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(Telegram)   What would you do with a building that is 20th century glass and steel on the outside and a medieval castle inside? This is a serious question to some   ( divider line
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7375 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2013 at 9:35 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-12-30 09:18:47 AM  
I loved the Higgins armory.  It is sad to see it go.
2013-12-30 09:19:13 AM  
The more important question is how do you prevent it from sinking into the swamp.
2013-12-30 09:19:48 AM  
Put some gargoyles on the roof?
2013-12-30 09:21:17 AM  
Dynamite that f*cker!!!
2013-12-30 09:37:04 AM  

texdent: Put some gargoyles on the roof?

Shakes fist...
2013-12-30 09:46:04 AM  
Turn it inside out.
2013-12-30 09:50:52 AM  
I knew it was about Higgins Armory before I even clicked...I had 3 birthday parties there when I was young.  Loved that place

Keep the building as is, if you can take it during a zombacalypse then its yours
2013-12-30 09:51:28 AM  
2013-12-30 09:53:58 AM  
Sounds like an awesome place. Hope they can put the building to good use without destroying the interior.
2013-12-30 09:59:56 AM  
Well, you could fill it with suits of arm -- oh.

Maybe someone could fill it with a car collection?
2013-12-30 10:04:30 AM  
Kinda sucks that eventhough it is on the historical register that wont protect it from maybe being torn down.

texdent: Put some gargoyles on the roof?

And have it moved to New York and placed on top of a skyscraper.
2013-12-30 10:06:43 AM  
I am in the market for a new super hero lair, Worcester is crime ridden enough that it might be a good location.
2013-12-30 10:09:25 AM
2013-12-30 10:10:52 AM  
Maybe they could turn it into a hotel or a convention center.
2013-12-30 10:17:16 AM  
Sex Dungeon.

That is all.
2013-12-30 10:18:29 AM  
Ignore it.
2013-12-30 10:33:58 AM  
So many good references, so little +1 to go around.
2013-12-30 10:50:26 AM  
Evil Lair.

Ghastly: Sex Dungeon.

That is all.

Also that.
2013-12-30 11:30:30 AM  
I'd be temped to say, "I'm movin' in!!" but that would limit my throwing options.
2013-12-30 12:05:01 PM  

EvilEgg: I am in the market for a new super hero lair, Worcester is crime ridden enough that it might be a good location.

I lived in Main South for 4 years while studying at Clark. Higgins Armory is in a damn nice neighborhood in comparison, at least in my opinion...

/John Oliver described Clark as "Hogwarts on the set of the Wire"
2013-12-30 12:10:42 PM  
I'm sure theres some Hollywood craptacular that needs to blow something up.
2013-12-30 12:16:02 PM  
I remember when they gutted the old Army Building at 39 Whitehall in Manhattan. It was landmarked so it had to stay standing, but the floors and windows were removed.

A new building was put around it. Apparently some panels have been removed to allows peeks at the old structure.
2013-12-30 01:07:27 PM  
I immediately thought of this:
2013-12-30 01:46:22 PM  
Lease it to the SCA for events?
2013-12-30 03:31:12 PM  
It's an Historic Registry building,so "not much" is the answer, and that's a good thing. It's an incredibly significant building- one of the earliest and for it's time, the largest free standing iron and glass building in the world. It pioneered the way for modern skyscraper building in large part simply by existing. Steel magnate John HIggins literally built the museum building as one of the exhibits, the point was to show the progress of metal mongery from ancient das to the very latest industrial works. It's a fascinating structure on many levels, and again heralded the era of modernism in global architecture, it's at least as important as the large Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

It sucks out loud that HAM is closing, there aren't that many museum collections literally housed in a part of the exhibit and I think that something really dirty went down. Mattias Waschek from Worcester Art Museum(WAM), where the collection is headed, is a snake. Trustee Jim C. Donnelly is a blackhearted corporate lawyer who'd sell his mother's ashes for a buck.  WAM wants the HIggins collection becuase it'd literally be the most significant thing they own. They've been slavering over it for 50 years. Jim Donnelly is "coincidentally" former Members Council president at the WAM.

And crying poor is BULL. The Higgins was one of the most popular museums in the entire state, it drew 60,000 people a year at $12/ea. The endowment had $3m in it, and even if they were drawing $400K a year in overages, that's 6 more years of operations and 6 more years to get a proper endowment. The last two presidents resigned abruptly; they were forced out or saw something shady was going on. There's a real story here and somebody needs to air it out for the sake of that place.

You're telling me there's NOBODY around that could have made HAM internet famous and raised a global endowment for the next 30 years? Bull farking shiat. Jim Donnelly wants that building on the market and WAM wants that collection and they stepped on the face of every single person that ever visited the Higgins to do it. Dirty, dirty, dirty.
2013-12-30 03:32:39 PM  

johnson442: Lease it to the SCA for events?

Higgins housed a legitimate Western martial arts academy that taught live medieval combat techniques from original sources. . Trust me, they're aware of the place.
2013-12-30 04:19:53 PM  
I took my son up there today for our last visit (closes early tomorrow in case you're thinking of going once more).  It was packed almost as soon as it opened.  I've never seen it so busy.

I'm going to miss it immensely.

The building is on the historic register, but so is the Odd Fellows home across the street from it, and that's coming down this spring.

While I like WAM fine enough, I doubt they can really do the collection justice.  It certainly won't be the same.
2013-12-30 05:54:47 PM  
That's not an armory. THIS is an armory!
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