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(LA Times)   Whew, just when you thought Hugh Jackman might be out of work   ( divider line
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2013-12-06 05:10:34 PM  
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simplicimus: SilentStrider: DubyaHater: What's an X-man?

Son of Cyclops and Jean Grey. Genetically engineered by Mister Sinister. Also an alternate universe version of Cable.

He also had an existence in another universe. He, Holocaust, Evil Beast and Sugarman popped into the other universe at the end of AoA.

Gotta admit, X-Men Legends 2 was a damn solid game.
2013-12-06 12:13:04 PM  
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INeedAName: Think we'll see Angel become Archangel?

I think it's certainly possible.  I think the best way to really have Apocalypse in the movie is to have him more pulling the strings behind a more 'fightable' group of bad guys.  So I could absolutely see them using Sinister and the Marauders and doing the Mutant Massacre storyline as the driving force behind the film.  The good guys win, but at the cost of losing Angel to Apocalypse like in the comics, etc.

I just think it would be really strange to all the sudden introduce this uber-powerful mutant that is practically immortal, and then try to show some battle between him and a whole team of the X-Men.  It's just really hard to pull that off.  It's why they gave Magneto all his 'brotherhood' sidekicks to have them get beat up on in the action scenes.

Personally while I love the character I'm not sure how you pull off Apocalypse in a movie, especially when they've set up absolutely no ground work for the character even existing.  Even if they'd have given some post credit scene nods to him like they did with Thanos at the end of Avengers you'd at least have the public curious about it, and realize there's this greater force at work in that movie universe.  And most of the things that make Apocalypse who he is are going to be difficult to convey in a movie.  We get Magneto's motivation with the glimpses of his childhood.  How do they do that well for Apocalypse?

Sadly I think this just stinks of how badly Fox handles the entire franchise.  Each movie just seems to jerk from one thing to another without much continuity.  Say what you will about the movies, but the guys handling the Marvel Cinematic Universe have done an excellent job of making sure all the individual movies follow a specific thread.
2013-12-06 01:27:25 AM  
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Moar shirtless Hugh Jackman?

Yes plz.

2013-12-05 11:53:50 PM  
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2013-12-05 10:51:10 PM  
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SilentStrider: Wonder who they'd get to play Mister Sinister?
Assuming he'd be in the film that is,

i always thought Henry Rollins would be perfect
2013-12-05 10:05:53 PM  
1 vote:
Don't we have to wait to see if anyone watches X-men Future Past, before dreaming of the next sequel?
2013-12-05 09:21:31 PM  
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wildcardjack: I don't do the comic books, but robot killing machines built by Trask? Obvious anagram, and a short sober opposite of Stark.

They can't cross the streams. Movie X-Men are not allowed to acknowledge the Marvel movie universe and vice versa. And Spider-Man just stares at all of them.
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