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(Gizmodo)   Watching heavy trucks being tossed out of planes is a lot fun, as expected   ( divider line
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2013-12-16 04:05:55 PM  
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Pfff, amateurs
2013-12-16 10:35:04 AM  
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Monkey2: I have a question for you military types. Are these vehicles dropped with a full load of fuel? If they are, couldn't a bad landing result in a fireball? If not, how do you fuel them when the troops get down there to retrieve them?

This is a serious question, I never served and have always wondered how these types of things work logistically.

Cool video but a situation like that would scare me to death.

Yeah, they would go out with fuel. Otherwise it'd be nearly impossible to link up and refuel in a reasonable time.

They all run on JP-8 (basically jet fuel, which is really crappy diesel), so it's pretty hard to get them to ignite. Even if the tank does split open, without anything really hot, you'd be unlikely to get a fire.
2013-12-16 10:30:12 AM  
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Long ago and far away I was training to be an H-46 helicopter crew chief. The first time I was going out to do paradrops I was pretty excited because hey, I saw all of those WWII movies where the light changes color and the boys go jump...jump...jump.

Well, we had a bunch of SEALs on board and it didn't quite go that way.

They set up a cable to attach static lines to and rolled a big box up inside the helo on the integrated rollers (the H-46 has rollers built into the deck so you can load and unload palletized equipment easily). The big box, I am told, contains an inflatable boat and an outboard motor. So out we go over the ocean and one guy gets up on the box and sits cross-legged on it and the rest of the group (about six or seven guys if I remember right) gather around the box. I lower the ramp and these guys all start running in place and the one guy yells something and they all head for the back of the aircraft in a big knot. It reminded me of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon of a squad of Roman soldiers running in "formation" .

Anyway, out the back they go and my job is to raise the ramp back up, pull in the static lines and count canopies. What they did was have their static lines all made to different lengths so even though they went out in a bunch their chutes actually opened at different times which apparently gave them enough separation from each other.

I found out later that the guy riding the box was supposed to make sure its chute opened. If it didn't he was supposed to do it manually and then track away and pull his reserve because this all went down at only five hundred feet of altitude.

2013-12-16 06:35:00 AM  
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Pay attention, science. This is how you get funding.
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