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(KMOV St. Louis)   More than 100 Grand worth of Mars candy is stolen, thieves looking at a big Payday   ( divider line
    More: Fail, Manteno, paydays, pallets, candy  
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648 clicks; posted to Business » on 31 Dec 2013 at 10:30 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-12-31 10:04:37 AM  
*Snickers at headline*
2013-12-31 10:21:37 AM  
3 Musketeers wanted for questioning
2013-12-31 10:33:11 AM  
This headline is Nutrageous.
2013-12-31 10:45:30 AM  
2013-12-31 10:49:15 AM  
I guess they'll have to settle for Zero bars.

/I love those fresh from the fridge.
//I haven't had one in years.  I wonder if they still make them.
///Off to the Googles.
2013-12-31 10:54:15 AM  
Oh Henry!
2013-12-31 10:54:50 AM  
2013-12-31 10:55:46 AM  
Who's going to eat that all?  That's some big league chewin' right there.
2013-12-31 11:01:44 AM  
that's good and plenty more where that came from
2013-12-31 11:07:39 AM  
Umm...Milky Way pun. Got nothing.
2013-12-31 11:31:54 AM  
Just check all the hospitals for anyone being admitted in a diabetic coma and you'll have your suspect.
2013-12-31 11:45:02 AM  
I'm sure the thieves listened to a lot of rap. Including that guy from Detroit, M&M.
2013-12-31 11:49:43 AM  
imageshack.comView Full Size

Wanted for questioning.
2013-12-31 12:07:46 PM  
When did the name change from 100 Thousand Dollar Bar to 100 Grand?
2013-12-31 12:15:10 PM  
i heard they used one of them thingies, ya know, a whatchamacallit to get into that warehouse.
2013-12-31 12:16:02 PM  

mark_bert: When did the name change from 100 Thousand Dollar Bar to 100 Grand?

sometime in the 80s.  there is a wiki for it.
2013-12-31 12:27:28 PM  

Nick Nostril: [ image 270x456]
Wanted for questioning.

What's with her? She's involved?
2013-12-31 01:24:08 PM  
i7.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-12-31 02:42:06 PM  

mark_bert: When did the name change from 100 Thousand Dollar Bar to 100 Grand?

It's been a while because I know the change was mentioned during a Seinfeld episode (the one where George's Twix gets stuck in the vending machine), and even then the joke was that it was old news.
2013-12-31 02:42:45 PM  
So they managed to take three full trailer loads of palletized candy out of a warehouse without anybody noticing...

Methinks a warehouse supervisor is losing his job.
2013-12-31 02:44:26 PM  
They say it isn't an inventory error but I'm betting they're just covering up some Butterfingers.
2013-12-31 03:09:01 PM  
Charleston chew  .....yeah i got nothing.
2013-12-31 04:07:51 PM  
Perhaps they'll offer a bounty to catch the criminals?
2013-12-31 04:20:42 PM  
This thread is relevant to me.
2013-12-31 05:39:23 PM  
Robbers Only Live Once
2013-12-31 10:02:14 PM  
2013-12-31 10:10:51 PM  
York, york, york, that's funny.
2014-01-01 01:21:45 AM  
I heard they used a Whatchamacallit to do the heist.
2014-01-01 01:23:05 AM  
That candy is getting passed out at Delmar-Kings Highway like it's Halloween.
2014-01-01 01:24:27 AM  
of course I fail.

the thieves did leave a note finishing with Hugs and Kisses
2014-01-01 04:30:30 AM  
dealbreaker.comView Full Size

Disapproves of this thread.

Also subby sounds fat.
2014-01-01 11:02:52 AM  
Maybe its not stolen, somebody just had butterfingers
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