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(Belfast Telegraph)   Irish drivers outraged as downtown parking lot fees soar to "eyewatering" levels of $20 per hour. "Who can afford that kind of money these days?" asks one of thousands of Christmas shoppers after paying it   ( divider line
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2013-12-09 10:37:51 AM  
"I know there are probably cheaper car parks elsewhere in Belfast, but I needed to be in the centre of town and I parked at Montgomery Street car park without comparing prices elsewhere.

I think that about covers it.
2013-12-09 11:06:50 AM  
i parked in the USbank tower in downtown LA a couple of years ago for business. i think it was $25/hr. (expensed, thank god)
2013-12-09 11:38:42 AM  
DC is starting to get wacky with their lot prices too, now on saturdays you have to pay at the meters. Glad I took the metro down this weekend.
2013-12-09 11:40:28 AM  
Prime parking space costs more, if you wont pay it someone else will.
2013-12-09 11:40:54 AM  
This last year I was in Belfast on a Sunday. It was a ghost town. There wasn't a single car, besides us, anywhere. I've been since assured that it was just Sunday.
2013-12-09 11:43:26 AM  
Public works
2013-12-09 11:58:34 AM  
Yet another reason to use Amazon.  No parking and free 2 day shipping (as a Prime member).

I don't shop anywhere where they charge to shop or are super boot happy.

If I owned a shop I wouldn't put it somewhere that people have to pay to park.  I want them to hang out and look as long as they feel like it.
2013-12-09 12:00:45 PM  
That sounds about normal for prime, high turnover shopping area lots.

Park a block or two away it'll drop drastically, but then you'll have to waddle all the way to the store.
2013-12-09 12:01:08 PM  
You know what we call that in DC? Tuesday. For some parts of the city, that's cheap.
2013-12-09 12:02:54 PM  
Simple solution: go to a Belfast bank and ask for the loan officer. Tell 'em you're going to London on business for two weeks and need to borrow $5,000.  Offer your vehicle for security on the loan. Come back in two weeks, repay the loan and the $15.41 interest.

/not yet?
2013-12-09 12:16:12 PM  

hackalope: You know what we call that in DC? Tuesday. For some parts of the city, that's cheap.

$20 a DAY maybe.. Not $20 an HOUR.
2013-12-09 12:17:34 PM  
Europe has decent mass transit so I can't really fault the cities for allowing these high rates to reduce congestion.

In a lot of places in the US it's basically the epitome of regressive taxation.
2013-12-09 12:51:51 PM  
In Chicago, you pay $20 an hour for parking and you're safe in your knowledge that that money is not going to the betterment of the city, but to some greedy Sheik in the Emirates. For 75 more years.

/fark you Daley for selling us out
//one possible reason Chicago will become Chi-troit
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2013-12-09 01:28:36 PM  

Stop exaggerating. Only 71 more years.
2013-12-09 01:31:57 PM  

Pugdaddyk: Public works

Not always...
2013-12-09 01:36:22 PM  

groppet: DC is starting to get wacky with their lot prices too, now on saturdays you have to pay at the meters. Glad I took the metro down this weekend.

Didn't DC once allow handicapped plates to park without feeding the meter? I was working up there for 3 days last week and finding an empty space can be unreal.
2013-12-09 01:45:29 PM  
£6 = $9.83 and it was for 2 hours.

$5 an hour for the center of the city, in a lot? Bargain.

Here in Philly near Rittenhouse Square we're talking $9 - $23 for 50 minutes (the time the guy in the article was parked.)
City Hall: $6 - $22
Old City: $7 - $17

If you find a meter, it's $2 / hr.
2013-12-09 01:52:13 PM  
Is that a lot? Is that little? No dea. The town nearest me doesn't even have parking meters.
2013-12-09 02:32:06 PM  
Well do you want a spot to park, or do you want parking to be cheap? When there is not enough supply, you can't have both.
2013-12-09 03:56:33 PM  
Oh, another reason not to patronize brick n' mortar businesses and just stay home, shopping in my underwear with free 2 day shipping?  Don't mind if I do!!!
2013-12-09 04:06:16 PM  

Day_Old_Dutchie: Pugdaddyk: Public works

Not always...

[ image 468x296]

Yea, but some times, that can be awesome.

I remember riding a Cable Car in San Francisco.  The brakeman had to make a stop for a car that pulled out in front of him in a turn.  Cable Cars have no power in turns, they rely on momentum to get to the other side and the cable on the new striaght.

After a tremendous amount of swearing, he says we're stuck and he'd put in a call to get us moved.

Instead of waiting, everyone just jumped off the car and started pushing it around the corner.  Gripman announced he had the cable and everyone jumped back on.

Good times.
2013-12-09 04:50:59 PM  
Why are we talking about parking when the sidebar has a bunch of Victoria's Secret asses smiling at us?
2013-12-10 06:23:41 AM  
Northern Irish, Subby
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