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(NYPost)   If you get an email inviting you to click on a link to see nude pictures of a former First Lady, you deserve what you get   (nypost.com) divider line 31
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2013-12-12 10:32:04 AM  
10 votes:
I can't tell you how many times I've been duped looking for Barbara Bush and Ladybird Johnson nudes. It's alright, though, I should be able to afford to hire a private dick to find them once my inheritance from my cousin in Nigeria kicks in.
gja [TotalFark]
2013-12-12 11:44:40 AM  
7 votes:
/unavailable for comment

I hear she goes for the 'brainy' types.
2013-12-12 11:05:28 AM  
7 votes:



These make me moist.
2013-12-12 11:28:59 AM  
4 votes:
Helen Taft was a hottie.... plus she apparently liked big fat sweaty guys which is always a plus on Fark.
2013-12-12 12:15:07 PM  
3 votes:

Sock Ruh Tease: "Almost everybody who received the email took the bait," said a government source in Paris, saying that this included representatives from the Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia.

2013-12-12 12:12:03 PM  
3 votes:
That's why I scan my folder of Eleanor Roosevelt nudes with AVG first.
2013-12-12 12:01:50 PM  
3 votes:

Oh, that midwestern a$$. I'd rest my weary head upon it and go off dreaming about cottage cheese.
2013-12-12 12:55:42 PM  
2 votes:
2013-12-12 12:22:36 PM  
2 votes:

Martha Jefferson


Abigail Adams

I have some nudes, too, if anybody's interested...
2013-12-12 12:05:34 PM  
2 votes:
2013-12-12 11:54:48 AM  
2 votes:
2013-12-12 11:46:34 AM  
2 votes:

Expecting Dolley Madison.

Leaving disappointed.

You're right.  I would eat her cakes and fark her "summer treat" shiat up.


2013-12-12 11:42:48 AM  
2 votes:

Not gonna happen.  Nope.
2013-12-12 01:38:41 PM  
1 votes:

Fark's Rating of the First Ladies


Michelle Obama
Laura Bush
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

2. You know you'd hit it, you thing

Hillary Clinton

3. Maybe if drunk or stoned

Pat Nixon
Rosalind Carter
Betty Ford

4. It burns! It burns!

Nancy Reagan
Lady Byrd Johnson

5. The crime is its own punishment

Eleanor Roosevelt
Barbara Bush
Mrs. Truman

Well, I could go on but sometimes I have these premonitions and this one is a premonition of DOOOOOOM! So, let's just forget I posted anything, alright?

Coming soon: Rating the gay and bisexual Presidents. Don't swim in denial, crocodile. You know they are. All politicians are bisexual. Not all of them get laid.
2013-12-12 01:29:21 PM  
1 votes:

ikonoqlast: Without comenting, or posting the very NSFW picture-


2013-12-12 01:16:15 PM  
1 votes:

Snapper Carr: [i.imgur.com image 400x250]

Young Hillary was pretty nice.


Most of her pictures from around then are absurdly adorkable. Cute kid plus an unfortunate era in fashion. I mean, Gawd, she must have known this look was ridiculous even for the sixties. THOSE SHOES. THOSE STRIPES. Bah Gawd.That time when everyone had to have bangless hip-length hair ... boringest hair trend EVAR. Unflattering. Can't do anything with it.


Even a few years later, a better haircut made her look younger than the long-hair look... (The pearls, though, yeesh. But hell, that era sucked to be a professional woman. You had to look womanly but not too 'home-wrecker' threatening, pretty but not too pretty. Women's "business suits", ha! ... truth be told women today still have to navigate the business fashion minefield in ways men never have to think about)

2013-12-12 12:58:52 PM  
1 votes:

Young Hillary was pretty nice.
2013-12-12 12:50:27 PM  
1 votes:
you'd need the STRONGEST MAN...

2013-12-12 12:43:54 PM  
1 votes:

I would hit it like the gilded fist of an angry oligopolic god
2013-12-12 12:43:17 PM  
1 votes:
2013-12-12 12:07:15 PM  
1 votes:
2013-12-12 12:06:30 PM  
1 votes:

scotchcrotch: Sin_City_Superhero: Martha Washington was a slammin' hottie.

Lets just say George's teeth werent the only wood in that house

2013-12-12 12:06:08 PM  
1 votes:

Sin_City_Superhero: Martha Washington was a slammin' hottie.

Yeah but the sound of the name Martha just seems like a total boner killer. Now if her name was Destiny Washington, or even Jade Washington, THAT I can fap to.
2013-12-12 12:00:09 PM  
1 votes:

gja: technoblogical:[img.fark.net image 377x500]
/unavailable for comment

I hear she goes for the 'brainy' types.

Oh well played... well played.

2013-12-12 11:57:30 AM  
1 votes:

Martha Washington was a slammin' hottie.
2013-12-12 11:44:16 AM  
1 votes:

technoblogical: [farm2.staticflickr.com image 377x500]
/unavailable for comment

Early Princess Leia cosplay.
2013-12-12 11:38:11 AM  
1 votes:
/unavailable for comment
2013-12-12 11:35:44 AM  
1 votes:
Come on Mamie Eisenhower. Why aren't you downloading fast enough?
2013-12-12 11:30:53 AM  
1 votes:
Expecting Dolley Madison.

Leaving disappointed.
2013-12-12 11:25:50 AM  
1 votes:
"Almost everybody who received the email took the bait," said a government source in Paris, saying that this included representatives from the Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia.

This very surprise. Carla Bruni picture much less arouse than picture of potato.
2013-12-12 11:22:22 AM  
1 votes:

Bareefer Obonghit: [images.politico.com image 605x328]

[graphics8.nytimes.com image 600x330]

[www.biography.com image 402x402]

These make me moist.


moist, moist, moist, moist, moist, moist
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