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2004-01-27 01:57:36 PM
She looks like Dee Snyder from the Twisted Sister era in some of those pictures. And that's a bad thing.
2004-01-27 02:10:05 PM
She's got great tits, but of course, her manager knew that a looong time ago. Thus, the superstar...
2004-01-27 02:10:37 PM
Bunch of lying fags saying you wouldn't hit it ...
2004-01-27 02:17:23 PM
Apparently she's trying to clean up her act. I heard during a meet-and-greet thing, a little boy was so afraid of her. She said something along the lines of "If I scare a little boy like that, its time to change my appearance."

So shes letting her piercings grow over, and cleaning it all up.

I dunno if its true...
2004-01-27 02:20:18 PM
I haven't gotten all the way through these (I am at work after all), but am I the only person who thinks these are fake? Well, not totally fake, but "touched up" in the right places to make us think we're seeing more than was originally there?
2004-01-27 02:23:48 PM
I think I'd hit it just so I said I did.
2004-01-27 02:24:10 PM
of course, they are airbrushed. welcome to the world of celebrity, makesomefarkingsense
2004-01-27 02:44:40 PM
Well, obviously they were airbrushed...but I think they were also faked so we see nudity where there wasn't any in the original pictures.
2004-01-27 02:47:12 PM
All these comments and nobody has biatched about how crappy newsfilter is? Have I stumbled upon bizzarrofark?
2004-01-27 03:00:07 PM
well, I think a "Hot Karl" or a "Rusty Trombone" should be in her immediate future...
2004-01-27 03:10:09 PM
Narrow-shouldered women are disgusting.
2004-01-27 03:12:30 PM
You can tap that ass the first night, and at the most all it'll cost you is a Burger King Big Kid's meal, and a matinee at the local cinema.

Christina's the village bicycle, everyone's given her a ride.

If you've got any actual evidence that this is more true for Christina than Britney Spears or indeed any other girl on the planet, feel free to anty up and share with the class. If not, just admit that you're judging her by her looks and then shut the hell up. It might make you feel all high and mighty to think this way about someone, but it really only makes you look pathetic. Trust me.
2004-01-27 03:16:08 PM

FYI, Women are not fully grown by 16.
2004-01-27 03:27:14 PM
Innocent and naive:

Not so innocent and naive:

What caused the change? Out of respect to Rillion I won't speculate.
2004-01-27 03:28:11 PM
she was 19 or so when her "career" started, wasnt she? Id figure her body wouldnt change much after then, especially cause she's so short.
2004-01-27 03:36:24 PM
In other news...

What's with the freaks featured on Fark Personals today?
2004-01-27 03:38:57 PM
Oh and by the way. Someone really needs to get that hook out of her lip for her. regoddammdiculous...
2004-01-27 03:43:28 PM
theurge14-- Yeah, well, all women stop being innocent and naive as they grow up...or else there's something terribly wrong with them. If you want Little House on the Prairie, you're in the wrong era. I'm just annoyed that a bunch of jackassholes think that they can make judgments about the worth of another person based on A) how she dresses and B) the fact that she says she likes casual sex. Neither of those things are shameful, the last time I checked. You don't like it, fine....everybody's entitled to their own taste. That doesn't, however, entitle a person to make assumptions about how "easy" she might be or how many people she's slept with.

Personally, I am not at all a fan of Christina Aguilara. I don't particularly like her songs, and I haven't read any interviews to know if she's intelligent or not. I just think it's pathetic that the fact that she chooses to dress extravagently (Oh my god! There used to be men who liked that sort of thing!) makes people feel entitled to pronounce her trash. It's just sad, and reflects more on those people than it ever could on her.
2004-01-27 03:45:19 PM
I think she gave my monitor herpes.
2004-01-27 03:58:41 PM
haha, I love the one of her in the yellow and black outfit.. Wit hthe little orange graphical circle drawn around the crotch, as if to let the viewer know that's where the sex happens.

Of course with this crowd, they might need something like that.
2004-01-27 04:07:34 PM

damn straight.

i was sternly opposed to pop chics like her until her latest cd. i listened to it, and while i don't like the whole thing, she's got a hell of a lot more substance in her lyrics than britney could ever think up. the beautiful thing about it is that she is unapologetic about who she has become. she likes sex. she's a strong woman. so what? she doesn't have a problem with it, but everyone else seems to.

also, she seems pretty used to the "skank" accusations. she addresses them in a handful of her songs.
2004-01-27 04:12:44 PM
Rillion HAR HAR!

