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(NBC News)   Impressed by PepsiCo lab engineers' commitment to create Dorito-breaded chicken wings and Dew-infused salad dressing and wing sauce, Buffalo Wild Wings will switch soft drink suppliers from Coke to Pepsi   ( divider line
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2013-12-15 11:30:21 AM Full Size
2013-12-15 11:33:06 AM  

dj_bigbird: It's better than that holistic pop machine, the "Coke Freestyle"

eff that sonofabiatch.  the movie theater wants to charge me six bucks and wont even fill it for me?  then ill order the small for 4.50 and refill it all the time
2013-12-15 11:35:49 AM  

wildcardjack: When I see a place go from Coke to Pepsi I think "Where else did they cut corners."

this is why people vote republican.  they are told by everyone else how democrats (pepsi) sucks and republicans (coke) is better because it is more places and has more money, despite the fact that it sucks and pepsi is great.

/yeah, i just politically trolled a thread about the pepsi/coke wars
2013-12-15 07:31:23 PM  
What kind of commie goes to a wings place (buffalo wild wings or you know, an actual one) and biatches about the choice of soda?

You'll drink beer like god intended.
2013-12-15 09:22:54 PM  

TheShavingofOccam123: RINO: Infobahn: ReapTheChaos: One more restaurant to add to the list of places not to eat.

Chain wide decisions like this make no sense anyway, there's no reason not to serve both Coke and Pepsi products. At the very least, they should serve the beverage that's most popular at each location. Pepsi may very well go over in Minneapolis where they're based, but that decision will bite them on the ass here in the south.

Pepsi is a New York product.  Screw the south.  They weren't going to drink it anyway.

Pepsi is from North Carolina.

The South doesn't claim much of North Carolina. I guess it depends where in North Carolina Pepsi is based.

You're just digging yourself in deeper and deeper, Einstein. Doubling down on ignorant comments never works. Just admit you're wrong and check out with your dignity somewhat intact.

\and the answer is New Bern, NC.
2013-12-15 09:55:51 PM  
Yea, chalk up yet another restaurant that already sucked, and is about to get worse. fark Pepsi.
2013-12-16 01:01:01 AM  
As a professional in the hospitality industry, I've been wondering for months how Potbelly Sandwich Works managed to get both Coke and Pepsi on their fountains.
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