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(Washington Post)   Twitter allows Maryland school superintendent to see exactly how stupid his students are   ( divider line
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2013-12-16 02:27:13 PM  
You can see from the comments that these kids don't have a chance. Their parents are total assholes too
2013-12-16 03:47:08 PM  
I lived near where the superintended hailed from. The parents are Fark twats too.
2013-12-16 05:08:27 PM  
His letter to the parents is important, and justified in today's society.

However, the response from the Parent's Coalition, while not nearly as reasoned or well-written, does have its legitimate points:

1. The twitter feed has incited a large letter, and a "task force", while sexual abuse investigations of staff members are not communicated about to the parents, even once resolved. :\

2. Twitter accounts in the classroom, while not necessarily sponsored by the principal, should not happen with kids under the age he is trying point out: 13, unless it can be documented that parental permission slips were signed prior to this introduction.

 At which point, if this is the case, parents be silly.

I do like this response from one of the parents, though, on the blog site:

"Starr's leadership example seems to be: call the police and send a letter of complaint and concern to thousands of people and make your complaint as public as possible.

 I hope everyone at Rock Terrace; at MCPS schools where children were victims of pedophilia; at schools where your child has been locked in a storage closet for hours; and children in health-threatening mold areas, all at MCPS schools, are paying attention.

Following Dr. Starr's lead, make sure to call the police immediately and make your concerns known to thousands of people. I for one am glad Starr set this example.

Now, all parents should follow his lead. Call the police immediately if you suspect anything out of the ordinary is happening to your child. And make your concern as public as possible. It is not only you, and it is not just your child. Don't go through your teacher, then your principal, then your community superintendent.

Just cut through the red tape, as Starr did, and make your concern very, very public. And call the police immediately."

Seriously? Who wouldn't call the police after you find out your kid has been locked in a closet for hours/grievously harmed?
2013-12-16 05:08:29 PM  
Also, remember, if your child is under 13, do not allow them to use social media-they aren't ready for it and it is a violation of the user agreements or guidelines for nearly all major social media sites. If your child is 13 or older, please consider whether they are ready to use social media.

I'll go one further. Everyone that wants to register for a 'social media' account, must take an  IQ test, or something similar. But not too difficult. More like common sense combined with a middle of the road IQ test question. Or a grammar test! Even better! And make it so if they don't pass, they can't just jump back in and try. One try, that's it. Then you have to wait one full year. Tie it into their IP address, email, name, all of it. Kind of like how a media-locker site locks you out after downloading one half of a movie and then you have to wait 24 hours to get the other half.
2013-12-16 05:59:19 PM  
he's being constructive. how do I know? because I read his spiel and I still don't know one specific detail about the uncouth messages. if he were complaining, he'd have aired the details. but he didn't, he clearly left that out and focused on improving for the future.
2013-12-16 10:05:35 PM  
I'm assuming that the one parent that is really going off is one who got a call from the police about heir kids behavior.
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