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2014-01-06 04:52:40 PM
2014-01-06 04:56:25 PM  
Done in one.
2014-01-06 04:56:45 PM  
2014-01-06 04:56:51 PM
2014-01-06 04:57:30 PM  
news from the future!
2014-01-06 04:57:53 PM  
Florida tag get banana'd too?
2014-01-06 04:58:02 PM  

abfalter: Done in one.

No it isn't John Cleese isn't here yet
2014-01-06 04:58:17 PM  
Banana Assault...
2014-01-06 04:58:40 PM  
Here's how you defend against a banana fiend

/imagine the horror if she had a pointed stick
2014-01-06 04:58:56 PM
2014-01-06 04:59:10 PM  
Article:  "Who would have thought that a banana could be used as a weapon. "
2014-01-06 04:59:13 PM  
Again?  Apparently, she's been assaulted a bunch.
2014-01-06 04:59:35 PM  
Damn. too slow.
2014-01-06 04:59:50 PM  
Good to know Subby finds domestic abuse funny.
2014-01-06 04:59:55 PM
2014-01-06 05:00:02 PM  
Peanut butter jelly time!
2014-01-06 05:00:04 PM  

abfalter: Done in one.


DarkSoulNoHope: Here's how you defend against a banana fiend

[ image 386x342]

/imagine the horror if she had a pointed stick

Done in 9.
2014-01-06 05:00:09 PM  
Are you happy to see me, or do you have a banana in your pocket?
2014-01-06 05:00:24 PM  
Ban assault bananas, for the children.
2014-01-06 05:00:42 PM  
::shakes tiny fist holding a tiny banana::
2014-01-06 05:00:47 PM  

Principal Clarinet: - Incident-0

I thought this sounded like a repeat.
2014-01-06 05:01:01 PM  
Was she assaulted...down there?
2014-01-06 05:01:12 PM  
She fell for the banana in the tailpipe?

/Giggity-giggity, giggity-goo
2014-01-06 05:01:32 PM  
2014-01-06 05:01:41 PM  
She wasn't falling for it in the tail pipe, so she took it to the dome.
2014-01-06 05:03:23 PM  
How about carrots?

I remember reading this story in in 1990 in the newspaper. I guess it made an impression.
2014-01-06 05:05:52 PM  
I'm in the corner with bbfreak, being unamused.
2014-01-06 05:06:52 PM  
Hey, does anybody remember that Monty Python skit? I think it had something to do with a banana used as a weapon. I think.
2014-01-06 05:06:59 PM  
If bananas are outlaws, only outlaws will have splits, and that's no good at all.
2014-01-06 05:07:16 PM  
Is there a euphemism here somewhere because I don't see it.
2014-01-06 05:09:43 PM  
Good thing she wasn't raped!
2014-01-06 05:09:56 PM  
Ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring, bananassault!
2014-01-06 05:10:00 PM
2014-01-06 05:10:33 PM  
Cucumbers and zuchini work better. Bananas just go all squish when try to get them inside her.....oh wait he threw the banana at her. Silly me.
2014-01-06 05:12:33 PM  
Do we know where Kirk Cameron was?
2014-01-06 05:12:55 PM
2014-01-06 05:13:56 PM  
I got into a fight with my brother and chucked a whole watermelon at him.  Mom was none too happy.
2014-01-06 05:14:47 PM  
What a High Capacity Banana Assault Hat may look like.
- - - - courtesy NBA
2014-01-06 05:14:58 PM  

DarkSoulNoHope: Here's how you defend against a banana fiend



How one of these wasn't first defies logic.

However, this is what I came for.
2014-01-06 05:16:12 PM  

"Just because it was a banana the police weren't going to let this one slip."
2014-01-06 05:16:28 PM  

GUTSU: Ban assault bananas, for the children.

And ban clips of more than 8 bananas. Again, for the children.

Oh yeah, and 7-day waiting periods for Plantains, too.
2014-01-06 05:20:10 PM

/Lawn. Off
2014-01-06 06:44:13 PM
2014-01-06 06:56:55 PM  

BitwiseShift: What a High Capacity Banana Assault Hat may look like.
- - - - courtesy NBA

[ image 500x333]

Secured in place with banana clips?
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