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2014-01-06 11:29:32 PM  
3 votes:

FarkQued: I'm not 100% sure of these findings but I am 100% sure that GW fear mongering is bull crap.

How? In what way?

FarkQued: First I would say observation and common sense

Okay, I have to stop you there. I see what your problem is.

Common sense is not evidence. It is not facts, it is not truth, it is not practical application. It is not beset by any physical dimensions, it has no predictive power, it is not based on any rules or laws of logic, reason or investigative inquiry, it is not prescriptive or based on any model of actual reality. In short, common sense is Colbert's truthiness taken to myopic extremes. It is not science or reason.

Common sense is completely worthless. It is a copout phrase people use to think that they are rationally deducing a solution from a set of clues, but they really aren't. What you really have is an emotional bias against the political left and you have developed a kneejerk presuppositionalist stance that all leftist issues must be politically annihilated and instead of actually doing some critical thinking you have let the "common sense" of your presuppositional logic do all the thinking for you.

Y'know, Aristotle used common sense to assert all kinds of truths, and he was wrong about nearly every single one of them.

In short: What you are doing is bluff, bluster and bullshiat. You are lying to yourself and to reality and you are using your own uninformed, ignorant assumptions define what you think is going on and then you go out and seek only those facts that validate those assumptions. That's what Creationists do.

Now, I don't really care that you do that. I just hope you realize that that's what you do.
2014-01-06 04:08:39 PM  
2 votes:
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Yeah climate change is total BS just ignore what's happening in that whole other hemisphere of the planet and how most Australia is roasting at around 120 degrees right about now.
2014-01-06 08:11:53 PM  
1 vote:

FarkQued: e lping-slow-down-global-warming--11743.html

Okay, now don't go away because I want to talk about this one. This is a very interesting study indeed, but I'm not really interested in the science, but rather you.

The big question I want answered is: Why do you trust THIS particular study, with rockhard, absolute, 100% unwavering certainty, and not any of the other studies that claim any other thing? What is it about this particular paper that makes it more valid than any other? And how did you reach that determination?

Obviously you're not a scientist. But you're a skeptic, and that's good, because science should never be taken at face value. You seem to be a smart guy, and you're not the paranoid type who rejects all science, so you do concede at some level to experts who study these things at a far greater extent than you do. Now, what methodology do you use to decide which science is correct and which isn't? To the layman, it's technically all believable, because they don't have the understanding to make a qualified judgment (and neither do you, and neither do I for that matter). So which do you choose is right or wrong? And are you aware of your inherent bias in accepting the flimsiest of things as true because you want them to be and rejecting dead solid data as false because it doesn't fit your preconceived prejudices?

And if you don't think you do that, then by all means divulge: How do you know which studies are true? What parameters do you use to make that (uneducated) verification?
2014-01-06 04:24:23 PM  
1 vote:

indarwinsshadow: Climatologist. Right up there as a degree with basket weaving, native studies, and theology. Focking idiots.

You're the third guy on Fark in less than a week to obstinately insist this.

What is going on? Is there some sort of new talking point on all the right-wing hive-mind blogs out there to repeatedly bleat "Climatology is not a science" or something? Was it said on Fox News and you all loved it so much because it means you didn't have to think about it at all but just parrot it at every opportunity? This is right up there with "Atheism is a religion" and "Evolution killed millions of people" on the scale of blanket statements so ostensibly stupid that they're not even wrong.

I would really like to know how this echo-chamber level rhetoric reaches critical mass like this. Where do you get it from? How does a meme like this proliferate in very anti-scientific circles and why do you always run with it instead of stop yourself and think critically about it like any decent human being should?

Seriously, did you get it from Conservapedia? Why would you trust an uneducated source like that instead of actual people doing the actual work in the actual field?
2014-01-06 04:16:45 PM  
1 vote:
Slight adjustment:

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-01-06 03:21:01 PM  
1 vote:
2014-01-06 03:02:57 PM  
1 vote:
Just dropped in to say it's going to be 76o on the beaches today in the OC biatches.  Hope we survive somehow!

paul1576.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-01-06 02:14:37 PM  
1 vote:

styckx: Summoner101: It's also 34 in Anchorage, so once again, weather does not equal climate

That's fantastic... But no one claimed it did.. Put away the smug..

It may have been a troll, but climate change denying has already entered the thread, so yes, someone had.
2014-01-06 02:10:56 PM  
1 vote:

Summoner101: It's also 34 in Anchorage, so once again, weather does not equal climate

That's fantastic... But no one claimed it did.. Put away the smug..
2014-01-06 02:06:06 PM  
1 vote:
"... the weather system is actually Arctic air invading from the north."

They have declared war,  I say we nuke the Arctic from orbit to teach them a lesson.
2014-01-06 02:05:05 PM  
1 vote:

ArcadianRefugee: More LIEberal claptrap. They're telling us that global warming makes things colder?! Ha!

Sadly, I know I'm going to hear a line of reasoning like this soon from my Townhall-loving dad, but he'll be serious about it.

As usual I'll explain how in other places they're experiencing record warmth right now, and that a local weather patter may be cold while the overall climate trend is warmer. I'll even explain how warming temps and warming oceans may causes changes in weather patterns, making some places warmer or colder then they're used to seeing. I'll remind him that we've even had one of the warmest years on record where we are, that the fall/winter up until very recently has been much warmer than usual and that last winter it was so warm I was even able to plant my garden an entire month earlier....

And all that explaining about how your cherry-picked personal experience of just when it's cold in one particular part of the year - in one particular place - doesn't invalidate global trends wil fall on deaf ears. Folks who won't accept the reality of climate change at this point, by and large aren't incapable of understanding... they have actually chosen NOT TO. They have made the choice to believe what they want to believe, regardless of any facts or logic to the contrary.
2014-01-06 02:02:27 PM  
1 vote:
It's also 34 in Anchorage, so once again, weather does not equal climate
2014-01-06 02:01:14 PM  
1 vote:

ArcadianRefugee: claptrap

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2014-01-06 01:55:05 PM  
1 vote:
Unfortunately, I got my tongue stuck.

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