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(Washington Post)   President Obama gives federal workers a 1% pay raise, their first raise in 4 years. THANKS OBAMA   ( divider line
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2013-12-25 12:03:49 AM  

Manfred J. Hattan: The second, which I learned today, is that federal employees are waaaaaaay more defensive and sensitive than other people and can't take even the smallest amount of snark. At least the ones who post to Fark.

Considering we've been stuck with asshats on here that equate higher-educated federal employee salaries to those of high school dropouts and biatch about how we're all overpaid moochers who couldn't do a damn thing to save their life, while having a Congress who can't even treat their own staffers with an ounce of respect, let alone not call them all welfare whores on taxpayer dime, you can understand why we're a bit defensive about this shiat.

so up yours, asshole
2013-12-25 02:36:23 AM  

mrshowrules: Anything less than a cost of living increase is effectively a pay cut, not a pay raise.

If the people you are taxing to pay for your pay raise are not getting a 1% pay raise, then they are getting the pay cut.
They may grumble when you have received a 9% pay raise and are biatching that you didn't get 10%.
2013-12-25 04:51:49 AM  
RminusQ:/again, ask not why public workers have held onto their benefits
//ask why private workers have lost theirs

Job Creator Secret PR Plan
Step 1: Fark over non-upper management employees.
Step 2: "Hey, look!  Federal employees didn't get farked over!  Everything must be their fault!"
Step 3:  Use money that used to be in the employee pension plan to buy a new yacht to sail around in private lake full of money.
2013-12-25 12:43:58 PM  
I don't understand the "well, one sector's workers are not paid enough, so no one should get raises" argument. Why wouldn't you want everyone to receive a fair wage? It doesn't seem like much to expect annual raises in line with inflation.
2013-12-25 02:33:34 PM  

Manfred J. Hattan: TFA: Salary rates have not been increased since January 2010. Some employees have had their pay frozen during this period, while most have received raises through promotions, for performance or advancing up the steps of their pay grades.

By most, they mean substantially all.  The vast majority of government employees get a step-raise every year for the first three years they're within any given grade, every two years for the next six years and every three years for the next nine years.  These step raises hover around the three percent area, some higher some lower.

Which is to say, a person who got promoted to GS-10 around the time of the "freeze" and has not been promoted since has had his or her pay increased 6.6% since then and is on the cusp of getting another 3.1% raise for a total of 10% since the freeze.  It is that 10% higher salary which will be further increased by 1%.   That's what a salary freeze means for the government.

OR someone like me, a 23-year Fed, who made GS-11-12 6 years ago, so I had no step increases left at my pay grade. So, since the freeze, I have gotten exactly ZERO % increase. I think my actual scenario trumps your imagined one.
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