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( Boobies Christina Aguilera likes girls more than boys and nudity more than clothes (not safe for work)   ( divider line 297
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2004-01-27 02:03:08 AM  
yeh, i wouldn't hump a girl with millions of dollars and a bangin' body. NO WAY!
2004-01-27 02:03:22 AM  

Yep, I suppose that would be right. I was thinking about those signs you see, "School X ING"
2004-01-27 02:04:32 AM  
stop the feminazi bullshiat, koneko. The broad is skanky and ugly.

I see hotter chicks everytime I go to the gym or supermarket.
2004-01-27 02:07:46 AM  
It gets kind of sickening, seeing so many boys on the internet who think that insulting hot women will make them seem cool. Or is this just a case of "everyone says 'x-tina- is dirty, so i guess i'll hop on the bandwagon!"?

no, I actually don't care for her. she was hot in her earlier pictures, she's not now. this is probably one of the only boobies links posted where i've not liked the chick.
2004-01-27 02:10:10 AM  
i can't wait until teen pop stars go straight to the bukkake(sp?) videos in order to bump sales.

christina's online porn video debut in 5.... 4....3.... 2....
2004-01-27 02:10:58 AM  
Give me a smart, intelligent, real woman anyday over these wannabes. Now that's sexy.
Boobies = good.
Boobies + brains = sweet.

Good for you, man. It's been my experience that it's much better to have a chick around with which you can have an intelligent conversation.

Then, make sure the relationship is comfortable enough that you can grope and stare during said conversation, and you're set.
2004-01-27 02:12:02 AM  
Some of the folks on here simultaneously amuse and disgust me with their blanket statements that all guys who don't stand straight at attention for a celebrity are somehow "gay" or "lying".

I wouldn't want to live in the world the way some of you folks perceive it, where style appears to trump substance.
2004-01-27 02:12:03 AM  
2004-01-27 02:02:03 AM TheRealist
hate to burst the cross thingy, it comes...

That was awesome, thanks. Here it is, 2:10am, and I didnt think I was going to have learned anything new today. I always figured they shortened Christ to X (x-mas) because its like a cross.
2004-01-27 02:12:33 AM  

she was 16 in those "earlier" pictures. PEDO
2004-01-27 02:12:38 AM  
ok she looks like eminem without make up
2004-01-27 02:12:58 AM  
Is she a skank? Yeah. Is she a talentless musical hack? Yeah. Is she attractive? I can't even tell anymore. Now we've got her saying she like girls? I'm not even sure I want her on our side.

Those pictures were nice to look at in a freaky sorta way, though.
2004-01-27 02:14:33 AM  
LexRockhard Seriously, she looks just like an illustration of Grendel's mother I saw a couple days ago.
2004-01-27 02:15:18 AM  
Kudos to Dennis Rodman's cosmetic surgeon.
2004-01-27 02:15:43 AM  
Yea, i would take her over many women I see just walking down the street (based on looks strictly). But don't you agree her body took a dive at some point in the past.....year? She looks good in the FHM pics, still fappable, but definitely not in the red/black outfit as she's laying a fart in that pic above.
2004-01-27 02:16:56 AM  
Those xtina pics gave my monitor genital warts...
2004-01-27 02:17:06 AM  
ill tell you what happened... just like michael jackson flipped after his association with vincent price, agorilla flipped after she got cozy with versace.

2004-01-27 02:17:44 AM  
Allright, lets set things straight. No matter how slutty acting/looking she is, she does have a nice body, and even if some dont agree with that, inside, they know it's true and are just trying to make themselves seem like a better person by making joke of her. You know, being a man, if she were in your house, and she were offering, you would hit it. (assuming your not married, then it might be acceptable to decline) But she is stupid, and whatnot, I agree, but you cant deny your instincts.

Instincts = hit it till the cows some home
2004-01-27 02:18:39 AM  
Ugly? Hardly. She wears too much make-up, sometimes.. but that's just public image. That one pic where she's wearing little to no makeup is actually quite hot.