Those will never get old. Budweiser has a hit on it's hands with that shiat. Well done, thanks for the laugh.
2004-01-27 04:22:17 PM
Question: What is the first thing you do when you have no talent and you record sales are in the crapper?

Answer: Skank out and get nekkid so you can exploit that untapped market of 14-18 yr old dorks who can't get laid.
2004-01-27 04:25:14 PM
2004-01-27 04:33:22 PM
Damnit, I'm trying to eat.
2004-01-27 04:34:47 PM
In that picture in the black with the one leg kicking up, it looks like she's ripping one into her hand... gonna give the chick behind her a buttercup.
2004-01-27 04:44:00 PM
Am I the only one who is captivated by the, uh, bouncy ad in the upper left?
2004-01-27 05:16:16 PM

Right on! What people don't realize is that they're totally being manipulated. Chances are real good that Christina bathes at least once a day, wears nice perfume, and practices good hygiene like most other young ladies her age. When she's not on stage, she's probably lounging around the house on Sunday morning with no makeup in a sweatsuit with her hair crammed up under a baseball cap. It's the entertainment industry machine that dresses her up a certain to invoke a certain reaction. In her case, they're going after the "I like the dirty porn star whore" crowd. Those of you who like her older pictures are into the virginal school girl thing. Either way, it's just some corporate machine manipulating you by your predictable reaction (and that of your johnson) to certain images.

Grow up and realize that it doesn't matter one little bit what someone looks like, sex is all in the mind. Stop being led around by your peckers, boys!
2004-01-27 05:20:38 PM
What's so complicated about this? Why are you all analyzing this? She's hot and dresses slutty, not unlike every other pop star since Madonna. I'm sure that the rest is half publicity, half hormones.
2004-01-27 05:23:36 PM
Speaking as a bisexual woman...YES!!!
2004-01-27 05:27:05 PM
A corporate machine is manipulating my pecker.

I think that machine is made in malasia.
2004-01-27 06:03:28 PM
FYI, Women are not fully grown by 16.

I'd think you'd know better than to speak in absolutes. It just so happens that most women are fully grown by 16 years.

According to this site, "[puberty] can start as early as 7 years to as late as 13 years of age. The sequence of puberty from breast development to complete physical maturation may take a year and a half or last as long as 6 years.".

In case I need to do the math for you, 16 does fall into that range. I don't know if you were a late bloomer or what, but I am correct here.

Keep in mind: I am not advocating adults dating 16 year olds. I'm just saying there's nothing ethically wrong with finding someone attractive after they've completed puberty.

I am done with this line of discussion.
2004-01-27 06:37:36 PM
This was the Twisted Sister stage of her life

2004-01-27 06:41:01 PM
the Cindy Lauper look
2004-01-27 07:29:59 PM
Christina, oh my God. She is so friggin' hot.
2004-01-27 07:43:07 PM
oh ohh oh, turn back the years puleeeze. us'd be a hottie, now juest a nada-nadie...

step one in a long road to recovery is: take that metal shiat up out your face, hun.

2004-01-27 09:03:11 PM
#19 doesn't even look like her.
2004-01-27 09:03:35 PM
I'd love to place my tounge on her labia. She's got to be one of the few fatties that I'd hit.
2004-01-27 09:21:36 PM
Underneath all the stupid hair and make-up is a luscious lesbian waiting to get her first shot at performing in porn. oooohhhh yeeaaahhhh!
2004-01-27 09:25:49 PM
I figured it out! It all changed after she did the Moulin Rouge song, then she had the hair that was as big as she was then it all snowballed. Eureka!
2004-01-27 09:46:25 PM
Yeah... bouncy ad in the upper left. The pictures only seem to get worse/scarier as you go through them. I think #19 is sorta hott in a coked out meth head neighbor sort of way. Onto the next boobies link.

/thinks shes hot but encourages her to eat a sandwich
2004-01-27 11:31:38 PM

The fat rolls scare me.

Jesus... I've had two kids and look better than that!
2004-01-28 02:15:59 AM
Phoxxy, from what I can see of your profile pic, I heartily agree with you.
2004-01-28 09:02:02 AM
I'd hit it... with a "Donkey Punch".

Seriously. She's gross now. Besides, all the money in the world couldn't get me to lie to myself.

/loves his fianc -way- too much to screw up the relationship over someone who has a song title to match her hair.
2004-01-28 01:15:13 PM
When did she turn into a klingon?
2004-01-28 05:32:03 PM
phoxxy, you're comparing your kids to celebrities now? Bet you put them up in beauty pagents too.
2004-01-28 05:37:49 PM
It's funny when people say "like you could do better"

I think I can do a lot better than a prostitute.
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