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(LA Daily News)   Meals on Wheels volunteers discover their clients are sharing food with their cats and dogs because they can't afford pet food. Enter AniMeals, who adds free pet food to regular meal deliveries. All animals are welcome (and fed) on Caturday   ( divider line
    More: Caturday, Meals on Wheels Association, Caturday, pet foods, LifeCare Alliance, meal deliveries, dogs, meals  
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2013-12-30 09:27:15 PM  
John Buck 41, it doesn't look like they are sharing it very peacefully....
2013-12-30 09:31:38 PM  

tigerose: sherpa18: Hai everbuddy! Still getting over the crud, but feeling much better, hope to be firing on all thrusters for tomorrow night's Cafe!
glad that you are feeling better. Just so you know you are not kid spent all day in his jammies..feeling like crud..sore throat, tired...etc. good thing he is on break!

Thanks! Actually, I usually don't get colds or the flu, but I can't seem to avoid intestinal viruses. While I don't want to gross anyone out, I would much rather spend 24 hours being best friends with my toilet than 7-10 days of feeling like death warmed over. JMHO, YMMV.
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2013-12-30 09:31:46 PM  
Gremie fighting with a string
2013-12-30 09:49:33 PM  

micromedic: John Buck 41, it doesn't look like they are sharing it very peacefully....

*giggle, snort* That was my first thought as well...

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2013-12-30 09:55:45 PM  

micromedic: John Buck 41, it doesn't look like they are sharing it very peacefully....

I was just about to say the same thing. :o)
2013-12-30 10:03:32 PM  
OK guise, I gotta roll outta here (yes, it IS  time for the cat to be fed once again, why do you ask?)
Meanwhile, thanks to all for another fun Caturday, and for the birfday wishes... and I hope everyone can figure out how to get to the Caturday Cafe  :o)

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2013-12-30 10:06:25 PM  
We took a drive to Wheeling West Virginny today to see the holiday lights at Oglebay Park. They put on a really good light show.
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2013-12-30 10:06:51 PM  
grmmmie.smugmug.comView Full Size
2013-12-30 10:08:00 PM  

gremlin1: Gremie fighting with a string

Gremie is so cute!!!  :D
2013-12-30 10:08:23 PM  
Editing Issues Seeming Resolved, the ones that wouldn't earlier.  Some of you do know how happy...!
Pl said music cmte mtg might go on into Wee Small. Reckon we'll see, tho doubt I'll stay up til 12M as most always do when chori rehearse. Share cousin & kittehs with all y'all. We still need names for cousins' owners, they didn't say in Chr card photo came in.
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He's Fred, she's Holly, (Fred son of Pl's late mom's late sis) furrget purrzactly where in N OH. There's also sis in Middletown KY, E of Lvl in Semi Ancestral House Fulla Boox not owned by cat(s)
2013-12-30 10:12:22 PM  
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I need to go, too. Long day, and my back is objecting to what I did today. Thanks for all the fun! Happy New Year to all!!! I will see you all at the Cafe. :D
2013-12-30 10:13:50 PM  
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2013-12-30 10:26:09 PM  
bite.caView Full Size
2013-12-30 10:42:36 PM  
Goodnightmyfriends! I am so glad you are here. Lurv you! Mwah!

Now to find kitteh for major sleep-like activity!
2013-12-30 10:52:47 PM  
Quite similar to tigerose, find kitteh Piiki (not difficult a-tall) for major sleep-like activity.  Or in-activity. Pl's been home awhile, all In Charge tended to for late night providings. Not Expecting to make it here before threadclose in AM, but do plan to achieve 2morrow PM location.
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credit lilyspad natch, 9-9-13.
2013-12-30 11:21:33 PM  
Excellent Caturday thread, everyone!  This one will be remembered for a long, long time. :)

We'll be visiting friends tomorrow eve, but I'll duck into the Cafe to see you all!  XXOO

i843.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-12-30 11:36:47 PM  
Happy New Year to all the hoomans, kittens, goggies and other familiars. May 2014 bring everyone health and happiness.
2013-12-31 12:09:14 AM  

That's a keeper!
2013-12-31 12:15:09 AM  
Happy New Year to every buddy!
Please be safe out there. ❤
2013-12-31 04:03:53 AM  
*Stumbles in*  Oh hai everybuddee!

First of all, very happy belated birfday wishes for the one and only Sherpa18!  Also a long-lost hello to Alien, and a warm welcome to all the newly de-lurked.

Can't remember what else I wanted to comment on but I know there were waaay too many posts to respond to properly!  So I'll just send everyone a big ol' hug.  :)

Have a safe & happy new year -- see you in either the Caturday Cafe TFD thread or the first Caturday thread of 2014!  Cheers to all!

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2013-12-31 07:53:14 AM  
Good Meowning! I wanted to popo in and wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Health and Happiness to you all.
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