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(NPR)   Number of secular parents sending their children to religious school triples in the last few years   ( divider line
    More: Ironic, Jewish day school, Judeo-Christian tradition, Pew Research Center  
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2013-12-08 03:19:28 AM  
3 votes:

Begoggle: WTF is a secular parent

Our Father, who aren't in heaven ...
2013-12-08 01:07:59 AM  
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fred_chan: FTFA: A recent study by the Pew Research Center ...

As a Jew, I am so farking tired of hearing about this goddamn study.

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2013-12-08 02:39:32 AM  
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feckingmorons: Danger Avoid Death: deanayer: Suck it atheists !! Ash Wednesday motherfarker BAM !!!

Isn't that the day when all the Catholics come back to work from lunch looking like someone put a cigarette out on their forehead?

Not just Catholics.

Lemme guess ... Ashkenazi?
2013-12-08 01:58:59 AM  
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fred_chan: FTFA: A recent study by the Pew Research Center ...

As a Jew, I am so farking tired of hearing about this goddamn study.

No shiat!

I do occasional freelance work at a major Jewish organization running video conferences for them. Had a bunch of work in the month after the study came out. Holy crap are they running scared! Or not, since this means all their bullshiat educational programs are even more relevant and all sorts of money will get pumped their way ensuring salaries and jobs don't go anywhere. And they get to brainstorm all sorts of new "initiatives" to save the Jews. Bleh... I'm glad I'm not working there full time anymore.

Anyways, a buddy of mine made fun of all the fear mongering and pearl clutching. I helped him with a few of the jokes. ha ndbasket/
(Warning: May not be funny if you aren't Jewish)
2013-12-08 01:57:37 AM  
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gfid: ChewbaccaJones: I am one of them.

 Hell, it wouldn't hurt to learn some things about Islam either just because it's such a huge part of world culture.

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America, Fark Yeaaaaaahhhh!
2013-12-08 01:28:17 AM  
1 vote:
Ctrl +F for triple. Word not found. Nice one, submitter.

But I will tell a CSB. When I was young I went to a catholic high school even though I wasnt catholic because the public alternative was so run down and old (literally the oldest high school in the region), and also because almost all of the assholes I knew from elementary school was going to the public one. Best decision I made. The school was as nice as some college campuses and the teachers were competent. The students drank, smoked, partied, and farked just like any other teens, so they werent even very catholic. Hell, even the Muslims and Hindus I knew went to that school.
2013-12-08 01:21:46 AM  
1 vote:

ChewbaccaJones: I am one of them.

It is only preschool; but it is 1/4th the cost, and while I understand the "You get what you pay for" arguments...the fact is, they do an adequate job at that level.  I am fine with a few Jesus coloring projects if it means my kids learn numbers and the alphabet without having to pay through the nose for it.

Not us.  We had our daughter in an after-school program hosted at a nearby church for all of two weeks.  We were assured that there wouldn't be any Christianity or Bible lessons taught to the after-school kids; just straightforward secular academics, homework help, etc..  However, in that short amount of time, our daughter had learned [something] about The Devil, Jesus, and God (topics we've never once discussed at home).

We were pissed.

We forfeited 1.5 months of tuition to get her out of there after those two weeks, and we'll never send her back.

No amount of $avings is worth that bullshiat.  I'd much rather pay top dollar for a real secular education.
2013-12-08 01:20:59 AM  
1 vote:

Duke_leto_Atredes: Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom: A school is only as good as the parents of the students who go there. Thanks to compulsory education, public schools are flooded with accidental children who have absentee parents. There isn't anything special about a private school except they typically self-select for interested, present parents who take an involvement in their child's education.

Public schools in low income areas are day care centers for the great unwashed I and my wife as well as the grand parents help out in the school. In the class with the homework after school in sports by not reliving any fails jock dreams through my kids. And finally two words " learn English" not Spanglish or Ebonics

I don't think I'm drunk enough to understand this
2013-12-08 01:07:40 AM  
1 vote:
My parents sent me to a parochial elementary school because the local public school was an underfunded, worn out piece of shiat. When I made it to high school, I found I was seriously deficient in sciences and math, but miles ahead in history and english. Based on the kids I met who did attend, I'm pretty sure if I'd gone to the public school, I wouldn't have be ahead in anything.

Also, nine years of nuns made me more convinced atheism is the correct answer than anything else ever would.
2013-12-08 12:55:46 AM  
1 vote:
Some Coke Drinking Guy:
Although, I suspect a lot of this has less to do with public schools being truly bad, then them being perceived that way, because of how the student body appears.

Near where I grew up "private, christian school" was code for "I don't want my kids going to school with non-whites".
2013-12-08 12:53:06 AM  
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2013-12-08 12:51:30 AM  
1 vote:
Too bad.  There's not much actual evidence that private schools are in fact better than public ones.
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