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(Yahoo)   Three of the four NFL playoff games this weekend that are not yet sellouts. It is so bad the Green Bay Packers might be blacked out locally. Shelling out a few hundred and sitting in frigid temperatures just isn't appealing anymore   (sports.yahoo.com) divider line 203
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2014-01-03 01:57:07 AM

stewbert: greentea1985: under a mountain: greentea1985: eagles95: As a Packer fan no longer living in Green Bay I can say that there would be 0% chance I would go to this game if I still lived there.
A) Below zero temps at game time while sitting on a metal bleacher
B) Snow the day before so metal bleacher is snow covered
C) Every fat ass in the stadium wearing 50 layers of clothes to stay warm so you barely have your 4 inches of seat space
D) Overpriced EVERYTHING
E) Our defense getting shredded by 49ers again
Seriously NFL, why would I go when i have normal priced beer, brats, 50+in HD tv with heat in my house if I live in GB? Want a fan experience? Invite friends over and chant Go Pack Go. Better than hypothermia
This is why it was a dumb decision by the NFL to ban seat cushions. At a game like the upcoming Packers one (or had the Bears actually made the playoff, sigh) cushions are a god-send because they let you sit on cold, recently snowed on seats comfortably. However, the NFL wants to gouge the fans for everything they are worth. Over-priced tickets, parking, concessions, and a chilly ass to boot.
They banned seat cushions?  This I didn't know.  But I think if you are wearing 20 layers of clothes, you could smuggle in a seat cusion.
It was a big issue during the offseason this year. The NFL has banned all bags, purses etc that are not 1 gallon and clear (of course while selling handy clear gallon bags with team logos) as well as seat cushions. It was a wonderful way to give the middle finger to all of the female fans they worked so hard to get, fans who take public transit from work or to a tailgate, and all of the fans of teams with outdoor stadiums (particularly Bears, Packers, Steelers, Bengals, Giants and Jets fans). The NFL is going out of its way to drive away all of its fans by making the stadium experience miserable.
They drove me off by making the home viewing experience too expensive. I was ok with Sunday Ticket at $99/season, but that was never enough ...

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2014-01-03 02:04:47 AM

robbiex0r: GB/SF on schedule to be 3rd coldest game in NFL history.

//2nd place is Ice Bowl
//Wisconsin-Arctic in January, Tropic in July

yes. I was back in WIsco for the first time in 7 years this past July, and as I was driving from Milwaukee to Green Bay (for the Shareholders meeting) I was wondering 'WHY don't I live here again?!?!?'  Then I remembered.
2014-01-03 04:17:28 PM
Playoffs or not, the current NFL stadium experience sucks diarrhetic ass. Stadiums that have regular seats jam them so close together that I have to become a double amputee to sit there. An overpriced-everything zone that begins at the bars and parking lots within a couple of miles of the stadium. Entry procedures that make a trip to county jail look like a church visit. Pay-or-I'll-move-the-team-to-L.A. tax ripoffs.

Blecch. And to think I love this game. Just not enough to submit myself to their torture-in-a-bowl.
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