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(Slate)   For 2013, Kanye West had the "most influential year of any pop musician in history." A few things this gets wrong: 1) Kanye isn't influential; 2) Kanye isn't a musician; 3) The Beatles and Stones would like to have a word with you   ( ) divider line
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2013-12-23 09:02:11 PM  

homarjr: NicktheSmoker: homarjr: sure haven't: Subby, that headline is a HOTY candidate. Love it, good job.

Kanye has two good songs: Jesus Walks, and Golddigger. And Jamie Foxx more makes golddigger as fun as it is.

Other than that, yeah he's a pretty big clown.

Off the top of my head....

We Don't Care
All Falls Down
Get 'Em High
Through the Wire
Family Business
Last Call
Heard 'Em Say
Touch the Sky
Diamonds from Sierra Leone
Hey Mama
Good Life
Flashing Lights
The Glory
All of the Lights
Blame Game

Kanye might be a clown, but he has a ton of good songs.

/Haters gonna hate

I think you and I have a very different interpretation of the meaning of the word "good".

Hang on, you're telling me that people can have different taste in music???


It's not so much a matter of different taste, as it is having the sense of taste and lacking it.  Although, to be fair, it is logical to say that the first and only flavor you have tasted is the best that you have tasted.  But what will happen when homarjr tries genuinely good music?  What then??  We can only speculate.
2013-12-23 09:06:08 PM  
he's probably the least influential 'musician' (hah) to believe himself the most infleuntial...

Personally I can't listen to two minutes of his drum machine, stolen riffs and monkey-howls
2013-12-23 09:06:47 PM  
He raps like Krispy Kreme.
2013-12-23 10:12:51 PM  
Looking at music today I'd say Kraftwerk and Sugarhill Gang were the most influential.
2013-12-23 10:32:10 PM
2013-12-23 10:45:19 PM  

happydude45: Pentaxian: Crewmannumber6: [ image 350x350]

My dad just made a pilgrimage to the Joshua Tree Motel this weekend. He listened to Emmylou Harris the whole way.

Kudos to all of you. Great, great music.

Made my first pilgrimage to Joshua Tree a few weeks ago and had the chance to stay in Room 8. What an incredible experience.
2013-12-24 01:30:47 AM  

"Musically it was a revelation, a work of bruising and savage beauty-seething, incendiary, new."
2013-12-24 04:19:11 AM  

Glenechocreek: [ image 453x523]

Which one of them didn't try to kill his wife or girlfriend?
2013-12-24 04:26:13 AM
2013-12-24 10:45:11 AM  
Many years from now, when people talk about Kanye West-and oh, they will

Not in the way he wants them to, hehe.
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