Mom dosing the kids muffins with weed is no worse than feeding a child Ritalin. In the long run, it's probably better for the child.
2001-12-06 10:40:43 AM  
pot isn't addictive? WTF!?!?

it is a stepping drug..... leads to others in almost all cases... are you trying to make your own habit seem alittle bit better?

if I have smoked or not isn't the issue.... I could be or could have been a huge pot head... that doesn't change my views on some dumbfark mother doping her kid with a knowingly illegal drug......
2001-12-06 10:42:00 AM  
ritlan and pot are two entirly different things, but still BOTH are uneeded.
2001-12-06 10:44:28 AM  
as a substiitute teacher I know of about a dozen students that could benifit from this program!!!!!!!!! Of course I have also met a few in the system that are self medicating and man are they messed up. Why should our Goverment tell us what we can and can not use!!!!!!!!
2001-12-06 10:46:23 AM  
Stepping drug? Addictive? HA! I will leave your post to be shredded by those more capable of tact than I.
2001-12-06 10:50:39 AM  
Auggie Ben Doggie:
Pot is definatly not has been proven over and over for christ sakes...I do not personally smoke pot but I do know the facts on it...belive it or not a Junkie will not be and would never have been content with pot..

I would much rather see a natural substance that is non-addictive used to treat these children than all those addictive chemical crap.......

Which is the lesser evil??????

I know which one I prefer.
2001-12-06 10:50:49 AM  
"it is a stepping drug..... leads to others in almost all cases"

Yes, and Masterbation is a "Stepping Sin" and can (almost always) lead to other, more heinous sins like "impure thought" and "pre-marital sex" or "covitting thy neighbors wife"

Evil I tell you! Masterbation is PURE EVIL!
2001-12-06 10:51:35 AM  
do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man
2001-12-06 10:52:49 AM  
Augie, do some farking research. A huge study was just release from research performed in Amsterdam and the United States about how marijuana as a stepping stone drug is not as bad as once though. The results showed that other drug use came from other factors in the users life. Not because he chose to smoke some pot. mmmm....muffins.
2001-12-06 10:53:57 AM  
Isn't the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 still in effect in Cali?
2001-12-06 10:56:08 AM  
Auggie: you need a bong hit STAT.

All that crap you have been fed for years is horse shiat. Pot is far less detrimental than alcohol.

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