It gets kind of sickening, seeing so many boys on the internet who think that insulting hot women will make them seem cool. Or is this just a case of "everyone says 'x-tina- is dirty, so i guess i'll hop on the bandwagon!"?

Typical. This is a shining example of the elitist, double-standard feminism that is plaguing this country.

How about this?

I can't speak for the others here, but if I say someone looks like an ugly skank, it's because I think she looks like an ugly skank.

The very idea that I give two shiats if you or anyone else in this anonymous menagerie of web-monkeys makes a groundless judgement about whether or not I'm "cool" as a result of my opinion is offensive to me.

It gets kind of sickening, seeing the minority of girls on the internet who think that blindly embracing feminism and trolling in a thread for a link in the "Boobies" category makes them seem cool. Or is this just a case of "If a guy expresses his opinion, it's because he wants to oppress mine, that bastard, so I'll ask rhetorical questions with punctuation errors that'll make their eyes bleed!"?
2004-01-27 02:19:15 AM  
No, instincts drive toward an acceptable mate. Nice body sure, but she looks like she's carrying ten STDs or so, making me definitely NOT want to hit it.
2004-01-27 02:24:06 AM  
Anyone who wouldn't hit that either A) Is a hardcore fag B) Prefers little boys (I'm talking to you jesus freaks) or C) is simply retarded.

D)None of the above
E)Has standards
F)Understands that "there is no cure... but there is treatment available!"
G)Understands that homosexuals, pedophiles, and the mentally retarded do not make up a substantial percentage of the population.
H)Go fark yourself, you asshat.

Now go jerk off to your ally mcbeal nappy models.
I'm intrigued. Please explain.
2004-01-27 02:24:17 AM  

Youre not cool.

2004-01-27 02:25:18 AM  
Friends, Farkers ... I have your answer to what happened to Christina:

Root of the Problem

Women like attention.


Christina, like all young women, has low self-image because quite frankly she is not smart enough to differentiate reality from airbrushed advertisements.

In addition, all women like attention whether it is bad or good. The reality is, women today live life for happiness at any price so someone paying attention because they are a skank is just as satisfying as attention for being intelligent or a good person.


Women today will do anything for attention, good or bad ... mostly bad. Christina destroyed her good looks with implants and other appliances and decided that being a dirty skank was fun because it got her lots of attention. We, as fappers, could now care less because the beautiful petite hottie from the Genie in a Bottle video ... which I would happily of fapped to... is not a fat, used, implant-wearing skank that makes my sack shrink.


All women are whores. I will soon produce the math equations to support this theory. I have provided in other fark forums initial theories and such. Please be patient as I need to double-check the calculations. I am hoping for a Fields Medal and/or Nobel Prize so please do not steal my theory.

I thank you for your time.
2004-01-27 02:26:01 AM  
koneko It gets kind of sickening, seeing so many boys on the internet who think that insulting hot women will make them seem cool.

I see Aguilera and think "dirty slut exploiting her fuzz for cash," you see Aguilera and think "hot." That isn't "insulting hot women," that's called different taste.

But who's insulting Amy Brenneman? Or Maggie Gyllenhaal? (Who has been far more risque, nnd far less slutty.) Or Cate Blanchett? Or Sophia Coppola? Those hot women don't have reputations as dirty sluts because they don't create that public image. They're respectable. The mention of their names doesn't lead to me immediately think of hydrogen peroxide.

If you've got a problem with guys who are willing to say, "Aguilera's disgusting," then there's a simple answer: only keep company with men who think that the "dirty slut" image is attractive. Calling every man who disagrees with you "boys" only suggests that you're as vapid as your argument suggests. And if they were so shallow, they'd be attacking all Aguilera fans as sluts, not the woman herself. Consider yourself lucky.
2004-01-27 02:26:24 AM  
Hi. I'm from Pittsburgh and want to confirm that there does exist a rumor involving "hot dogs".
2004-01-27 02:26:31 AM  
she was 16 in those "earlier" pictures. PEDO


Women are pretty much fully developed when they hit about 15-16 years of age. Were you attracted to girls in high school?

Did your 18th birthday suddenly make that attraction unnatural and wrong?

