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2001-12-07 04:04:37 AM
Talk about a strong desire to mate.

Makes me wonder if bears will approach the highways for a quick dinner.
2001-12-07 04:22:54 AM
Is this supposed to be a photoshop? I'd done one anyway... Well there's a vote box so...
2001-12-07 04:25:08 AM
So sad. I thought of all the states, Alaska would have some provisions for this?
2001-12-07 04:26:13 AM
Go fishy Go!!
2001-12-07 04:33:30 AM
Dude, that's one ugly ass salmon...
2001-12-07 04:53:14 AM
Because it had the right to do so without being judged by society?
2001-12-07 05:36:01 AM
2001-12-07 05:37:53 AM
2001-12-07 06:09:36 AM
2001-12-07 06:18:40 AM
Rev_zeolite: The Snokomish Valley & its road are located in Washington state, not Alaska. Everyone knows Alaska's salmon are already well-provisioned to cross roads in order to mate; Alaska has installed wake-making machines on the roads dividing all major salmon runs. Duh!
2001-12-07 06:32:33 AM
2001-12-07 06:52:06 AM
2001-12-07 07:14:26 AM
To get one of those hot, delicious Penn Station philly cheese steaks.

2001-12-07 07:18:18 AM
2001-12-07 08:07:07 AM
Maybe he was going to his girlfriends plaice!!

Haw Haw!!
2001-12-07 08:11:43 AM
What? They drive on the left in Washington?
2001-12-07 08:24:45 AM
"Why did the fish cross the road?"

umm... because it was flooded? Duh...
2001-12-07 08:31:38 AM
Why did the fish cross the road? Because it was THERE.
2001-12-07 08:43:00 AM
2001-12-07 08:56:54 AM
How in the world does this story get posted, and I've sent in like 6 better ones and they don't? Good lord.
2001-12-07 09:07:40 AM
Shaftman3 -
a) your were shafted. Now don't say you didn't see it coming.
b) Arbitrariness. It's a farked-up, uh, venue.
2001-12-07 09:15:15 AM
someguy -- I have that on a t-shirt; the little nude people around the border prevent me from wearing it much (wearing it to pick up my Kindergartner from school isn't a good idea), but I do wear it on special occasions :)
2001-12-07 09:16:59 AM
I just thought that one would be appropriate. As would this one:

Can't go wrong with Ray Troll.
2001-12-07 10:22:57 AM
Is the driver on the wrong side of the road because he is trying to run over the fish?
2001-12-07 10:34:15 AM
Those kegger parties/raves that Cyberpunk keeps throwing are so popular that even the wildlife wanna attend. =)
2001-12-07 10:54:30 AM
I don't know about you, but i want a reprint of that photo!
2001-12-07 11:03:52 AM
Fb- : Thanks, now I know what I'm having for lunch
2001-12-07 11:04:40 AM
...to get to the other tide...

[remon ducks for cover]
2001-12-07 11:13:05 AM
maybe fb- was on the other side, and it was looking for a daddy ;-)
2001-12-07 11:34:26 AM
First thing I thought of.
2001-12-07 12:35:11 PM
2001-12-07 01:03:01 PM
Wait for the sun to come out then: "Salmon jerky!"
2001-12-07 01:12:14 PM
Because it heard the chicken was a slut?
2001-12-07 01:31:30 PM
2001-12-07 03:19:00 PM
2001-12-07 03:52:28 PM
.... That's different....
2001-12-07 03:56:36 PM
Foot to the floor, swerve... ( Thump thump )
2001-12-07 03:59:13 PM
<Votes for Phillibuck, then quietly changes damp underwear>
2001-12-07 04:32:14 PM
Vote for this if think all Photoshops should be labelled as such

Obligatory image:
2001-12-07 04:44:47 PM
A new menu item for the Roadkill Grill.
2001-12-07 05:21:44 PM
2001-12-07 10:45:50 PM
laffing at the fact that we cant go a whole day without photoshopping...

(I am fighting the urge to snag the picture and get to work)
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