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(East Grinstead Courier)   Wilson the dog was rushed to the vets after his owner thought he had swallowed a single golf ball. But when they x-rayed him they found more than they bargained for. No wonder he was feeling under par   ( divider line
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2013-12-12 02:03:58 PM  

fluffy2097: Labs are dumb, and if you don't train them properly, they will eat rocks, golf balls, and damn near anything else.

They will also chew on rocks and break their teeth.

If you have a dumb dog, or one that misbehaves, watch a few episodes of the dog whisperer, and try some of his techniques. They really do work (Don't go trying that shiat on crazy dogs, just nice dumb ones. crazy angry dogs are much more difficult to deal with).

I'm all about training our dogs, but screw the "dog whisperer". He is an idiot, he has no actual training education and he doesn't base his methods on well established science. In fact, he bases his training methods on very common but dis-proven misconceptions. If you compare his techniques in his oldest shows with his newest shows you will notice how he has attempted to integrate more positive reinforcement techniques. I appreciate his love of helping dogs and trying to get dogs exercise, but many of his actual training techniques (especially for aggressive dogs) are straight up dangerous to simply not as effective as another training method would be.

There are thousands of dog trainers that have infinitely better methods. This guy is my favorite as far as instructional videos go:

If you really want to train your dog you'll read at least half of a book by someone like Karen Pryor, Patricia McConnell, Pat Miller, or Sophia Yin.

/sorry but someone who advocates terrifying your dog by forcing him to roll over when he is already terrified and is barking at another dog because he is terrified (of that dog) is just a farking idiot. You know what that does? It ruins any trust and relationship there was between you and your dog. It might make your dog stop his behavior of barking at other dogs- but it won't fix his fear. That means that your dog will, without warning, attempt to lunge at or attack other dogs with no warning (which is what barking was in the first place).
2013-12-12 02:14:00 PM  
Anyone else notice the writer trying to pull off a TV-style punny punch line in the final graf?

Wilson was released from the vets' the day after surgery and has since made a speedy recovery - though he is in the doghouse.

*sad trombone*
2013-12-12 02:43:31 PM  


I think that comes pretty naturally to any animal without opposable thumbs...
2013-12-12 02:48:42 PM  
I was teaching 4th grade when we got our English Bulldog. She was teething and would chew on everything. She chewed up the baseboard in the kitchen and the wooden staircases. We kenneled her when we weren't home, but one night decided that she could stay in the gated area of the kitchen while we went to dinner. Dumb move on our part. We came home to find that she had pulled my book bag off a chair in the kitchen and then proceeded to shred three assignments from my two classes that I had brought home to grade and a school library book. Our kitchen floor was covered in shredded papers. Needless to say my 4th graders thought it was the coolest thing that my dog ate their schoolwork. Especially since they all got 100's for those assignments.
2013-12-12 03:54:10 PM  
good lord, what happened to John Lithgow? was he in a fire or something?

seriously though, Is it just me or do you guys imagine that guy sounds like Peter Lorre?
2013-12-12 05:54:44 PM  

Random Anonymous Blackmail: A Lab will eat anything... one evening my then dog decided to eat a tube of toothpaste and then my wallet. I had to call may bank to reissue my debit card, I am pretty sure he fell off the chair laughing when I told him what had happened.

I babysat a Yellow Lab that ate (well, crunched anyway) a TV remote. Had to spend a day trying to account for the batteries. All ended relatively well, but 'Scooby' went on to destroy some truly vintage, great condition '50s furniture. Glad it wasn't my dog.

/cat guy
2013-12-13 12:14:24 AM  
Lucky they weren't off-leash by the bowling alley.
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