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2013-12-17 11:55:23 AM
This year, we're running the tab headlines first, and the Main page contest after, with the other contests (wordplay, context, etc) after. Just a heads-up that all of the subtab headlines are going up today: Sports, Geek, Entertainment, Politics, and Business. Each of them will show up both on the mainpage and also in each respective subtab. I'm going to keep each stickied to the top for an hour and a half for voting purposes, and will probably bump them up a bit tomorrow to catch votes from people who missed them because they were busy at work or out Christmas shopping.

Here are your final candidates for Fark's Geek Headline of the Year. These are the top 20 geek headlines as voted, with the top five from each quarter of 2013. Now you get to choose the one you like best. Enjoy.
2013-12-17 11:55:47 AM
35% of parents want complete porn filtering. 15% want partial porn filtering. The other 50% are men

2013-12-17 11:56:15 AM
Pentium turns 20.006086033530565

2013-12-17 11:56:25 AM
Scientists turn a carnivorous fish into a vegetarian, presumably by the tried-and-true method: give him a vegetarian girlfriend

2013-12-17 11:56:42 AM
Sarcasm detector? That's a REALLY useful invention

2013-12-17 11:56:57 AM
Sea snails change sex to improve their chances of survival, because in times of crisis, she sea snails be he sea snails

2013-12-17 11:57:20 AM
New drug developed to prevent premature ejaculation. Drug was set to be released in December but accidentally came out a few weeks early

2013-12-17 11:57:33 AM
The lost Doctor Who episodes were found in a storage room in Nigeria. Apparently the owner kept trying to email people about them, asking for a small fee to cover shipping costs, but no one would reply

2013-12-17 11:58:20 AM
Duke Hospital researchers discover protein in breast milk that neutralizes HIV. Duke suckles

2013-12-17 11:58:38 AM
"A dollop of peanut butter and a ruler might be a way to confirm a diagnosis of early-stage Alzheimer's disease." Or to see if your dog is bisexual

2013-12-17 11:58:57 AM
Backdoor trojan almost impossible to remove. Oh, my

2013-12-17 11:59:35 AM
Boffins create laser with zeptosecond accuracy, with grouchoseconds, chicoseconds, harposeconds, and gummoseconds on the way

2013-12-17 11:59:51 AM
Astronomers say dying stars may still host habitable planets, as well as the Oscars

2013-12-17 12:00:11 PM
Recursion goes to jail goes to Recursion goes to jail goes to Recursion goes to jail goes to Recursion goes to jail goes to Recursion goes to Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StackOverflowError

2013-12-17 12:00:26 PM
Researchers discover penis can cure migraines. No word on whether one must apply directly to forehead

2013-12-17 12:00:42 PM
Scientists believe dead stars could support life. "No shiat," says Yoko Ono

2013-12-17 12:01:42 PM
Marine biologists hope to reintroduce large, endangered game fish to Potomac River. Like a sturgeon, stocked for the very first time

2013-12-17 12:02:00 PM
Scientists say the Milky Way may be half as big as previously thought. They're still charging the same price for it, I bet

2013-12-17 12:02:19 PM
New breath test diagnoses colon cancer. Your ass wants a Tic Tac

2013-12-17 12:02:41 PM
Mars Rover sings Happy Birthday to itself while alone on the Martian surface, officially making it the second saddest birthday after Kirk Cameron's

2013-12-17 12:02:57 PM
Lab scientists get regenerated human heart tissue to beat on its own, try to bury it under the floorboards to make the damn thing stop

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