If you're checking out 9-year-olds, you have a serious problem. No worries for 16.
2004-01-27 02:27:02 AM  
The very idea that I give two shiats if you or anyone else in this anonymous menagerie of web-monkeys makes a groundless judgement about whether or not I'm "cool" as a result of my opinion is offensive to me.

So, you're not bothered if some no name on the interent says you're not cool, but you are bothered if they think they can make the judgement?
2004-01-27 02:29:50 AM  
I must have you, you saucy wench.

Unless of course you're a guy... Wouldn't want to teh fag the fcuking gay or anything...
2004-01-27 02:30:19 AM  
I want to be YOU when I grow up.
2004-01-27 02:30:27 AM  

2004-01-27 02:31:34 AM  
While I was looking at the pictures McAfee kept poping up saying "A virius has been detected" "The Worm W32.herpes.gen has been removed from your computer, would you like to scan all files now?"
2004-01-27 02:31:45 AM  
"Wouldn't want to teh fag the fcuking gay or anything..."

Why stop now?
2004-01-27 02:32:23 AM  
oh those poor hot dogs were they ok?
2004-01-27 02:34:35 AM  
Women are pretty much fully developed when they hit about 15-16 years of age. Were you attracted to girls in high school?
Did your 18th birthday suddenly make that attraction unnatural and wrong?
If you're checking out 9-year-olds, you have a serious problem. No worries for 16.

There's really no arguing with logic like that i suppose. Have fun staring at the 16 year olds at the food court in your local mall.
2004-01-27 02:34:44 AM  

For some reason, your screen name makes me think of an incestuous coupling of a couple of unimaginitively named twin brothers.

"But I ain't a queer!"
(step further)
"In fact, I hate queers!"
(step further)
"Let's go kill some queers!"

/channeling George Carlin, not taking self too seriously

Oh... And, apparently, got nothin'.
2004-01-27 02:34:47 AM  
I gotta agree, man she's just not hot. Oh I know every nerd says that about chicks they couldn't have. 99% of the boobie links are hot chicks. But when I look at her, I don't know, just something wrong. The whole wacky makeup, weird hair, crazy eyes, I don't know just is not going on. It's like a mainstream gothic chick, and I guess if you like gothic chicks.
2004-01-27 02:35:42 AM  
what magazine are the pics w/ boobies and piercings from?

Not the maxim shoot, was it?!?
2004-01-27 02:35:53 AM  
I think she is hot, not as hot as she used to be, but still hot.

I just wish she would pick a race and stick to it.
2004-01-27 02:37:56 AM  
There's really no arguing with logic like that i suppose. Have fun staring at the 16 year olds at the food court in your local mall.

Even if I didn't detest the mall, the pedantic ramblings of many girls that age are usually enough to turn me away from them (despite only being 3 years their senior). I happen to prefer girls my own age. Attending a university facilitates that preference.

I was merely saying that it isn't wrong to find post-pubescent females attractive.
2004-01-27 02:39:13 AM  
Is there any woman who 90% of farkers can agree is hot? if so, can we see her boobies? How about that brazilizn soccer team playboy shoot ( i know it wasnt the real team, shut up) lets have move of that and less skanky ex-fat chicks.
2004-01-27 02:40:10 AM  
Oh dear sweet Jeebus...

First off--I give this gal some props for her voice. That ain't fake. The antics, the publicity hound fishing trips, all the press, it gets her air play. It gets her videos played, and I'm willing to bet there's very few of us on this thread that know the gal.

I can say freely, without shame, that I find her a bit refreshing. She's doing the slutty thing, and then she got a little round, and she still sounded good. I'm not a fan of her stuff, but I can appreciate the voice. How she sells that is her business. She raises some eyebrows, but it's theater, and she's playing to her audience. And she's not apolgizing for it, she's just doing it. I'm hoping that she'll grow out of it, but Marylin Monroe was a sex bomb for her whole damn career, and folks still love her today.

