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(Contact Music)   Man steals Paul Walker's car part. Posts it on Instagram, presumably to avoid detection   ( divider line
    More: Dumbass, Paul Walker, Instagram, Roger Rodas, LA Weekly  
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2013-12-06 09:16:42 AM  
I'll say one thing positive about social media. It helps catch the stupid criminals.
2013-12-06 09:17:39 AM  
At this rate there won't be much of that car left.
2013-12-06 09:18:02 AM  
It's not news, it's "we're not even paying"
2013-12-06 09:18:40 AM  
This is becoming quite the trend!
2013-12-06 09:19:20 AM  
How can that be part of the car?  I thought the car smashed into a power pole, a tree, and was then consumed by fire.
Looks awfully "clean" to me.

/book em, Danno
2013-12-06 09:20:05 AM  
Breaking news from The Department of Redundancy Department.
2013-12-06 09:20:37 AM  
Silly rabbit
2013-12-06 09:42:07 AM  
No little bastard refrence? I'm disappointed.
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