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(   Thieves steal hive full of thousands of hibernating bees, avoid a sting operation   ( divider line
    More: Strange, Norfolk Police, bees, sting operations  
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2014-01-02 06:52:33 AM  
I like my thieves like I like my coffee...

/in a plastic cup
2014-01-02 07:45:25 AM  
It sounds like their dealing with a really sticky situation.
2014-01-02 07:46:01 AM Full Size
2014-01-02 07:49:43 AM  

just a guess, isn't it?
2014-01-02 07:52:00 AM  
Nic Cage immediately goes into hiding.
2014-01-02 08:06:20 AM  
Is it too early for the Monsanto/Syngenta/Bayer conspiracy bee thieves?
2014-01-02 08:08:01 AM  
1) First you get the sugar
2) Then you get the money
3) ???
4) Women
2014-01-02 08:16:17 AM  
Bees are on the what now?
2014-01-02 08:35:52 AM  
They must be cautious.
2014-01-02 08:36:28 AM  
"Police are keen to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has information concerning the whereabouts of the stolen hive."

As opposed to the Suffolk Police

s10.postimg.orgView Full Size
2014-01-02 08:38:12 AM  
Hives cost around $100-200 apiece, so maybe some hobbyist wanted to get in on the cheap?
2014-01-02 08:43:11 AM Full Size

Beekeeper 1: Well, sure is quiet in here today.
Beekeeper 2: Yes, a little too quiet, if you know what I mean.
Beekeeper 1: Hmm... I'm afraid I don't.
Beekeeper 2: You see, bees usually make a lot of noise. No noise - suggests no bees!
Beekeeper 1: Oh, I understand now.
[a bee flies by]
Beekeeper 1: Oh look, there goes one now.
Beekeeper 2: To the Beemobile!
Beekeeper 1: You mean your Chevy?
Beekeeper 2: [pause] Yes.
2014-01-02 08:55:21 AM  
Has them to demonstrate it on the news people's some method, when they bite it. You smile. Who looks like to obtain kills by the bee?!
They look like in the news, "A person in Austin by bees death." My farking smiling. How do you obtain kill by the bee?! If you walk through the forest, and you nearby the bush come and you hear "BZZZZZZ" to run are far away from that bush.

Who in that bush said that neighbor goes to "Hey whether is bee? Hold in one second, OH JEEZE! AHHH!" Dandy Fark that! I will attack fiercely in face each bee! Bee are not Brings yelling, "FARK you bee!" *PUNCH* "FARK you bee! Good bee progress!!" *BZZZZZZZ* *PUNCH* Underthere bee in?!

It's a farking bee! I possibly understood whether it is likely the murderer horse, that is the fearful excrement! The flight through kicks your face air *NEHHHHHH* *KICK* *NEHHHHHH* That is fearful! FARK bee! ...... FARK bee!
2014-01-02 08:58:30 AM  
Honeybees do not hibernate.
2014-01-02 09:22:21 AM  

EatHam: Honeybees do not hibernate.

So what, the ones living in the old wooden barrel outside the farm shop here in upstate NY are just... partying all winter long?
2014-01-02 09:28:04 AM  

ladyfortuna: EatHam: Honeybees do not hibernate.

So what, the ones living in the old wooden barrel outside the farm shop here in upstate NY are just... partying all winter long?

They are eating the honey they made during the year - they keep clean, when it warms up they will fly around.  They buzz around the edges to keep the center warm, and rotate duty.  They do not hibernate.  Bumblebees do, honeybees don't.
2014-01-02 09:58:12 AM  
Yeah I actually knew that, I just liked the image of a bee party in the honeycomb. I wonder if they get little hats.

/slept TOO much last night.
2014-01-02 10:06:19 AM  
I heard bees don't sting at night.
zapp.trakt.usView Full Size
2014-01-02 10:57:36 AM  
2014-01-02 11:01:57 AM  

mamoru: I like my thieves like I like my coffee...

Oh, hell.  Damn you.
2014-01-02 11:55:21 AM  
Not overly surprising.  The setup alone for a decent hive is over $500 worth.  It can easily hit 4 digits per hive for all the best equipment, and thats not even counting the bees.
2014-01-02 03:58:53 PM  
How did subby miss the man with two penises?
2014-01-03 05:46:26 AM  
Done in one.
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