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2635 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2013 at 12:01 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-12-27 10:54:41 PM  
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2013-12-28 12:06:15 AM  
"Thank you, God!"
2013-12-28 12:03:13 PM  
Mommy looks so pretty!
2013-12-28 12:05:55 PM  
We like big butts and we cannot lie!
2013-12-28 12:08:20 PM  
We're about the right height.  What're the odds they'll start twerking?
2013-12-28 12:14:59 PM  
"Hey Billy?"
"Yeah Dusty?"
"I have an idea for a new song."
2013-12-28 12:21:43 PM  
Schwartz: I double dog dare you. If you put your tongue on it, you'll freeze there".
Flick, without thinking, bolted from the sidewalk.
2013-12-28 12:22:10 PM  
"Is that some candy that they dropped on the street over there?"

"I can't tell with all these old ladies in the way!"
2013-12-28 12:24:43 PM  
Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.
2013-12-28 12:26:38 PM  
Wow. I can't wait until I'm in 6th grade!
2013-12-28 12:29:39 PM  
I bet we could trade this big bag cocaine for 3 of them!
2013-12-28 12:35:30 PM  
"I see London, I see France...!"
2013-12-28 12:43:53 PM  
"Petey, I can't tell which has more crack: her backside, or this bag we just found on the street."
2013-12-28 12:59:18 PM  
That girls not wearing underwear.
2013-12-28 01:02:38 PM  
"a badonkadonk ?what is it?"
"it's an orifice that feces comes out of, but that's not important right now"
2013-12-28 01:17:35 PM  
Boy in white shirt: "Look at those shoes!"
Boy in stripped pants: "Blahnilk? Choo?"
Boy in white shirt: "Duuuuude....Target. "
2013-12-28 01:25:03 PM  
"And that day, the evil queen granted Billy & Howie's wish to 3'6"....FOREVER!"
2013-12-28 01:48:50 PM  
I'm disappointed! Daddy said something about seeing a kitty...
2013-12-28 02:38:21 PM  
Betcha can't bounce a quarter and get it to stick!
2013-12-28 04:23:23 PM  
"Any second now, the spider's almost there!"

(apologies for the double post, first time in a voting contest here)
Skipped 12 non-voting comments in this thread
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