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(Lancashire Evening Post)   Dixie Carter had tried to block the deal, but former TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles is coming to a small UK town to be taught a lesson in wrestling - get ready for the Styles Clash   ( divider line
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2013-12-17 06:16:11 PM  

Flappyhead: Rwa2play: Gunny Highway: Flappyhead: LOL, reminds me of an utterly stupid list from BR(even for them) that named Gagne as one of the top 10 WWE champs ever. As justification they said that WWE could not put the title on guys like Benoit because they weren't proven but somehow Aitches beating them legitimized his title reign.

The truth of HHH lies somewhere between WWE's image and the pissed off fan image.

HHH:  A poor-man's Ric Flair...and I'm being generous I think.

Well he's not really a bad wrestler(I'd put him well above average for in ring work), and his character worked well enough.  Thing is I don't think he was ever great.  Bret Hart once said that HHH was a guy who should have had a lot of great matches but instead only had a lot of good ones and I think there is some truth there.  He's had some memorable ones(Jericho, Undertaker cage match) but he's also had some that were just painful to watch because you knew the outcome before it even started(Great Khali at Summerslam).  Ultimately he's real place in the wrestling history books will never be known because of how he booked himself and the backlash from it.

This. He is good, solid, but not great. He is average on the mic (talks too long, but is comfortable), above average in the ring, but isn't a show stopper like Austin, HBK or Rock. As Cornette said, he is the guy who works with the guy who draws the crowd.
2013-12-17 07:43:07 PM  

Gunny Highway: machoprogrammer: Gunny Highway: EyeballKid: natural316: Sign with wwe, there was plently of room on stage last night

I believe the proper term for the treatment that he'd get, as former stars Braden Walker and Marquis Cor Von received, is a "TNArial."

Kurt will return to WWE soon I think and get an awesome deal.

Has he kicked the drug and alcohol habit? If so, I think it's possible

Not sure but I have to image that he is trying.

On Austin's podcast he said his contract is up in 1.5 years and he still has 4 years left in him.  He didnt sound like he was too committed to stay with TNA.

Kurt has one more big run left in him I hope.

On the WWE's dime.
2013-12-17 08:46:15 PM  

Orgasmatron138: Rwa2play: Orgasmatron138: Besides, I liked Joe's match with Kobashi 100 times better than anything I saw with Styles.

It's too bad kidney cancer effectively ended his career but just as well.  Kobashi was a damn beast AND as good as any wrestler in the world.


The Japanese absolutely have the best names for wrestling moves. Flying Space Tiger Drop, Miracle Ecstasy Bomb, Emerald Fusion, Emerald Frozen, Shining Wizard, etc.

It's actually called the Shizzle Wizzle
2013-12-17 10:28:50 PM  
2013-12-18 09:28:26 AM  

Orgasmatron138: Add Samoa Joe to the list of things TNA farked up.
" 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, guv'nah! What's all this 'bout a list, then?"
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