I don't really care, one way or another, how she sells her stuff. I don't even know her, so I can't really judge the gal. I reserve ire for folks that actually impact my life--Barbara Striesand turned my favorite book into a travesty of film, so her I got a minor beef with, and she spouts crap from time to time, but I don't really know the woman, so I can't really judge her too much. Jian Ghomeshi from Moxy Fruuvous tried to take underaged girls who worked for me onto his tour bus, and him I'll beat down into paste next time he tries it. But it's actions that actually impact me that I judge on. Christina--she's a gal who's trying to make the transition from child star to adult pop singer, and it ain't easy today. The make-up, the goofy antics, it's all window dressing. I don't really care too much for it, one way or another.

Ladies complaining about Christina and the rest making it hard for you: if a fella is chasing after a skank, do you really want him? Really? These fellas, if they're passing you up, for a cheap roll in the hay, they weren't there for you in the first place. It's the same thing for fellas who complain that gals go for the flashy fellas with wads of cash, instead of fellas of substance. They weren't for you in the first place. You weren't what they were looking for, as much as you weren't what they were looking for.

You keep running into fellas who are looking for cheap sex and skanks, then maybe you need to go shopping elsewhere. If you keep banging your head against a wall of shallowness, then maybe instead of blaming the wall, you ought to get the heck out of that alley.

Find better partners, stop blaming the gals or fellas they're looking for. You're at fault, because you're expecting something that they ain't.

And blaming them for not being ready for something you're ready for is bone stupid. Like blaming water for being wet, or winter in New England being cold. Get out of the water; move. biatching don't make it any better.

She rolls up on your boy-toy when you're at the club and shakes her kiester and lures him away, then you've got beef. Beef for her being rude, and beef with the boy-du-jour for being just as rude for running out without a by your leave. I'd be more pissed at the boy-du-jour than the gal who rolled up, in that case.

You don't like her stuff: fine. Don't like her music: fine. Don't like her image: fine. But unless you actually meet the gal, maybe the ire should be reserved for folks that actually impact your life. She hurts women about the same way that any pretty gal that has discovered that shaking her fanny to get men to do things for her hurts women. She's just more public about it, and has photgraphers in tow to watch. Paris Hilton and others have done much more outrageous stuff, and I don't really care. One way or another.

Don't like it. Don't eat it. But don't worry about what other people have on their plate. Worked when you were four, it works today.

Just for the record--yes, I think she's a cutie. Waaay too young for me to think about--I keep a tight 10 year window right now, plus or minus, because I find that I can't really relate to a gal in her early 20's, and gals in their early 40's aren't hip on the single father thing, got their own agenda working. Do I blame these gals? No. I ain't looking for what they got, and that's fine. They aren't biatches or ho's, they just ain't for me. Not everyone is.

Get over it. Find someone who does pick up what you're putting down, and stop blaming the world for your own inadequecy issues.

OK, rant's off. Go back to telling each other how you'd hit it.
2004-01-27 02:41:22 AM  
they must greenlight these things just for the entertainment value...where's the marshmallows?
2004-01-27 02:42:52 AM  
They're from the shoot for her album, I think.
2004-01-27 02:43:11 AM  
I recently saw her new video for some song that was in black and white and she was wearing just what looked like a slip-like dress. And she looked gorgeous...

2004-01-27 02:46:27 AM  

About that Brazilian Soccer team ... upon closer inspection those women are pretty average looking. I mean, a couple of them looked passable. A few looked like lady boys quite frankly.

I think Tera Patrick before her implants was about as close as a woman could be to 90%. It was the saddest day of my life when I found out she augmented her perfect breasts. It just shows you that even women who have everything will do anything for an ounce of attention (good or bad) they think they're not getting.

2004-01-27 02:50:08 AM  
So when is her hardcore porn debut?
2004-01-27 02:55:35 AM  
I have to say..she looked damn sexy when she was inraged..
2004-01-27 02:56:49 AM  
The ranting in this thread is far more entertaining than the link itself.
2004-01-27 03:00:07 AM  
All I have to say is:

"Sewer rat might taste like pumpkin pie but I still won't eat the filthy motherfarkers."
2004-01-27 03:04:01 AM  
Does club soda get out protein stains?
2004-01-27 03:04:26 AM  
I take offense to that, you Nazi.

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