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( Boobies Christina Aguilera likes girls more than boys and nudity more than clothes (not safe for work)   ( divider line 297
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2004-01-26 03:49:36 PM  
Goddamn I love her skanky ass. There is just something about her that stirs something deep within my loins.
2004-01-26 03:50:04 PM  
At least she won't breed.
2004-01-26 03:56:26 PM  
2004-01-26 04:02:29 PM  
Those pictures are so old, yet they never get old.

I wish more photos would leak like those from her FHM shoot.
2004-01-26 04:06:23 PM  
That girl needs a haircut.

and a bath.

And a tetnus shot...or several.
2004-01-26 04:10:22 PM  
Oooo, how controversial. It's like she's wackier and sluttier than Brittany or that Pink skank.

That's definitely the way to sell albums.
2004-01-26 04:10:34 PM  
That girl needs on OmniShot if you know what I mean, and I think you do. People can say what they want about role models and what is or is not appropiate but I hope that her style of dress catches on among teenagers. Especially those that are legal.
2004-01-26 04:10:52 PM  
I didn't see any lesbian goodness.

/wrist hurts from clicking through the 20+
2004-01-26 04:13:27 PM  
Say what you will, I would still love to cure her lesbian tendencies or at least die tryin'!!
2004-01-26 04:19:56 PM  
2004-01-26 04:36:08 PM  
/wrist hurts from clicking through the 20+

Yeah, "clicking" ;-)
2004-01-26 04:46:06 PM  
I've never been less excited to look at boobie pics.
2004-01-26 04:47:28 PM  
Anyone notice how in "Underground European Sex Parties" animated GIF, one of the breasts becomes dented in the slow motion? That's crazy.
2004-01-26 05:31:47 PM  
Quoted from the link: "I find it hornier looking at women then men."

That's ok; I find it hornier looking at women than Christina.

and I hate it when people use then in place of than.
2004-01-26 05:44:08 PM  
Maybe I have a shot with her. I like girls more also
2004-01-26 06:01:48 PM  
Morchella, perhaps she just omitted the comma, meaning to say "I find it hornier looking at women, then men."

/Giving Christina too much credit
2004-01-26 06:03:07 PM  
and she used to be hot, too
2004-01-26 06:04:36 PM  
this pic got rejected on totalfark
2004-01-26 06:05:13 PM  
erm try again

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-26 06:10:01 PM  
Kick-ass body. Her face would look a lot better if she stopped ruining it with clown make-up.
2004-01-26 07:08:27 PM  
I actually think she's ugly, but would it stop me from farking the shiat out of her? Nope. She could make me vewy hapwy.
2004-01-26 07:12:37 PM  
She looks like one of the farking aliens in Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles.
2004-01-26 08:19:24 PM  
Here's her face without clown makeup, iollow.
2004-01-26 09:59:03 PM  
Well I guess you can just call me a whore.
2004-01-26 10:02:52 PM  
Would the Scary or the Obvious tag work better here?
2004-01-27 01:04:39 AM  
Would the Scary or the Obvious tag work better here?

Only if you're the UBER NERD, that kids himself that he could do better.
2004-01-27 01:13:46 AM  
Bisexuality.....well that's one way to drum up them record sales.
2004-01-27 01:17:03 AM  
Man, this is just depressing. Shame what happens to Mouseketeers these days, isn't it? What ever happened to Annette?

Is there any way she could become skankier?

/please don't answer that
2004-01-27 01:17:16 AM  
Uberskank, I would not fark that with a rubber shlong even after spending 5 years the solitary hole of a Nigerian prison.

Nast, nasty, nasty... did I say nasty ?...NASTY.

Perhaps if she would agree to take a shower once every 6 months it would help her cause, but meanwhile I would rather do Bea Arthur. at least Bea smells of Ben-Gay which is way better then gas-station bought perfume and perspiration.
2004-01-27 01:20:24 AM  
I am from Pittsburgh, I know some people that went to school with her, rumor is, and I have heard from multiple independent sources that she "smelled like hot dogs" that is the rumor and it doesn't change in any account.
2004-01-27 01:23:09 AM  
I wouldn't hit it with a 10 foot dick. Blegh. She's beyond skanky and into the realm of crackwhore-you'd-find-OD'd-in-the-gutter-somewhere. It'd be sad if she wasn't so unbelievably rich.
2004-01-27 01:24:14 AM  
I dont know about the smelling like hot dog part, but you cannot go through 5 guys in 40 minutes* and come out smelling like a rose that is for sure...

*ask any roadie... or that idiot Fred Durst
2004-01-27 01:24:14 AM  
2004-01-27 01:24:24 AM  
Sad that a girl with so much talent would squander it on these attention whore antics.

I still tap that a$$ like a Texan lookin' for oil.
2004-01-27 01:24:43 AM  
haven't these pics been on newsfilter for a while? i know i most assuredly browsed through them before today.
2004-01-27 01:24:48 AM  
I actually found her more attractive in that picture, exick. Normally, not so much.
2004-01-27 01:25:11 AM  
Disgusting. I don't know why I clicked the link, but Christina Aguilera is a horrible specimen of a woman. Her face would be cute, but she wears the worst makeup ever. Her body also has a funky shape to it. She's incredibly long-waisted, without much curve to her. I also get the impression her snatch would be crust and smelly.

Also, today's Fark personal chick chinadoll looks an awful lot like Rachel Dratch.
2004-01-27 01:25:16 AM  
She just...just...looks dirty. Y'know what I mean? Like she is in desperate need of a proper bathing, with hot water and soap and everything. Skank-o-rama. I wouldn't hit that with a ten-meter cattle prod.
2004-01-27 01:26:26 AM  
2004-01-27 01:27:54 AM  
I hope her breast implants leak and give her cancer....
2004-01-27 01:28:03 AM  
Morchella, perhaps she just omitted the comma, meaning to say "I find it hornier looking at women, then men."
/Giving Christina too much credit

Er... it's not like she typed this out herself.

/would hit it
2004-01-27 01:28:14 AM  
is "she smelled like hot dogs" code for something? am i that out of touch? oscar meyer, ball park, fenway franks, or the ones with cheese in 'em?

just asking.
2004-01-27 01:28:41 AM  
you did not mention armour.
2004-01-27 01:29:52 AM  
Christ, I feel like I need penacillin just for looking at the pictures.
2004-01-27 01:30:41 AM  
before she went insane:
2004-01-27 01:32:15 AM  
the un-american spelling of armour offends me.

2004-01-27 01:32:20 AM  
On an unrelated side note, why do people type "Aguilera" as "Aquilera?" I know the Q and G look similar and everything, but they're not even close together on the keyboard. and they don't really sound alike. What's the deal?
2004-01-27 01:33:00 AM  
I almost always hate these blonde plastic media whores but for some reason she does something do me on a deep fundamental level.
Something about me really likes this skank and I can't say why.
I still try to ignore her but I have to admit it.
2004-01-27 01:33:26 AM  
If only she could meet a nice guy like Henry Earl... they could retire to nice carboard box in an alley somewhere and die happy
2004-01-27 01:33:40 AM  
I fart in X-Tina's general direction

FART poot preeeeeen
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