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(Washington Post)   Visit to Taco Bell sends man to the hospital   ( divider line
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2013-12-30 10:19:05 AM  
in follow-up article, we'll read the hospital serves take-out from Taco Bell
2013-12-30 10:27:35 AM  
Not enough coffee, yet.  I read it as, "Taco Bell was shooting out of a Falls Church man...", and asking, why is this news?
2013-12-30 10:28:06 AM  
He's one of many people that feel like they've been shot in the gut after going to Taco Bell. The exit wounds always hurt the most.
2013-12-30 10:28:11 AM  
Whenever I read an article on Fark about DC and it mentions a place that I recognize from Fallout 3, I take a shot.
2013-12-30 10:31:12 AM  
Four gunshot wounds is definitely NOT the worst that can happen to your stomach at a Taco Bell.
I speak from experience.
2013-12-30 10:32:51 AM  
The Hospital! What is it?
2013-12-30 10:33:49 AM  
Sounds like someone didn't like him passing his funny money there. Should've tried the ol' $2 bill hoax elsewhere, dumbass.
2013-12-30 10:34:28 AM  
Must've been the Volcano Burrito.
2013-12-30 10:34:37 AM
2013-12-30 10:35:31 AM  
Well, sh*t.
2013-12-30 10:39:05 AM

You know who else needed a hospital trip after visiting Taco Bell?
2013-12-30 10:43:05 AM  

whither_apophis: The Hospital! What is it?
2013-12-30 10:49:09 AM  
Did you really think the return of the enchirito would be without consequences?
2013-12-30 10:57:50 AM  
Usually a trip to Taco Bell sends me straight to the potty
2013-12-30 12:12:42 PM  
The new Doritos Locos Carne Asada Grande Hollow-Point Gordita Supreme®...only at Taco Bell!
2013-12-30 12:27:42 PM  
I totally dig the smothered burrito. It's almost as good as a real wet burrito, but costs 3 bucks.

Mexican pizza is good, too. So are a few other things.

But the Doritos Locos stuff is idiotic, and the stuffed nacho makes no damned sense.
2013-12-30 04:11:04 PM
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